A surprise

posted on 17th of may, 2009

Life always gives you a surprise as you feel bored.

It is a year since I upload my pictures in dreamstime. Every morning,when I get up ,what I must do first is to see if any of picture are sold .

That becomes my habit.I fell happy about
it ,because I like it .
But , recently,few of my pictures were sold .I felt disappointed.It was not because I did not earn money but because I was afraid fewer people liked my pictures .

Just when I Felt down ,I got a big surprise .

On May 13th ,as usual,I got up and checked my pictures on the internet,I jumped with joy .in total 12 pictures of mine were sold .I are not wait to Share...

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Posted by Jiajianzheng on June 25, 2009
sheryl,thank you for your comment,I am very happy to know you like my pictures.I finally find it is who that gave me the surprise.for many friends like you ,I will keep uploading many more images on dreamstime.
best wishes to you!
Posted by Stonehill01 on June 25, 2009
Dear Jiajianzheng,

I look at many pictures on Dreamstime, but yours are always the best. I have purchased 21 of them so far so I can have them when I need the perfect picture for a website. I purchased quite a few in May so if the 13 pictures you sold on May 13 was because I was busy making sure I had as many of your pictures as I could, I am happy I was able to give you a good surprise. If it was not me, then I'm happy someone else did so.

Do not ever think that no one likes your pictures. From all these comments it is obvious that many people do. You can count me among your big fans. I think your eye for seeing what is most beautiful and stunning in the world is absolutely fantastic! The first image of yours that I saw was Breaktaking Landscape and I admit my breath was taken. I looked at the image for a long time but I knew immediately I had to have it.

Every time I visit Dreamstime, I make sure to see if you have uploaded any new images. Keep taking those beautiful photos. I'...(More)
Posted by Cleaper on May 19, 2009
Beautiful images!

Comments (13)

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