Become a real "green" photographer

posted on 12th of december, 2008

Despite the reduced number of film and a large amount of chemicals the use of digital equipment required for power supply, as well as constantly updated The equipment will consume more resources. As a photographer, should become a real "green" photographer. The following 9 recommendations can help you to save our earth.

1. To conserve electricity If you do not want to aggravate the greenhouse effect, that the use of digital equipment, the need to control power consumption - each unit of electricity generated will be scheduled Release of 1.4 pounds of greenhouse gases. choice the energy-saving equipment, and shut down when not in use.

2. To choose renewable power Digital Studio computer,...

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Posted by Linqong on December 12, 2008
Let our Earth have more greens.
Posted by Creativei on December 12, 2008
Go green, nice blog, hope such blogs educate people alike.

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Show yourself

posted on 12th of december, 2008

This is a publicity personality of the times,

This is a hero of the times come forth in large numbers,

Satisfied with the status quo is tantamount to weak and incompetent,

Bear with the situation can only be wimpish and clueless.

Clear skies will be cloudy,

Calm ocean will be rough,

so many people all around the world

Don't be hiding in the crowded street

standing on a mountain high

looking at the moon through a clear blue sky

come out, show yourself,

come on, try your best,

Focus on the ideal of honor.

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Men and women

posted on 16th of december, 2008

Men and women,

Sometimes living in a different time and space.

Life is so,

Separated for a long time will be together,

Live together for a long time together will want to separate.

How about you?
What's you opinion?

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Posted by Tracy0703 on December 24, 2008
Great idea! Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas

posted on 24th of december, 2008

Christmas tree covered with the blessing,

Kind of Santa Claus distributed gifts to children,

with the candlelight, roses bloom,

Snow in the blue sky float in the air,

Happy, Christmas,

Merrry, Christmas,

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Posted by Linqong on December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas!
Posted by Glossygirl21 on December 24, 2008
Merry Christmas and A happy new year!
Posted by Bellafotosolo on December 24, 2008
Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year blessing to you.

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