Your first, your best and the ones you can't explain.....

posted on 1st of may, 2012

I suppose like your first kiss with a partner and your first day at work I don't think you will ever forget your first sale on Dreamstime.

Similarly, like the most successful holiday you have ever had, the best piece of feedback you ever received or your biggest lottery win you will also have a soft spot for your best selling image.

Then of course, there's the 'odd' ones. Those images that either sell when you were never really thought they would and those that don't sell when you thought they should.

Either way, every day in stock photography is a magical mystery tour that reveals what the world thinks is interesting now and what it believes is 'not yet interesting enough'. Enjoy the journey!

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Posted by Bespokecreative on June 26, 2014
Hi Mark - trying to contact you re one of your photographs + to find out more about you.
Hope to hear for you asap if poss.
Posted by Iwhitwo on May 02, 2012
Well said Mark!
Posted by Egomezta on May 02, 2012
Your images and your portfolio are amazing. Congratulations.

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The key word for keywords is: Simplicity

posted on 3rd of may, 2012

Wherever I have information available about the terms used by buyers to select an image they have invariably used one of the simplest terms in my keywords list.

Recent sales for me that highlight this include the terms 'gravel path' and 'headphones' as well as 'inhaler' and 'Egypt'.

What this makes clear is that all of the time and effort I put in during my early days in stock photography researching complex keywords such as 'giraffa camelopardalis' (Latin for Giraffe) and the many similar keywords that pepper my early uploads have been of little use in helping me sell images.

Maybe at some point in the future a buyer with an interest in zoology, medicine or even plain old Latin will search...

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Posted by Jdanne on May 05, 2012
I made the same experience!
Posted by Egomezta on May 04, 2012
You're right. Congratulations you have great images.
Posted by Mark6138 on May 04, 2012
Thanks everyone. It really does prove that simplicity is the word for keywords.

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Giving & Receiving Comments

posted on 8th of may, 2012

Isn't it a great feeling when someone takes the time to write a helpful, supportive or event positive yet critical comment on an image you've taken? Not only does it generate a nice warm feeling that someone has taken the time to comment but also provides useful feedback to the photographer.

Although I haven't received too many comments on images I know how great it can be when I do get it and will undertake to post a comment on 3 or more images every week in an effort to spread a little cheer to other photographers.

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Posted by Celiaak on May 11, 2012
YEs, it is. I also do love to receive comments and criticism. It helps to learn and judge my work on fresh eyes, to see what I have not seen.
Posted by Egomezta on May 09, 2012
I totally agree with you, I usually take the time to write at the blogs, right now I have 3207 comments so far.
Posted by Mark6138 on May 09, 2012
I agree that giving critical feedback can be received negatively. I was really thinking about positive comments. I see a lot of images on DT that I like but have rarely taken the time to tell the photographer that I like their image. I am trying to change that one comment at a time!

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Dealing with the ups and downs of stock photography

posted on 11th of may, 2012

It won't be long before I will have had a year on DT. In that time there have been many ups and downs. Getting my first images accepted and, shortly afterward, my first sale were the first ups, but were shortly followed by my first down with a series of rejected images (mostly ones deemed too similar to my existing portfolio).

Now, with a little more experience I am having many more 'up' days with sales (and often multiple sales), and fewer down days caused by no sales or occasional rejections.

There are also 'up' days when I am inspired to get out with my camera and 'down' days where my inspiration escapes me. This journey has also left me with a few images I wish I hadn't taken (and have disabled) and many that I wish I had taken,...

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Posted by Baldas1950 on May 15, 2012
Your remarks are very appropriate for many of us and certainly for me.
Posted by Digitalvox on May 14, 2012
You hit the meaning of life with ups and downs but you forgot to mention and occasional crises :-) These days is hard to produce stock photography portfolio because all marketplaces are over saturated with millions of images. In this situation wee all need to take extra steps to bring something new to the table. I have these days more "downs" than "ups" even with bigger and various portfolio but... that`s life :-)
Posted by Gussmann on May 13, 2012
nice sunrace picture

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Is it worth remaining exclusive on Dreamstime?

posted on 15th of may, 2012

Having been exclusive with Dreamstime for some time now you reach a point where you wonder whether you'd made the right decision or whether you might have been better 'spread betting' with lots of agencies, or indeed going exclusive elsewhere.

Chatting to a close friend of mine who is active on another site I realised that there continue to be many advantages to staying exclusive with DT. For one, the 'crowd' here are friendlier than you will find on other sites, and the reviewers are fairer and certainly respond to the queries you have quickly.

In addition to the cultural aspects of remaining exclusive with DT, there are also financial aspects. Of course, being exclusive bumps me up the rankings quite a bit and I expect to clip the 500 sales point this week...

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Posted by Edosaodaro on November 08, 2013
Hi There!

I just turned exclusive today!!!... Yay!!!...

Like some other commentators, I did try a few other agencies out too...
But as I personally do not have unlimited time - for everything I enjoy (work and play wise), I decision to go for the most efficient option...

DT gives me more views and though I only have a relatively small portfolio - for the moment (ha ha) - at least I am starting to sell images here... Also enjoy the DT community - and that is of course absolutely down to all of you guys!

Many thanks!
Posted by Andrews71 on May 17, 2012
Hi. Before to becoming exclusive on DT I have posted for a couple of years on several microstock. Only here I found fair reviewers that use their time also for explain the reason of the refused files and that I have appreciated a lot because I have learned the techicanl requirement.

Then I think that's very important the editorial stock section that many microstock does not have.

Third, I appreciated very much that you got money for uploading files and this is also a good reason to be here.

Finally, people are friendly and correct, not evious. And not too bad ;-)

I am just disappointed for my sales that does not take off as I wish my this is not a DT fault!!!
PS Sorry for my english that I have to improve. :-)
Posted by Llareggub on May 16, 2012
I have often wondered about exclusivity here at DT, the community is fantastic however my concern would be revenue, I submit to 5 sites in total and DT since I started in stock about 16 months accounts for a shade over 13% of my revenue.

I'm not sure for me it would be the correct move, I am lucky to be blessed with the time to submit to different sit so it is not an issue.

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500 Sales on my birthday

posted on 16th of may, 2012

Well, not quite 500 sales on my birthday but yesterday (15th May) was my birthday and I had my 500th sale. In total over the day I had six sales and have seen an increase in the sales per day since DT made the changes to the 2012 levels.

I have been running with a downloads per image of >1 for a while now and yesterday also took me to a point I hadn't reached before of 1.11 - meaning that for every one of my 453 images on line I had sold 1.11.

I know there are lots of threads about milestones and hope you won't mind me posting my little story here too.

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Posted by Chanevy on June 17, 2012
Congratulations! What a nice birthday present :-)
Posted by Yuritz on June 07, 2012
Congrats and nice pictures
Posted by Igordabari on May 17, 2012
Happy Birthday, Mark! And also happy sales and happy uploads! :)

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Dealing with Rejection

posted on 20th of may, 2012

Having been with DT for nearly a year I have experienced a range of highs and lows. Something I suspect most of us have to deal with is the rejection of images. In trying to analyse patterns in the rejections I have had I have noticed that they generally come in one of six forms;

1. Uploading too many similar images to your portfolio
This is something I did a lot of early on and unfortunately did not learn my lesson quick enough as I had quite a few rejections early on. Quite righting, similar images within your portfolio compete with each other and mean you don't get the higher levels.

2, Uploading images that are very common in the database
There are certain images that I suspect a lot of photographers like to take. Flowers, babies, pets etc. Problem is that because loads of photographers like...

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Posted by Martingraf on May 25, 2012
yes, I am not happy at all for every single rejection - probably mainly because I usually do try to consider all the points mentioned above and it takes quite some time and effort to put your pics in - on the other hand, I have learned so much over the last 16 months mainly because of all the rejections I had - so it seems it isn't totally avoidable, - but reducing rejections is probably everyone's goal here on DT
Posted by Linushutz on May 24, 2012
good post
Posted by Vtr on May 23, 2012
Some nice points there.

It sure is disheartening when I submit a bunch after a travel only to discover all have been rejected, makes me feel as if my whole travel was a waste.

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