Out of Bounds

posted on 2nd of march, 2008
This is something that I've learned recently, and the two here are my 4th and 5th attempts... Below are the instructions...

Directions (Photoshop Elements Version):
Choose a photo: Once you have selected your image and opened it in Elements, duplicate the image (Image>Duplicate), close the original without saving it, and save the copy in your projects folder.

1. Duplicate the background layer and make the Background copy active. Click the new layer icon at the bottom of the Layers Palette to add a new layer above the background copy layer. Double-click the layer icon for the new layer, and name this layer Frame. You should now have three layers: Background, Background Copy, and Frame (the top layer). Make the Frame layer active. Get the rectangular marquee...

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Posted by Naturalphotos on March 31, 2008
Glad you enjoyed!
Posted by Irisangel on March 23, 2008
Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Your images are amazing.
Posted by Naturalphotos on March 07, 2008
Thanks Amy and C. I use a Kodak point and shoot. For some, I used the Z612 and now I use the Z812IS.

Comments (5)

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Photographing Animals in Captivity

posted on 7th of march, 2008
Captive Animals can sometimes be the easiest or hardest subjects, depending upon the facilities you are visiting.

Accessibility - Many of these animals are either kept in enclosures that are far away and have to be shot with a zoom lens, or they are behind glass with smudges and smears. Don’t let these factors deter you from getting a great shot. There are often ways to get around this. If they are in area that needs a zoom lens, talk to the staff. There may be a time that they are closer to the front, or that the animals will be brought to an area for special showings. If they are behind glass, try to time your shots for early morning when fewer people have been to the area and there will be less smudging. Also, keep some baby wipes with you to clean the glass. Take your...

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Posted by Naturalphotos on March 31, 2008
Thanks so much!
Posted by Naturalphotos on March 08, 2008
Thanks Tara!
Posted by Taragolden on March 07, 2008
i love your giraffe and hippo shots.. nicely done..

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