The moral value behind an empty Nutella jar

posted on 11th of august, 2009
I want to share this story with you.
We're at school, science class. The professor has some stuff in front of his desk. He takes a big empty jar of Nutella and asks the students: <<is this empty or full?>>. They all say <empty!!>.
The professor puts some big round stones in the jar until it's filled by them. He asks again <<how is it now?>> and the students all say <<full>>.
The professor now adds some handfuls of small white stones that go to fill all the spaces, and asks again <<how about now?>> The students wait a second, then say<<full>>.
© Nniud (Help) The professor takes a bag of sand and pours it inside tha jar, the sand goes to fill al the spaces between the stones. He asks again, <<how...

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Posted by Martinedegraaf on August 12, 2009
I just see < empty > where ever should be a question or answer. But the moral of the story comes through anyway, and it's a good one. Thanks!
Posted by Nniud on August 12, 2009
one thing. do you see the text between the ? either it made an error while formatting the text, or it's just Chinese firewall problems
Posted by Nniud on August 12, 2009
thanks guys. I think it's the good philosophy to start your day. Too often we lose the point of things

Comments (8)

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