Perfect High Key Images

posted on 24th of december, 2011
I have put up a New Article on my Personal Blog
Lighting The Pixel Perfect Isolation about how to set up and control your lighting in the studio to obtain a perfect white background.

It is not a light read but if you are interested in creating images such as these for stock then I think you will find the techniques and lighting chart provided useful. I would post it all here but to be honest it is a 5 pages read plus illustration and due to the limitations of image posting in the DT Blog I cant make it work here.

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Posted by Zenpix on December 27, 2011
BTW: your link is still working fine.
Amazing photos!
Posted by Zenpix on December 27, 2011
Sorry abt that--I did not mean for DT to do that, nor did i report it other then to you, here.
Its just every one (you & I) is entitled to his/her view on nudity.
i would never think of sensoring anyones creativity.
In particular you...i love your style/protfolio!!!
Just a heads up would have been appreciated.
ppl are diffrent, some think its ok some not.
Posted by Photoshow on December 27, 2011
Sorry about that zen pix, I guess I simply don't think about it as I see nudity as natural. I find it strange that everyone wants to be warned for nudity cause a kid might see a boobie but graphic violence goes unmentioned everyday. Any wise it looks like dt striped my link from this now so it really doesn't matter anymore

Comments (8)

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