Killers and Heroes

posted on 9th of april, 2013
As so many nature lovers I enjoy a lot watching nature documentaries in the TV, different channels offer spectacular scenes from all the continents. It is no longer exclusively the habitat of National Geographic: Discovery, Odisea and many others, from the USA, Europe, Japan and other countries delight us with beautiful and breathtaking animal behavior.
Hunting, loving, killing, breeding, feeding and many other situations in the life of wild animals unfold in front of our eyes, we enjoy and we learn at the same time, or may be not?

During the last two years I have observed a tendency to change the strategy of presenting and interpreting those documentaries.
I would call this tendency the "Killer and Hero" style!

There are different...

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Posted by Physi28 on April 22, 2013
thank you very much for all of your kind comments!
It encourages me to try to write another post soon!
Posted by Yelo34 on April 12, 2013
Thank you! I had never thought of that the way you nicely presented it and it is true! I totally agree with you.
Posted by Vcarmstrong on April 10, 2013
Nice blog. I do have to disagree a little though. Watching my domestic cat Mittens, I can safely conclude that she "kills" mice for fun. She bats them around, lets them play dead for a minute, then pounces on them again. She repeats this routine until the mouse is lifeless and then she just leaves it because it is no longer fun. She never eats them. The only logical conclusion that I can make is that it is fun. You should see the expression on her face!

I think humans and my cat Mittens are "killers". :)

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Winter Wildlife Photography at the Picos de Europa NP

posted on 27th of april, 2013
>Last January I spent 20 days at a tiny and remote village at the doors of the Picos de Europa national park. This beautiful park forms part of the Cantabrian Mountains range in northern Spain, a wild and mostly unspoiled region. During their conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, already the romans had considerable difficulties to control the "Cantabros" tribes and the Arab occupation of Spain went smoothly till they were defeated at Covadonga, the last resistance point of the christian army from where the "Reconquista" slowly began.

My illusion was to get a decent picture of a wolf which together with the brown bear is the most emblematic species of the area. Unfortunately some people in our country have not yet understood what a touristic potential this animals represent! I had already been warned that...

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Posted by Physi28 on April 30, 2013
actually yes, Egomezta, as I am more heat than cold resistant!
Posted by Egomezta on April 29, 2013
Beautiful images, you must have had a hard time with the weather...

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First iphone picture online

posted on 30th of april, 2013
I was happy to see that my first iphone photo had been accepted and now online, I didn't think it would go through!
I made this photography in northern Spain, at the Picos de Europa national park standing behind a waterfall which was pouring down to the Cares river. I was there for wildlife photography and had not brought my wide angle lens so I used my iphone but without even thinking of later uploading it to Dreamstime!

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Posted by Perstock on May 06, 2013
That's amazing, congrats!
Posted by Suebmtl on May 02, 2013
Congratulations. Great work!
Hope it sells. Now you have another medium to work with.
Posted by Cousy86 on May 02, 2013
Good work!Conrats!You keep us informed about sales of this picture!;)

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