New Trend in n/a Sales

posted on 29th of june, 2009
I'm noticing a new trend:

1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales
2. I don't have any photos in the free section
3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONS

What does this mean: (My Conclusions)?
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1. The search engine has changed and since I have very little depth in my portfolio (high level images with lots of dls) it doesn't favor me. My images don't usually come to the first couple of pages in keyword searches....

2. Regardless of the search engine change, buyers are finding my photos and 75% of the time the images they by are NOT found by keywords.

3. Since I don't have any photos in the free section, the only ways buyers can find my images without keywords would be: 1. COLLECTIONS and 2. making me as a FAVORITE...

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Posted by Joezachs on June 14, 2010
I think its mainly because people who are looking for a certain type of picture, will go on searching till they find what they want (doesn't matter if they have to shuffle through many pages)
Posted by Pcbiju on February 24, 2010 do i create collections? and what does n/a sales imply? I am new to to DT Gina..:)
Posted by Countrymama on July 01, 2009
In June I had 50% n/a sales. I have no collections.

Comments (7)

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