posted on 3rd of march, 2008
I use to travel a lot, so I have a lot of image collections from various cities, many of them already online at Dreamstime.

I was wandering if someone has some experience with collages. Is it worth it to take several photos, let's say 4 images of Washington landmarks or something like that and make a collage of them? Do someone has any reference how well are collages selling? I would be greatful if you can share your experience with collages.

I tried to make a collage of Paris landmarks, but got no sales yet.

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Higher payments for extra-high resolution images?

posted on 3rd of march, 2008
I was just wondering why does the payment scheme ends at 8 Megapixels?

It's nice that pricing for downloads depends on image resolution. But why does the scheme end at 8 MP? My opinion is that this pricing scheme (up to 8 MP) was fine some time ago, when the best digital cameras had a maximum of 10 MP resolution (and mainly less). But now as many cameras has 12 MP, I think this scheme might be extended.

Also regardless of camera resolution... if I make let's say some panorama picture composed of several photos, which has for example 30 MP, why should I be paid same as for 8 MP image for full resolution download?

What' s your opinion?

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Posted by Timehacker on March 04, 2008
I agree with Teresa that there should be some cap. Exactly the one additional price range might be a good idea.

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