Bessie Butte - A Nice Walk to a Spectacular View

posted on 2nd of november, 2013
I find it curious that there are only seven photos of Bessie Butte and its panoramic view on Dreamstime - all submitted by me. ...Especially since it is easy to reach, easy to hike, and beautiful to behold once you reach the top.

The extinct cinder cone volcano is five miles southeast of Bend, Oregon. The view is enhanced by the lack of mature trees, the result of the 18 Fire of 2003 that burned 3,810 acres of the Deschutes National Forest to the north of the butte. A 2006 planting of some 10,000 pine seedlings represents hope of reforestation in the years to come.

To get to Bessie Butte, take China Hat Road (Forest Road 18) east off of Highway 97 south of Bend. From the north, you'll have to take Parrell Road south to China Hat Road, or drive farther south to the Knott...

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Posted by FabioConcetta on November 04, 2013
Great image, for colors and composition, congratulations!
Posted by Infokus408 on November 03, 2013
nice photos and views.

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Horse Butte, Bend, Oregon

posted on 2nd of november, 2013
Horse Butte is a partially-excavated cinder cone volcano in the southeast corner of Bend, Oregon. It was once mined for its gritty red cinders that provided traction on icy roads. The promontory has since undergone reclamation efforts to restore its natural state as much as possible since a considerable portion of the east side is gone, exposing its rusty red interior.
At the summit is an old growth ponderosa pine that has survived hundreds of lightning strikes. Access to the top is by means of a steep rugged path up the west flank that circumnavigates its forested caldera once the initial stretch is scaled.
On warm days, red-tailed hawks soar overhead to catch the updrafts around the butte.

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Posted by Egomezta on November 05, 2013
Beutiful place. thanks for sharing.
Posted by FabioConcetta on November 04, 2013
Beautiful colors, very nice work!!!

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Coyote Butte: Just another cinder cone?

posted on 4th of november, 2013
In times past, volcanic cinder cones like this one were excavated for their red traction material spread by the road commission on icy streets, roads and highways of Central Oregon. Cinders have since been replaced by other more high-tech ice melting substances, so the remaining hills now serve as viewpoints for hikers, as well as impromptu shooting ranges for gun enthusiasts and trash dumps for irresponsible partiers.

Nevertheless, Coyote Butte stands out on the Central Oregon High Desert as a picturesque hill of particularly striking color against the backdrop of yellows, browns and grays of surrounding bitterbrush and native grasses.

The extinct volcano (or what's left of it) is located about eight miles southwest of Bend, Oregon, and easily visible from China Hat Road....

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