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  • Ethereal

    by Nikitu | 29th of May, 2009

    Even if not the stockest (if I may express this way) of images I like dreamy, misty, ethereal shots a lot. I like to get into the atmosphere in make it happen. And I take inspiration from paintings, movies and other photographs when I take shots like that. For those of you... More
  • What do we do when we don't have pictures to upload

    by Nikitu | 28th of May, 2009

    Every photographer reaches a dry patch at some point. Lack of inspiration, or a too busy period in his/her life, falling in love, falling out of love, camera broke, not enough light, there are a million reasons a photographer such as ourselves would like to take a break... More
  • when you have the power, how do you use it?

    by Nikitu | 27th of May, 2009

    Yesterday I talked about a bit of microstock and Dreamstime history. Today I'll continue with something a little more individual: the power of one. History is full of important, powerful people, from Cesar and Genghis Khan to Roosevelt, Hitler and Obama. All powerful personalities,... More
  • Something was wrong from the beginning......

    by Andreeadobrescu | 27th of May, 2009

    Last weekend I decided to go on the mountains with my friends, it was for the first time this year. It wasn’t Friday 13th, but all went wrong from the start. :D First of all, we caught the train at the last moment and we got on the wrong coach,... More
  • How we, the people, changed stock photography forever.

    by Nikitu | 26th of May, 2009

    Somewhere around the year 2001, what everyone knew as stock photography was going to change forever. It was no longer a small niche of professional photographers that could be represented by stock agencies. Anyone with access to the internet and a camera can now venture... More
  • How to address a message to support

    by Nikitu | 19th of May, 2009

    This is a subject that probably many of you still have questions about and that us, admins, would like to make more clear. Here are some general guideline about addressing messages to support: - make sure you explain your problem as thoroughly as possible and give as many... More
  • Visual cooking

    by Tangie | 15th of May, 2009

    Evolving from means of sustenance to means of indulgence, food is today considered an art committed to both feed the body and please the eye. Quality food, cuisine and gourmet are recurrent words in our vocabulary while food-related images still have a wide market areal to... More
  • A rose by any other name would not sell as sweet

    by Tangie | 28th of April, 2009

    As stated in my previous articles, a crucial stage in thinking up your uploads is to step in your buyer's shoes: what do buyers need and what are they searching for? Or, most importantly, how do they search for our files? I have seen other users have also addressed this topic.... More
  • Frequent mistakes in model releases

    by Nikitu | 15th of April, 2009

    Today I am going to talk about some frequent mistakes I come across in contributors' model releases. This blog is meant first of all to help contributors have less refusals based on model releases. These are the steps you should take when dealing with people photography:... More
  • Similarity - thin line between smart and excessive, or how less can mean more

    by Sangiorzboy | 25th of March, 2009

    As we all know, the ever-growing database reached a point where each serious contributor must analyse his/her portfolio and see what sells and what doesn't. We wanted to get Big and we got Big together, offering a vast variety of quality imagery. Let's finetune... More
  • Tips for editorial submissions

    by Costa007 | 9th of March, 2009

    There are a few important points to be considered for editorial submissions although they seem to be overlooked most of the times: Specific descriptions – increased editorial value The first thing one should keep in mind when submitting such images is that they... More
  • Dreamstime search box

    by Tangie | 24th of February, 2009

    Dreamstime brings you our latest addition: the DT search box, a more practical and direct tool to look for images on our site. Not only can you now take DT as companion in all your virtual online journeys, but our site is always at hand in no time. When you browse... More
  • First official US president portrait

    by Achilles | 15th of January, 2009

    The first official portrait of an US president taken with a digital camera was released. http://change.gov/page/-/officialportrait.jpg Pete Souza is the author (link above, not image on the left, by our Misty Pfeil), newly appointed as the official White House... More
  • Election Package

    by Tdmartin | 8th of January, 2009

    In preparation of Barack Obama's inauguration in 12 days I have prepared a package of election and Obama related images... Campaign visit: Voting: Election Day Democrats:... More
  • 100 sales!

    by Tdmartin | 27th of December, 2008

    After a couple of slow weeks from the Christmas season I had some surprising sales today! Numbers 100 and 101! Thanks to DT and the buyers!! Here is the one that made #100 See Article
  • Christmas Advent Calendar

    by Roberto1977 | 23rd of November, 2008

    Christmas is approaching. For this holiday I realized many illustrations, but today I want to show you my personal interpretation of an Advent Calendar. When I was a little child I liked it very very much, so I hope that someone else will feel those same feelings, day after... More
  • Flagging insights

    by Tangie | 21st of November, 2008

    Say flag and everyone will jump: where, why, when, how? Ever since we put up the flagging system, people have used it continuously - needless to say there are some tens of thousand of flags at this point. A lot of work for us and a huge piggybank for you. Looks like you... More
  • Funniest thing I've read lately

    by Tangie | 13th of November, 2008

    Here is something someone in my office was kind enough to give me to read today. He told me that I should read it as it is connected to what I do and it will help me improve my customer service skills. I must admit, it surely made an impression. I laughed a lot. It is... More
  • First $100

    by Tdmartin | 7th of November, 2008

    Joined DT on August 4 and had my first images online August 11. Just reached the milestone of my first $100 this morning! Thanks to all of the buyers who downloaded my files and to DT for a great first three months! :) See Article
  • Search Keywords

    by Tdmartin | 3rd of November, 2008

    After looking through the keywords used to download my images I noticed something a little strange... To date I have 57 downloads. Only 25 of them were found directly from search keywords. In other words, only 44% of my downloads have been found directly via keyword searches.... More

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