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New milestones achieved
posted by mvogel - 11th of september, 2010
This month I have achieved some new milestones. Is is funny how many milestones you achieve when you are new to this. First I set a new personal record for uploads and acceptance. 26 uploads and a monthly average of 76.2. Last... More...
New achievement-3000 sold files
posted by justmeyo - 10th of september, 2010
Few minutes ago i just sold this photo and my total sales are 3000 now. I am truly happy to know 3000 of my photos purchased from Dreamstime were used or are in use somewhere and gladly to find periodically my photos in use.... More...
My first blog post about my first 100...
posted by czbalazs - 22nd of july, 2010
Yesterday I reached my hundredth accepted photo in Dreamstime:
Just crossed the 100th mark
posted by nikmd - 21st of july, 2010
A very exciting day and a big achievement for me... the first hundred...no not the $100 but a little over a 100 images in my portfolio now. Still a lot of work to do..more creativity, more processing, more uploading and above all... More...
An Approach for Building Your Portfolio
posted by wisconsinart - 14th of july, 2010
It's one thing to sit down and think of ideas to submit for stock, but I see a lot of people taking the same approach as I do: We mainly shoot what we know. Specifically, we work within our comfort level and skillset. I don't have a... More...
Finally, my first 100th uploads
posted by shutterbestiole - 5th of july, 2010
Hello all DT members! Photography have been a serious hobby of mine for the past 3 years since I got my first DLSR camera and I have been an active DT member ever since. I'm glad that I have achieved this far to 100 uploads on Dreamstime... More...
5000 sales!
posted by roberto1977 - 1st of july, 2010
Yesterday I celebrated my 5000th sale!! When I joined here in september 2007 I had not a photos archive to upload and I didn’t know anything about vectorial graphic. I started from scratch. I learned day by day here and by myself.... More...
500 uploads!
posted by francy874 - 21st of june, 2010
Today I am very happy for two reasons! my sixth nephew was born and I have also reached 500 uploads! and now my next goal is to reach the 1000 uploads! I hope to do so by the end of the year...Thanks to all! This is the image n°... More...
My first 100 USD :)
posted by ninuscha - 9th of june, 2010
Hi, soo today I finally made my first 100$ on Dreamstime :))) My current balance is 100,74$. These are my first 2 approved pics. Online since November 09. And my favourite first level 3 which also broke... More...
Finally, the 1000 images milestone
posted by gnohz - 3rd of june, 2010
Finally, after a long journey, I managed to reach 1000 submitted images on most of my online portfolios including Dreamstime and a few other microstock sites that I regularly submit to. It has been quite a journey ever since I joined... More...
Time is near, 1 sale more and 100 sales is reached
posted by terhox - 21st of may, 2010
For me it's quite an achievement to reach first 100 sales, it's my first real milestone. It took quite a long time, but when I moved fully to Dreamstime, I have got many times more sales. Sometimes it's hard to believe, that here are... More...
posted by kadmy - 18th of may, 2010
I like the number 555. Recently I've got 555 photos in portfolio. And now my photos were downloaded 555 times. Good. Go ahead to next milestones (1000 photos and 1000 downloads)!
first 100 on DT
posted by dmitrytsvetkov - 6th of may, 2010
Today my 100th image was approved!!! And it's really nice. It's my first achievement in stock, I think) Object is very hackneyed and maybe this image won't bring me any sales and moneyб иге зщкеащдшщ growes and its 100th... More...
My Road to $200 per month
posted by retina2020 - 28th of april, 2010
Today I've finally reached a milestone I thought I would never reach. Over $200 a month in April with this photo, yeah!!! I couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for all the wonderful and helpful people in DT who share their experiences... More...
First level 2 Image!
posted by nstanev - 10th of april, 2010
Wow, it took me over a year, but I finally got a level 2 image! It's actually a pretty new one and is selling really well on all my sites. The best part is that 40 minutes after reaching level 2, it got downloaded again - it sure felt... More...
100 images online
posted by ninuscha - 2nd of april, 2010
Hi, so after 3 months + of uploading I reached my first milestone... Here are some of the uploads Thank you for reading and have a great day! More...
10 pics online ))
posted by goldution - 23rd of march, 2010
This train became my 10th uploaded! Maybe not a great achievement, but to me is damn important, as first steps are always most challenging and exciting :) I will travel to Bulgaria over next few days and hoping to bring back some... More...
So happy!!! I am getting approvals immediately after submission :)
posted by goldution - 19th of march, 2010
Like many of you, I am the one who has an internet dependance problem :) I used to sit long hours on dating sites, and when I first uploaded few images here, i realized that DT becomes a new friendly place in the web that turned... More...
posted by rosedarc - 13th of march, 2010
Very pleased about my new milestone, the famous 1st $100 payout! The last 6 months on DT have been a lot of fun, I've learnt a lot of things and I've got much more to learn. I hope to continue growing my portfolio regularly and achieve... More...
200 Sales!
posted by nstanev - 26th of february, 2010
Well, not a huge deal, but a couple of good sales last night pushed me past the 200 DL's milestone. It doesn't take a lot to get me excited, I guess. :) I also ended up with a BME in terms of revenue. RPD is fairly dismal, though. This... More...
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