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Looking for Inspiration
posted by vtr - 9th of may, 2013
As a photographer at times we all tend to forget that all our shots revolve around a same theme or in some cases they are so diverse that its hard to find out. It is amazing to note that paintings of great artists are so unique in nature... More...
This week Featured photographer
posted by gmargittai - 2nd of november, 2012
Hello fellow photographers, Take a look who joined DT a few month ago and now is the featured photographer. The world famous Joseph Sohm. He may be submitting images I presume just like the rest of us and maybe, who knows, some get... More...
The joy of photography
posted by razvanxr - 2nd of july, 2012
A good professional photographer has to be an amateur photographer at heart. The origin of the word is “amator”, which means lover. ]So the amateur to me is the passionate one, the lover of the art who does not do it not for business. The pro should have that same love and passion, and happen to do it for work as well. I love taking photographs, because it enables me to connect with the world on a deeper level. When More...
Instead of Uploading the Obvious, You Should Upload the OBVIOUS
posted by wisconsinart - 7th of april, 2012
We all know the story; you have a camera, take lots of pictures, and then you discover the world of Microstock. "You mean I can make MONEY doing this?" you say to yourself. "Sign me up!" And thus your career began. You searched the... More...
A new appreciation of money
posted by gmargittai - 23rd of march, 2012
I am an active photographer for more than 40 years now, always been an amateur. My parents encouraged me to spend their money on equipment. Later on when I started to spend my own money I continued the trend, never really thinking about... More...
The Concept of Concepts for Amateur Stockers
posted by wisconsinart - 18th of january, 2012
I think everyone understands the "Concept of Concepts" when it comes to stock yet it seems amateur stockers have a difficult time putting that "concept" into practice. Just browse through the database and look at what the high-end... More...
100 downloads and else
posted by photoexpress - 15th of november, 2011
16 months, 342 pictures uploaded, 100 downloads, 51 dollars gained. It is not a great score, I still insist doing it. egg, egg, eggs..., that's the result I have to met most of the days. If my pictures are not so popular, I must... More...
The Story of an Amateur
posted by byrnison - 29th of september, 2011
Hi all ! I joined Dreamstime about a year ago as a complete photographic amateur. I had all my first batch of photos refused, which, I was convinced, at the time, were so good, they were going to change the world. So, after huffing... More...
Very interesting article on Slate
posted by gmargittai - 21st of april, 2011
It is about amateur photographers armed with professional knowledge made possible by websites like Strobist. Good reading Article
The Process of Creating a Stock Image on the Fly
posted by wisconsinart - 19th of november, 2010
A professional photographer, when doing commercial photography, will know in advance what the shot will be. He plans the shot either in his mind or with paper and pencil, figuring out the composition and lighting, along with any consideration... More...
Amateur or professional?
posted by gmargittai - 16th of november, 2010
There were many blogs on Dreamstime dealing with the big leap. The leap which aspiring photographers should take to become more focused, more serious, more invested and turn from a hobby microstocker to a professional one. Do you... More...
Milestone at Dreamstime
posted by j0hnb0y - 7th of october, 2010
Well I have been a member here at Dt for just over a year now and today I reached for me the massive milestone of reaching $100 Dollars in sales....You can not imagine how happy I am at reaching this milestone, not because of the... More...
Each sale gives me hope
posted by mvogel - 9th of july, 2010
I am a very amateur photographer and got into micro stock to try and improve my skills. Much to my surprise some of my pictures have been accepted by DT and some have even sold. With each acceptance and rejection I learn a little... More...
Amateur Photographer
posted by dawn1111 - 24th of october, 2009
I consider myself an amateur photographer since I don't have a degree in Photography, and have only taken one beginners photography course several years ago, while in High School. I think that having no formal photographic qualifications... More...
Dealing with shutter speed
posted by alexhor - 14th of may, 2009
Already two of my articles came up under useful articles. It just means that, aside of many expert photographers, there are enough starter users who recognize those basics valuable. A few words today about shutter speed. Lets just... More...
What about composition?
posted by alexhor - 11th of may, 2009
Hi to all! Here is your amateur adviser again:) I was encouraged with fact that my last article about shooting objects on white came up on "Useful articles" section. I don't know how those lists work but I think enough of you clicked... More...
Since February 2008....
posted by marpit - 17th of april, 2009
I am an amateur photographer and I like to taking pictures of places where I go. Finally after a year of DT I break through the wall of the 100 photos online. Unfortunately a lot of those are still discarded, but now, often I find... More...
01 - Discovering stock photography
posted by grofnula - 17th of february, 2009
I stumbled upon "my first" stock photography website about 2 years ago. I am not a professional photographer, but me and my photo camera get along pretty well, so I said - Let's give it a try! It was fun, and I did not actually expect... More...
399th on line & 498th download
posted by eprom - 16th of february, 2009
it is a milestone for me. upload the photos one by one, and be rejected one by one in every month, now I have 399th on line, and 498th download. it is not easy for me, a amateur photographer. :) More...
Professional or Amateur?
posted by vaaltonen - 5th of january, 2009
What makes one a professional photographer? A degree, years of experience, expensive equipment, your images on the billboards in your town? Why am I asking this question? Well, photography has been my hobby and my passion for over... More...
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