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Stone Sculptures of Western Madhya Pradesh, India
posted by shariqkhan - 23rd of march, 2014
Madhya Pradesh is the Central Indian state of India. It has very old history of ancient civilisation and culture. Many parts of Western Madhya Pradesh which includes Narmada Valley, Nimar and Malwa areas once very in the stone... More...
Ancient street of Yuanjiang
posted by showins - 22nd of march, 2014
It is said that ancient street of Yuanjiang have a history of over three hundred years. Along down with these centuries, every corners of the old street left indelible marks, which tell inhabitants here the plight, perseverance and... More...
The Ancient Buildings Of LiuJia
posted by showins - 22nd of march, 2014
The Ancient Buildings Of LiuJia, located in XintangVillage, Guanshi Town of Hengnan County, is said to have a 300-year history; because of traffic conditions and the less impact of modern civilization outwards, The Ancient Buildings... More...
Such a building you like it?
posted by hanbaoluan - 8th of november, 2013
Ancient architecture is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, the palace buildings is one of the most magnificent. No matter on the structure, or in form, they all show the royal dignity and palatial style, to distinguish... More...
Different points of view
posted by zyyillusion - 11th of april, 2013
We have got used to many normal things in our daily life,but ignore their beauty. This year’s Spring Festival I went back to my hometown and shot some pictures around me, but at a different time and under a different situation with... More...
Historical Jerusalem: Starting a collection
posted by rkckwwjd - 5th of september, 2012
I need some help: Who wants to add photos about "Historical Jerusalem"? I am looking for photos for my collection that have to do with the historical background of the city of Jerusalem, e.g. old buildings and monuments, models of old... More...
Tour of the Ancient Capital City Xi An
posted by zyyillusion - 25th of july, 2012
i am very sad that many photos were refused by dreamstime so that i can not present the whole scenery and beauty of Xi An. Xi An ranks the first among the four ancient capital cities in China and it is the cradle of the Chinese nation,... More...
The beauty of Yorkshire - York, Knaresborough and more...
posted by androniques - 17th of june, 2012
Hi Dreamers! :) Today I just want to share with you some of the North parts of England, which is the true old England as some would say, because it is the surroundings of York - the ancient capital of Britannia Inferior, as proclaimed... More...
U.S. $ 200
posted by jianbinglee - 5th of september, 2011
Yesterday, the total revenue of $ 200. Although small, it can be considered a node. Recently uploaded small, may be busy, it could be a bad mood, not making a good photo. Anyway, I hope I enjoy the photography process to receive the... More...
New collection: Cadiz
posted by cbomers - 15th of june, 2011
Please enjoy this new collection: Cadiz Cadiz is a typical Andalusian city in Southwestern Spain characterized by the antiquity of various quarters, historical landmarks and the old city bordered by the sea and city walls.... More...
New collection: Architectural wonders of Iran
posted by cbomers - 17th of february, 2011
‘If you have travelled to Esfahan, you have seen Half of the World’. It is easy to agree with this famous 16th century proverb seeing the beauty and grandeur of the city Esfahan, one of the places I have visited during a trip to... More...
Delphi - best archaeological destination in Greece
posted by alionaz - 8th of november, 2010
Hi to all! I'm from Romania but for the last 9 years I live in the most beautiful country - Sun Country - the Greece. This country is full of archeological sites. One of this is Delphi. Is located at the foot of Parnassos mount, within... More...
A nearly 100-year ginkgo tree in my grandpa home.
posted by youths - 25th of february, 2010
A nearly 100-year ginkgo tree in my grandpa home. We are all very fond of this tree
Holiday back in time, into history
posted by vishwakiran - 6th of january, 2010
I had the chance of visiting Hampi, about 400km from my place in Bangalore, India. This place blew me away with its haunting and majesting stone palaces and temple ruins. All sculpted from granite, the 14-15th century archaeological... More...
The Leaning Tower of Pisa
posted by toneimage - 18th of february, 2009
The Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the Cathedral. Its construction began in the August of 1173 and continued (with two long interruptions) for about two hundred years, in full fidelity to the original project, whose architect... More...
China old furniture
posted by mbr555 - 7th of february, 2009
Ancient Chinese furniture has different times in different styles, materials use of hardware production, has rosewood, chicken wing wood, yellow sandalwood, Elm and so on. The production of durable furniture, paint elegant decoration,... More...
10th download and an ancient bible
posted by culturalstockphoto - 28th of january, 2009
Hello everybody! I am glad to report that this afternoon I had my tenth download! I also worked verry hard the last two months to reach the number of hundred pictures online at dreamstime...and I almost reached that number (now 99... More...
China, a beautiful decorative door
posted by mbr555 - 21st of january, 2009
My journey in Shanxi, the fans to see the beautiful gate, it is the use of the ancient craft methods produced knocker, the celebration of traditional Chinese characters Fuk body mounted on the door, using mainly festive red color, golden... More...
Living Room On Bed
posted by lhj - 18th of october, 2008
Have you ever seen such a kind of bed, a heatable brick bed? It's called as "Kang" in Chinese and very popular in northern China, especially in ancient time. As shown in my shot, you may find the ancient people even put a small table... More...
The Door of Chinese Ancient Architecture
posted by lhj - 3rd of october, 2008
For whatever kind of architecture, the doors do exist and present in many different ways and made of different materials. In Chinese ancient architecute, the doors are always one of the most important element of a building. Especially... More...
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