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A Hint for Photographing Golf Courses
posted by gwhughes - 27th of march, 2014
Here's an easy hint if you are planning to take some golf course scenery shots - take a golf ball with you! Place the ball close to the flag stick and any golfer seeing your photos will dream that it is their great shot captured... More...
Unusual angle in photography ! !
posted by osaidism - 8th of december, 2012
I have passed just 06 months on DT and now 1st time I decided to participated in assignments, in fact it was the 1st time i could participate in assignment as the assignment was very easy and people were uploading almost anything..... More...
Fun with wide angle
posted by mangalika - 31st of october, 2012
I started photography with a 50mm prime. I was so skeptic about wide angle lenses and distortions that buying a Kit lens was a 'no no' for me. After more than a year I somehow thought of buying a superwide angle of 10-20mm. Still... More...
Interior photography
posted by yellowind - 24th of july, 2012
Well this article is for a newbies. If you have some information to fill up, I would be thankful. So what you need to interior photography? First of all your camera :) Then it is helpful to have lens at about 10-20mm angle diapason.... More...
Occupy London Photos
posted by sydney - 12th of december, 2011
I have been fascinated with Occupy London protesters camping site and the amazing opportunities it provides for photographers. Also, I have been able to find and capture so many variations of images each representing it's own message... More...
Sky with clouds - a good shot of a well covered subject
posted by intrepix - 8th of december, 2011
Some weeks ago I got this image of a beautiful sky accepted. I know there are thousands of pictures of a sky, however when I saw this beautiful sky one morning in September this year I could not resist. (thanks to the reviewers for... More...
My cheap fish-eye lense :)
posted by julia161 - 21st of november, 2011
Hello! A while ago I asked advise on this board from people using various fish-eye lenses, which of them was better, becuase I planned to buy a suspiciously cheap one from ebay. Here is the discussion . Now I can say that I made... More...
Cokin Z-pro holder, wide angle lens and dark corners
posted by risto40 - 16th of july, 2011
About a month or two ago I posted a question into DT's forum about ND Graduated filters, Cokin Z-pro holder, wide angle lens 17mm at 1.6x crop sensor and vignetting / dark corners. Didn't receive an answer if there will be any dark... More...
The sharpest Tokina 11-16mm and its chromatic abberation
posted by deechhom - 18th of march, 2011
Note : whatever I am discussing here applies iff (if and only if) you are going to print bigger than 12x18 sq. inch size of a photograph. Below that size you just need a DSLR and any lens, yes I said any lens. And that will give you... More...
Wildlife Photography Secrets: Angle of Light
posted by visceralimage - 18th of january, 2011
In the old days, you would purchase a package of film and inside the film box was an instruction sheet that described the concept of sunny 16, shooting your images with the sun at your back and other such general information. The... More...
Find A Strikingly Angle Of View
posted by black-white - 8th of december, 2010
Dreamstime led me into the gate of photography as well as prompted me realizing the truth of the daily life. In my portfolio, a photo has been sold for times. Its subject is about Over Loading. In China, it is very common... More...
On using ultra-wide-angle lens
posted by nikmd - 21st of october, 2010
Among the most difficult to use are the ultra-wideangle lens as most of you would agree on that. I love my wideangles and I am sure you love yours too. Compositions on a ultra-wide-angle lens would require one to be as close as possible... More...
The Concept of Arabic Numbers - Part Z
posted by mani33 - 27th of august, 2009
As I mentioned in an earlier blog that the Arabic numbers has the concept of the number of the angles less than 180º... Unfortunately this theory was never prooved 100% due to the loss of the original documents when the Viking invaded... More...
The Concept of Arabic Numbers
posted by mani33 - 5th of august, 2009
This time I made a special photo not only to be nice and stock seller but also because I like the concept of what it means! Yes the concept of the arabic numbers that were invented and passed to Europe and the whole world in the... More...
Buildings Are One Of My Favorite Subjects
posted by aughty - 22nd of march, 2009
Growing up as a kid in the big city, I always wanted to build tall buildings. I took drafting in high school and was going to go to college and become an engineer or architect (actually graduated with a BA in film and video).... More...
Special Visual Angle for Photo
posted by toneimage - 12th of february, 2009
The 2 images attached are my favorite ones not only because they are quite explicit but also because they are my products in another angle of view compared with the big quantities of landscape pictures. Actually, from the beginning... More...
Things I Wish I Had Known Before Going On Safari, Part 1
posted by charlesoutcalt - 17th of october, 2008
Before I went on safari to Zambia, Botswana and South Africa, I scoured the web and photo guide books for tips on how to prepare. I found quite a bit of good advice, but, once I got to my destination, I realized there were many... More...
Wide Angle - Olympus user?
posted by cleaper - 4th of march, 2008
I absolutely love taking landscape photographs but I feel that i would benefit from a wide angle lens. I am currently using an Olympus e-400 with the supplied kit lenses, which are great but not exactly wide angle. The two lenses... More...
Bell Towers
posted by roberto1977 - 27th of november, 2007
Hi guys! I’ve been always enchanted by the imposing fascination of bell towers, especially by the churches one. I particularly like the photos taken from a low angle view looking up at the sky with the bell tower into the center... More...
Kuwait Tower
posted by nikonart - 13th of august, 2007
This is Kuwait tower. I took this shoot just before the dark, that's why you can see blue sky while the light of the towers is on and as you see the shoot is in angle to give the shoot some difference and take attention. More...
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