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What is a T-Stop
posted by bradcalkins - 22nd of november, 2013
If you been shooting images for any amount of time you are certainly familiar with f-stops and apertures. The f-stop is a ratio between the focal length of a lens and the size of the physical aperture opening in the lens. The longer... More...
A traveling foodie
posted by tempestz - 26th of october, 2013
As mentioned in some of my other blogs, I have the unique opportunity to travel the world for my engineering day job. This has brought me to places throughout North America and Asia. During the course of my travels I have been exposed... More...
Lens big aperture photo!
posted by hanbaoluan - 22nd of november, 2012
I use my Olympus 50/2 fixed-focus camera shot some chrysanthemum photos, the use of large aperture shooting, feeling the effects of grammaticalization background can also, don't know "DT" friends, do you feel? More...
Lesson 4: shutter speed, and how it works alongside aperture
posted by kimdeadman - 19th of october, 2012
It’s time for another blog post following on from my previous discussions on photography basics. As always, this is to celebrate having another handful of photos accepted on Dreamstime. I have now made a massive 42 accepted images,... More...
Diffraction on smaller aperture values TEST
posted by alvera - 14th of august, 2012
This post was continued with some tests: http://www.dreamstime.com/thread_29668 Test finished (at least, a preview). http://alveraphoto.blogspot.ro/2012/08/diffraction-on-smaller-aperture-values.html Test subject: a small part... More...
Lesson number 3: Aperture
posted by kimdeadman - 13th of august, 2012
I’ve had a couple more photos accepted on dreamstime and this is always a cause for celebration, so following on from my previous blog posts on camera basics, here is my celebratory beginners guide to apertures. When trying to... More...
Basic Exposure in Photography
posted by parkinsonsniper - 4th of june, 2012
This is the triangle of exposure, informing about the basic rules of exposure in photography. Shutter speed (time value), aperture value and ISO effects the exposure of the photograph, they also have some side effects. I draw this... More...
The F 2.8 ( love it or hate it)
posted by nikmd - 19th of may, 2011
When I started with photography a year ago, wide aperture lens ( f 2.8, f1.4) were all that I desired as I wanted to shoot in low light situations and also get the pleasing bokeh in almost all my shots by using the widest aperture.... More...
Exposure strategry ... some thoughts (qualitty versus artistic)
posted by bevanward - 23rd of november, 2010
I too often stuff up photo opportunities by not being prepared in the excitement of a chance to photograph something new, exciting or shiny! If you are quality obsessed then you will likely try and have the lowest ISO, and struggle... More...
Expensive lens - still soft images!?
posted by demonike - 29th of july, 2010
Recently I have started to notice that we get an increasing number of product and people shots that are NOT out of focus, but are kind of soft anyway. As the review tool shows conveniently the EXIF of the photograph, a correlation started... More...
Learning about exposure
posted by imaengine - 7th of june, 2010
If you’ve been wanting to venture out of the Auto mode on your digital camera and experiment with it’s manual settings there’s some tips that you might find useful. There are three main elements that need to be considered when... More...
How aperture works
posted by bradcalkins - 29th of november, 2009
Ever wonder why the marking on the aperture ring seem backwards, or why 1 stop doubles the light but not the aperture number? Then this blog is for you! I've found a number of people that can get a fairly intuitive feel for aperture... More...
Aperture And How It Will Effect Your Images
posted by rebeccaosborn - 30th of october, 2009
Ok, so the last blog i posted, i wrote about how your exposure effects your image. There are 3 main things that will effect your exposure.. these are your Aperture, Shutter Speed and your ISO. To make this blog NOT be 10 pages... More...
The tips of shoot indoor
posted by wayneliu - 4th of march, 2009
Although this was my first time to join the photo studio, but I still got involved in the people who are so nice and warm-hearted. That was wonderful. Thanks for the guys who taught me much necessary experience in term of studio photography,... More...
ISO aperture setting shutter
posted by lazar_x - 22nd of november, 2008
For the exposure to be correct, there are three variables that must be balanced: ISO speed : This is sensitivity to light of the sensor array. It defines the total amount of light that required. It is sometimes referred to as... More...
Diffraction Limited?
posted by bradcalkins - 20th of november, 2008
I've been looking into a new body and have decided not to go with the latest Canon 50D. I'm turned off by the high file size, but also because we seem to be getting into territory where more megapixels are making some things worse.... More...
How I Shoot RAW Images!
posted by aughty - 18th of november, 2008
 This is my biggest secret: I use a handheld light meter to see all the correct exposures I can use at once. Which is the correct one to use with over a hundred “correct” exposures to choose from? The creative one!  Set... More...
Keeping Sharp In A Digital World
posted by aughty - 6th of november, 2008
I’m new to the stock world, still learning how to improve my acceptance rate of my images to DT. I was flagged for not having an image in focus. I got this message about the image: Image is out of focus or too much of the subject... More...
Aperture for portrait
posted by alexpopikov - 2nd of september, 2008
Hi, All! Let me share the aperture for portrait. It's f4. I was really surprise when i understood that. My portraits were changed dramatically :) They looks better absolutely. Thank you on-line books :)
Tutorial about getting the correct exposure
posted by nightangel666 - 27th of march, 2008
I recently found this wonderful article. It explains how aperture, exposure and ISO work. It's very interesting and can help to get the right exposure when shooting. I hope it'll be helpful to you : Tutorial about exposure, ISO and... More...
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