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Save a penguin. ( :-) )
posted by dprogers - 7th of march, 2013
I'm fully supportive of Dreamstime removing old images that have not had any sales after 4 years, I think that's the right thing to do and have quite happily dealt with my old images. But today one of my favourites comes up for its... More...
My first level 2 image
posted by paologozzi - 1st of november, 2010
Saturday one of my images reached level 2. is my firs image that rises to an upper level. Which is the next ?!?!? More...
third (P-EL) pictures sold
posted by paologozzi - 14th of october, 2010
And today...I was surprised by the 3rd (P-EL) picture sold in 3 days (and I'm still really thankful to the buyer!) and suddenly few second after a similar picture was sold this time was a simple subscription but...made me happy ! More...
first two (P-EL) pictures sold
posted by paologozzi - 13th of october, 2010
monday 2 of my pics where sold for Print Usage (P-EL): many thanks to the buyer, and, if you read this blog,tell me please wich kind of object will you realize with these imagines ?
Lofoten, hidden treasure
posted by paologozzi - 2nd of september, 2010
I'm participating in my first assignment, Hidden Local Treasures, and I had¨two of my submissions approved. It's true that I live in an island that is a treasure, and also relatively hidden above the arctic circle, but I didn't expect... More...
Reached the 600 uploads with my dog
posted by paologozzi - 6th of august, 2010
Today I've reached the 600 uploads with a picture of my dog, Hugo, relaxing on the sand of Uttakleiv beach, Lofoten Islands, norwegian arctic region, demonstrating to be a real polar dog....
Another goal, 500 uploads !
posted by paologozzi - 17th of june, 2010
Another goal, today I've reached the goal of 500 uploads with tis image a red cabin of the small village of Å, the shortest village in the world, last letter of the norwegian alphabet and last village of the road. But the last loaded... More...
Over 400 uploads
posted by paologozzi - 24th of may, 2010
403 to be precise, with this picture of Nusfjord, the best preserved fisherman's village of Norway that is one of the places I prefer in this wonderful archipelago, now ready for the next target 500 uploads (but I need just 97 more)... More...
Over 300 uploads !
posted by paologozzi - 4th of may, 2010
I had 16 approved images today and I suddenly trespassed the goal of 300 uploads with this image. But now the next goal is 400 uploaded images, but my approval ratio increased a lot in the last months, and I'm starting from 304 :-... More...
Extreme Adventures in Antarctica
posted by darryns - 12th of april, 2010
This is the final in my series of blog entries on Antarctic travel. Everything about extreme travel in Antarctica requires detailed planning. You will certainly want to document your journey, for yourself, and probably for sponsors.... More...
200 uploads
posted by paologozzi - 19th of march, 2010
woke up this morning, cant believe what I saw, 200 uploads!!! with these two pictures that really give the idea of the place where I live. It is true that is not the classical microstock subject but... More...
Cruise Ships and Sea Travel to Antarctica
posted by darryns - 16th of march, 2010
Continuing my series of blog entries on Antarctic travel I’d like to tell you about the most common way for people to get to Antarctica, and the most rewarding for someone wanting to take great photos of this amazing continent, by... More...
Finally reached 100 $
posted by paologozzi - 12th of march, 2010
Finally I've reached the first 100$ of earnings, for a photographer that is taking almost just pictures of arctic landscapes . Let's hope to find more customers for my pictures in the following months More...
Air Travel and Over Flights to Antarctica
posted by darryns - 5th of march, 2010
Following on from my introduction to Antarctic tourism I'd like to tell you about air travel options to Antarctica. Antarctic Overflights For many years each year I got to go on a flight to Antarctica and I never got tired... More...
Tourism in Antarctica
posted by darryns - 7th of february, 2010
Why take a trip to Antarctica? Antarctica has been the goal of explorers in recent times. I find that amazing, that the South Pole was only reached in my grandfather's lifetime! That the region of the coast where I did my first winter... More...
The arctic pink light
posted by paologozzi - 8th of january, 2010
After about one mont of blue light you can catch some incredible colors, the dominants are red pink orange yellow that creates a big contrast with the blue color of the background. Taking this pictures is easier than taking the ones... More...
The blue light
posted by paologozzi - 17th of december, 2009
In this period of the year if you live above the polar circle, taking pictures is not so easy, the direct sun light disappeared some weeks ago and left place to te so called blue light the supposed to be day is very short, and you... More...
Accepted Northern Light
posted by paologozzi - 27th of november, 2009
Last week I took a picture of a Northern Light above my house, it was about midnight, I was coming back tired from the 2nd job, opened the door, picked up the camera, placed on a trash can ( no time to mount a tripod) manual focus,... More...
Hunting for northern light
posted by paologozzi - 21st of november, 2009
This is the 4th winter I am spending in Lofoten, a norwegian archipelago about 100 miles over the arctic circle and finally, with my new SLR camera I was able to take the first decent picture of a northern light this picture is pending... More...
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