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To win is to give all energy to your creations.
posted by okanakdeniz - 16th of january, 2014
I am not an After Effect or web design author. I don't have much skills on creating something. But I can see angles in photos and videos quiet well enough to sell. My real job is making commercial musics to companies. I am a musician... More...
Acceptance Ratio
posted by kingtrac - 6th of january, 2014
What is a good acceptance ratio for a beginner?
Just Beginning at Dreasmtime
posted by kingtrac - 30th of december, 2013
I'm just starting out at Dreamstime and it is my first microstock experience. I have nine images that have been accepted so far! I have been analyzing the images that have been accepted and rejected and I think it has already had... More...
My 200th accepted photo!
posted by wolf1984 - 5th of december, 2013
Hy , I am Ivan from small town Vukovar in Croatia. I am photographer from 2012 , still learn and hope to be better from day to day. On top , it is my 200th image accepted on Dreamstime. I start in May this year. I hope the... More...
How Do Beginners - Like me - Get Models?
posted by edosaodaro - 9th of october, 2013
Hi Guys! I decided to write this as I imagine I am not the only one to ever have had this dilemma. A lot of people have great shooting ideas but just don't know how to approach the tricky subject - of models and, of course, associated... More...
200 images
posted by osmar01 - 25th of september, 2013
I finally reached the milestone of 200 images online. I think for me it is a great achievement!!! I feel a little part of a dream. I hope to learn a lot with your help. So when I found myself at a crossroads I hope I have... More...
HA-HA-HA!!!!200 photos passed!
posted by cqyoung - 18th of july, 2013
It's 4 months since I joined DT, the 200th photo passed successfully today. I am very happy! Keep learning, keep going! I will be a real freelance photographer! I'd like to make friends with everybody!!!!
Starting off and eager to learn
posted by teeimagination - 11th of may, 2013
I always loved taking photos and over the years I think I have created a great portfolio. The problem was that before this year all my photos were taken with a basic point and shot camera. I worked very hard and saved all my money to... More...
For those about to stock - we salute you!
posted by daddiomanottawa - 24th of april, 2013
I direct todays ranting to newbies. Not long time, experienced professional photographers new to Dreamstime itself or seeking additional income in microstock. Or microstockers already successful at other sites and new to Dreamstime.... More...
Stockphoto 101
posted by matthiase - 13th of march, 2013
Well taking a photo isn't hard? - Not at all. With today's technology everyone can pick up a camera and take images. A very common comment you get as a photographer - "Your camera take very good photos"... More...
Firsts pictures, firsts views,...
posted by jordieasy - 20th of february, 2013
Good evening! I'm new at stock photography, and I've been using dreamstime as I read is one of the best stock photo pages. By now I'm trying to upload pictures little by little, anyway I can't keep my patience and wait for those 10-... More...
First milestone completed: 50 photos online till the end of 2012!
posted by gunaleite - 1st of february, 2013
Rickshaw driver is my 50th accepted image. I´ve been student of fine art photography and also worked as a photographer for few years. In September 2012 I decided to try out my luck with microstock photography. I never considered... More...
Insignificant skills
posted by danchayuan - 28th of december, 2012
A macro lovers,try my best to achieve ecological photography,through continuous efforts to study, strive to do better!
posted by mightymogwai - 14th of november, 2012
Hooray! 100 photos in my portfolio! Want to make it to at least 500 until the start of the year 2015. Feel as sunny and happy as this photo of the Hudson river waterfront that was the photo number 100 accepted by the editors of... More...
The Most Important Things about Photoshop all Beginners Must Know
posted by maigi - 5th of november, 2012
All dedicated beginners usually already know that with the help of Photoshop you can heal the photos, clone the background, move the objects, adjust skin tones, and do many many amazing tricks, and there are lot of tutorials out there... More...
The Most Important Things About Photoshop All Beginners Must Know
posted by wisconsinart - 5th of november, 2012
So there I was, staring at my computer monitor and looking at the family picture I had taken hours earlier. Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, Sis and her boyfriend, my little brother and the dog. In the background was our house, an... More...
First Sale, two of them in fact
posted by alaskalarry1 - 1st of november, 2012
I just started a while ago with dreamstime, and I have 7 pictures so far, and I sold this simple picture of a wooden path. I also sold a picture of a fossil. That is with only 7 pics so far. Maybe this is just beginners luck? Anyway,... More...
Sharing my experience as beginner on Dreamstime
posted by ivanbarreto - 16th of october, 2012
Hi, I'd like to share a little of my experiences with you. After I sold this very first one, in less than one month I got 4 other photos sold (special thanks for the buyers!!!). Now, I start to see a very good future on DT! I realized... More...
Lesson number 2: The lens
posted by kimdeadman - 11th of july, 2012
Continuing on from my first post on camera bodies (camera bodies - lesson 1), here is a bit of extremely basic information on camera lenses, in plain, simple English. As before, I am writing this with novice photographers in mind; those... More...
setting goals
posted by phoenixci - 8th of july, 2012
Who would have believed a few months ago that I, a photographer without any training, would have reached over 100 photos accepted. The start of the journey was hard and after many refusals I wondered, (as many others have I am sure)... More...
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