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Assignments - only the best
posted by sdenness - 14th of september, 2011
I've only had thee images accepted for assigments. My (limited) observation is that acceptance into an assignment (with the corresponding level 5 status) is the kiss of death for images that are simply 'ok'. That is, you'll make more... More...
my best player
posted by ewamewa2 - 5th of september, 2011
It looks I already have my best player in a game: thank you FabioConcetta - you have forseen it;) Today it was sold for 6.71$, 12 credits. I am so happy ;)
My best selling image
posted by dudau - 23rd of august, 2011
I worked for a business newspaper for almost three years. One day, I was shooting a boring conference in a tiny, but crowded room in an office building. The conference lasted for about 2 hours, but I got really really bored in the first... More...
My best day so far
posted by ewamewa2 - 2nd of august, 2011
Yesterday I had 3 sales!!! It is not much, but comparing to my previous results, it is really something:) And the photos are totally different...It made mi think that maybe one day I will cross that magic border of 100 $:) And these... More...
Unexpected bestseller
posted by lyngbyvej - 1st of august, 2011
Every time I upload a picture I have some expectations related to it. Some of them are considered by me as potential bestsellers (never worked out ;). Others I see as photos addressed to very narrow niche of buyers and I do not expect... More...
July 2011 is my best month !
posted by pascalinaclaudiu - 31st of july, 2011
July 2011 was an incredible month for me since joining DT. with just 67 photos online. I uploaded more photos in one month than ever before,This is my last upload: I increased my acceptance rate an entire level, I sold my first... More...
My Best Month so far
posted by jdanne - 30th of july, 2011
July was my best month so far: 25 sales and 35.40$ earnings with just 187 photos online. Never before I had such a successful month! Here are my overall best sellers: Action,... More...
posted by ewamewa2 - 30th of july, 2011
I have been with DT for almost a year and finally I decided to start blogging (as DT became a kind of addiction:). I am not a professional photographer and I know that my portfolio is quite small and not diverse enough since I upload... More...
Best Month Ever!!
posted by londondream - 2nd of july, 2011
Last month was the best month ever on DT for me. I had the biggest number of sales and the biggest income ever all in one month! Unfortunately it wasn't something spectacular, but it was another milestone for me :) I've sold 8 photos... More...
BME on DT!
posted by wordplanet - 29th of june, 2011
BME! And I didn't even realize it until DT tweeted for me! The month started out really slow for me. After the first two weeks I thought it was going to be my worst month rather than my best but then late last week sales began to... More...
Best-selling period of the year
posted by dark3y3s - 20th of june, 2011
I wonder when is the best selling period of the year? When do you sell the most and when your sales seem to drop worringly? My number of sales is too low yet to make statistics, so I am looking for your opinions :) I was thinking... More...
Yippee, another TIFF sale !!!
posted by archangel72 - 17th of may, 2011
Yes, I just sold another TIFF sale (second one in my "career" on Dreamstime so far). It was a very pleasant surprise to see "jump" of revenue for another 8,32 $. I don't know how's the sale with you people, but I made a personal... More...
My best day ever
posted by marcomayer - 28th of april, 2011
Yesterday My best day ever on Dremstime 29 sale
My Level 2 Shots
posted by sobek85 - 15th of april, 2011
Managed to get a few shots to level 2 recently. Thought id share my best selling shots. More...
Top selling image keeps going and going....!!!
posted by cupeles - 25th of march, 2011
I recently went to a Wildlife Reservation near to where I live. I went there with my wife who is on her 15th week of her pregnancy =) Baby coming soon!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!! . She had to do a little exercise and since the path of... More...
my top 3
posted by imaengine - 15th of march, 2011
Well I must admit I was stunned few months ago to watch, every five minutes or so, one of these three images being sold one after another to a total of nearly 100 pieces ... So, this means someone really liked my images or... More...
One Year on Dreamstime
posted by wildkatphoto - 24th of february, 2011
Tomorrow will be my one year anniversary on Dreamstime so I decided my first blog would be a review of the last year along with some of my lessons learned and observations. First off the Numbers: 342 images online 126 images... More...
a "photo finish" celebration perharps?
posted by tan510jomast - 28th of january, 2011
In a few days we celebrate Chinese New Year. Just over a month after we celebrated the julian New Year. I like to show a compilation of my own creative works that touch some of the wonderful clients of Dreamstime who chose to use... More...
Happy New Year from South Africa
posted by gina rothfels - 31st of december, 2010
Happy New Year to all at Dreamstime. Hope it's your BEST one yet!
Best Selling Illustrations and Vectors on Dreamstime in 2010
posted by ajv123ajv - 22nd of december, 2010
CALLING ALL GRAPHIC DESIGNERS WHO SELL IMAGES ON DREAMSTIME I want to put together a Collection of the best selling illustrations and vector drawing on Dreamstime for this year 2010. So please let me have your best, maximum of... More...
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