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  • Doing research is harder than I thought

    by Azschach | 28th of April, 2009

    Before starting in microstock I have read it a couple of times -- "do your research, man". Sounds quite easy. Just find those things, customers currently are interested in, think about your project, create images, get them online and sell them, right? The main problem... More
  • Two more approved

    by Karensuki | 15th of April, 2009

    I tried a different and theme this time... So my count is 3 uploads, 19 refused, and 1 sale... I am still being upbeat and trying different things to see what DT is looking for. I am feeling rather warm and fuzzy so maybe I'll do something cute... More
  • Twitter, Face Book, My Space, Learn More Photography, Learn More Digital Imaging, Stay Creative

    by Patballard | 22nd of March, 2009

    The flood of information and tools needed to have successful microstock sales has been overwhelming me at the moment. Add into all of that the need to keep learning more about photography and digital imaging, plus the need to keep progressing as an illustrator, and you have... More
  • Happy New Year

    by Papuga2006 | 5th of January, 2009

    Welcome to the New Year 2009. What's new surprise us this year? All the talk about a crisis of declining stock exchange posts, the lack of money, rising prices. I wish everybody - photographers, illustrator as many great ideas that will pay for now and for the future,... More
  • Business is business

    by Justmeyo | 7th of November, 2008

    I am very happy because my first business photos with businessperson are online now. Lets make some deals now !:) More
  • What sort of vector arts sell the most?

    by StargazeStudio | 25th of October, 2008

    Just wanted to know from you guys out there who contribute vector Illustrations, What sort of vector illustrations sell the most. In My experience when ever i upload a Business or office related vector i could see there a more views and more downloads than abstract or artistic... More
  • Things that make you go hmm

    by Litifeta | 30th of September, 2008

    I guess so many of us are looking and wondering and waiting to see what all this scandal in Wall Street means for us. Can we, the ordinary folk even contemplate the measures by which these people must analyse the risk involved in essentially betting in billions of dollars,... More
  • Im in Business Baby!!!

    by Rebeccaosborn | 8th of September, 2008

    hey all... last week i went into business! Check out my blog here this is what i was so excited about last week! This is something that I would have never have thought I could do, but I've had so much interest in my work, that why not start getting paid for what... More
  • Starting an actual photography business - I never saw this coming!

    by Walleyelj | 7th of September, 2008

    When I got my first 2MP point & shoot digital camera from an IT friend of mine several years back, I had no idea where it would lead. Other than a trip to Idaho in 1995, I probably hadn't shot 2 rolls of film in the 10 years before I got that first digital camera. As a poor... More
  • Helping with a logo

    by Ladykassie | 2nd of September, 2008

    I have had my domain name for awhile.. tried to create a logo.. but nothing seems to work for me.. I just can't seem to come up with anything...maybe you great creative people can help me. Vision-Vault is my business name. Thanks ~alice See Article
  • Buzzwords - Get ready for the Beijing inspired

    by Litifeta | 6th of August, 2008

    I can just imagine the PowerPoint demos and reports that are about to be written in which there is a metaphor made between business and the Beijing Olympic Games. Business people cannot help themselves, especially those in communications and marketing. "On your marks ..."... More
  • Graphical Illustrations

    by Orylar | 31st of July, 2008

    Hi! this my first blog about my graphical illustration. I've choose dark colors and square forms with definite lines for business target, while i've preferred more luminous colors with high saturation for a commercial target. The strength of the visual message is... More
  • Big big changes for business coming

    by Litifeta | 28th of July, 2008

    The past few years have been good for business. Profits high, revenues from new markets. It all spelt a brand new beginning. But as anyone in business understands, it is cyclical. What goes up ... What seems to happen every boom part of the market cycle is companies... More
  • I wish I had more time...

    by Photojay | 21st of July, 2008

    Since I have kicked my other agencies to the curb (minus the 35 images that I am waiting to be eligible to be deleted at one agency), I have more time to do other things. So, why do I STILL wish I had more time? Because I know I could make a living doing photography. Problem... More
  • Research Park

    by Fcarucci | 2nd of July, 2008

    It's where I work. And it's also proving to be a good source of images. Sometimes at lunch, or during the dinner break before coming back to work for the evening, I take the camera to go out in the park to practice and, who knows, I might get a decent shot, especially... More
  • The State of the Business

    by Patballard | 6th of June, 2008

    As a newbie to stock sales, I've spent a lot of time lately doing research on microstock blogs. I've learned so much from more experienced photographers willingness to share what they know about selling their images with those of us who are newer to the business. Thanks guys!... More
  • Chicago - Lake Point Tower

    by Qing02051981 | 29th of May, 2008

    Chicago is famous for its unique architectures. Does this tower looks like a container for alcohol. This is Lake Point Tower. There are a total of 68 stories. See Article
  • One day from a life of the young businessman

    by Indos82 | 21st of April, 2008

    I wish to show to you one day from a life of the young businessman Morning begins with clothing. He prepares to heavy day of work. It is necessary to look for this purpose ideal. First of all he fastens and corrects the tie. Then the turn to wiping of the by the shoes.... More
  • Illustrations of emotions of businessmen

    by Indos82 | 15th of April, 2008

    Hi everyone. Today I would like to show my illustrations of emotions of businessmen! It only the beginning. Further I plan to make them much. Business concerns a kind of voluntary activity of the businessmen connected with raised danger and risks. Modern business activity... More
  • Speed Networking Event, Just Like Speed Dating. . .

    by Rjssignscom | 19th of March, 2008

    Yesterday I attended a Speed Networking event for the very first time. The premice of Speed Networking is exactly like speed dating wherein you sit across the table from someone whom you've never met before and are given six minutes to get to know each other. Three minutes... More

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