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Personal Best
posted by ellenboughn - 7th of october, 2008
Individual, recreational sports offer distraction from day to day stress and provide unlimited shooting opportunities. Engaging images of healthy activities and individuals competing with themselves to improve their skills and prowess... More...
Stock from the end of the world
posted by ilmoro100 - 1st of october, 2013
If I reflect on my, still young, experience in the world of microstock, the first word that comes to mind is "confrontation." I think it's the most important part of the challenge that everyone who comes into this world is facing.... More...
Creative projects as a way to train your eye - a review
posted by mellimage - 1st of february, 2013
Last year I wrote a short entry on how to use creative projects to train your eyes and stay creative. I also mentioned in that entry, that I had plans on taking part in a 52 week creative project where one had to create one image each... More...
I won the Autumn challenge!
posted by mythja - 2nd of november, 2012
thanks everyone for voting. And congrats to other contributors for their beautiful work. :)
Portraits exhibition
posted by yoavsinai - 20th of july, 2012
Dear Friends I was offered by the company (a hi-tech company) I work to make a photography exhibition of portraits of the company workers. Since I am not shooting portraits but landscapes and architecture debating whether I really... More...
Creative projects - how to stay creative and train your eyes.
posted by mellimage - 10th of february, 2012
How do you keep your creativity flowing? How do you train your eyes to see photographically? I have creative projects that help me with that. I have a few projects going, most of them are long term projects. One project is the "Project... More...
200 USD..reached and exceeded:)
posted by scaramax - 26th of october, 2011
Hi, today, after painful approaching to milestone, I have finally reached 200 usd and few more for next milestone. It took about 1/3 of time needed for first hundred and my portfolio rew about 1/2 since than. Need to keep the... More...
Family Involvment
posted by peanutroaster - 16th of september, 2011
I find that a big part of photography and microstock as a sideline, second job or hobby is having family support. Your family often has to put up with your desires to purchase more equipment, pose as a model in various situations,... More...
Here I come again
posted by shadow69 - 13th of may, 2011
Soon I shall be boarding a plane and heading over across from the "old" continent to the "new world" for a bit of R&R. I am excited about visiting the "Big Apple" once again. And why not indeed. From a photographer's perspective... More...
I won the Metro Photo Challenge in Mexico
posted by egomezta - 14th of december, 2010
Today I'm very happy because I just found out I won the Mexican Metro Photo Challenge competition at the Emotions category. Now I'm competing against 16 other images from other countries, so I just want to ask you to go to the link... More...
Stick at it!
posted by scotshot - 23rd of october, 2010
Well just over a year ago I said I would give this Micro stock thing a fair shot, and if I liked it I would stick around. It was also an experiment in photography. Could I produce images that would sell? Micro stock for me was all... More...
Only one of it's kind here at DT
posted by ratmandude - 6th of september, 2010
This months blog must be dedicated to those of us who strive to achieve that ever elusive, "one of a kind" … And in the interests of generating a sale for a fellow DT'er. Have you managed to single out a subject matter, or individual... More...
New To The Game
posted by williamardrey - 2nd of august, 2010
One of my photos has just been added to the upload file of Dreamstime. This is exciting but also very humbling, as 14 other files have been rejected. I relize I have a lot more to learn about what makes a good stock photo and I also... More...
World Pinhole Day
posted by shadow69 - 23rd of april, 2010
This is just about an interesting aspect of photography. Actually about photography stripped right down to its bare minimum, recording material (film or digital chip), a small opening and light. Put like that, what is all the fuss... More...
The Dreamstime Challenge on Graphics.com
posted by maigi - 14th of april, 2010
Graphics.com announced a new design challenge based on Dreamstime images. Their monthly theme is a spiral motif. "Whether found in nature, crafted by the human hand or generated by mathematics, the spiral has long been a potent graphical... More...
10 pics online ))
posted by goldution - 23rd of march, 2010
This train became my 10th uploaded! Maybe not a great achievement, but to me is damn important, as first steps are always most challenging and exciting :) I will travel to Bulgaria over next few days and hoping to bring back some... More...
First sales on Dreamstime.
posted by municolash - 11th of march, 2010
Hello everybody, I'm contributor on Dreamstime since October 2009 and stock photographer since October 2009 also. I started stock as for one of my university assignment, I had to upload photos on a stock photography website and have... More...
New to the sport
posted by timmy1972 - 27th of january, 2010
I am pretty new to this sport of microstock photography. And, I do mean sport. It has all the same elements. The challenge of shooting and image that is accepted parallels the challenge of a pitcher hitting the strike zone or a quarterback... More...
Winter Photography
posted by secmaster - 14th of january, 2010
Winter photography has always been an interesting time for me because it's always been somewhat of a challenge for me to find the color in what is basically a black and white world at least when it comes to the wide angle landscapes... More...
A first for Auzi - Robert Allenby
posted by ratmandude - 8th of december, 2009
It has happened, it was hot! — I was there and have plenty to show … Now all that I wish is that I could get a few more up per day … but alas my past records [approval ratio] are the debilitation factor that will see me submitting... More...
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