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Creativity and ingenuity
posted by baspentrubas - 16th of november, 2013
I found an interesting article about how to make macro pictures with cheap tools. This demonstrates that human ingenuity and creativity matter most. These days we are bombarded with all kinds of technology and we tend to strive for... More...
Saving what can be saved...
posted by mani33 - 27th of march, 2013
Hi, I got some images that didn't have sales in the last 4 years! I thought of promoting them here, maybe someone could like & download any before they get removed! They are cheap & accessible for a little time! Thank you all!... More...
Poor man's lighting!
posted by robinstockphotos - 23rd of march, 2013
I don't know why I chose the title, but this method of lighting is quite nice and gives you studio quality shots. You could use a torch or candle for all I care. Use anything that produces light for around 15s. Rich man method:... More...
How to take macro shots - the cheap way
posted by radub85 - 7th of december, 2011
Hello this is my first post on the blog here, and i decided to explain something about how to take macro shots, without a true macro lens. Because i have a Nikon camera i will exemplify with some accessories for Nikon. You can take... More...
Softbox Diffuser for Shoe Mount Flashes
posted by gmargittai - 23rd of september, 2011
Don't know about other people but I really hated the electronic flashes. Especially the ones that come with the camera with their tiny area. The only thing they do is insert their harsh light, create strong shadows and kill the mood... More...
Macro on the Cheap
posted by llareggub - 24th of august, 2011
I love taking pictures of leetle things and someone else wrote a great blog about week ago about their approach using extension tubes. I use a raynox DCR150 macro dipter to take my macro shots and whilst it is limited in comparison... More...
Seamles white backgorund in seconds
posted by dacky - 20th of august, 2011
I continue my struggle to produce video content and this time I made a short video about how to create a seamless white or whatever color background in seconds virtually free. I hope you will like the idea and use it . I use it every... More...
How to make a simple "home made" studio
posted by matijakeber - 5th of july, 2011
I will tell you how I made my "home made" studio which cost me not more than a few euros. This is not a professional studio but you can make good enough shots that sell. I have a 3×3 meters of space (it's studio for small objects)... More...
The People Around Us = Our (Free) Models
posted by eric1513 - 17th of april, 2011
The People Around Us = Our (Free) Models I am a cheapskate! My daughter groans every time we drive past a house on our street because she knows if I see the car parked there (a red, low riding, ridiculously expensive sport’s... More...
My (almost) free lighting setup
posted by kringstad - 14th of february, 2011
Some of the most asked questions on the message boards are about lighting. Where do I get it? What do I get? Is there anything cheaper? Whats the best? I thought I would take some time to share my lighting setup with you. Here... More...
Studio Lights that are affordable
posted by visceralimage - 31st of december, 2010
Most of us wish to have a studio to photograph products or people. A short visit to any photography store or even an online store will show you that a decent light system starts at about $1200 and goes sky high from there. Sure,... More...
Rent a lens!
posted by bradcalkins - 30th of september, 2009
This last weekend I rented a Canon 135mm f/2 prime lens for taking shots of the kids and so on. I've rented lights before, but what surprised me was the really low cost of renting lenses. I don't know if this is common in other cities,... More...
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