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Is this you???
posted by daddiomanottawa - 17th of june, 2013
Each workday morning I have a ritual. Arrive at work, turn on my computer and let it boot-up. Being the ever-so-efficient fellow that I am, I prepare a morning cup of java during this wait time. Once booted, I check my personal... More...
A Pre-Shoot Checklist
posted by mike2focus - 11th of november, 2012
Three weeks ago I drove down to the beach for a shot at some sunset photos, the clouds were just right and the sky was full of color. I was pressed for time so I got there right when the sun was hitting the horizon. I hopped out of... More...
Tip - Keep a photo wishlist
posted by enigmacypher - 16th of october, 2012
One of the more helpful (and non technical) tips I have been given is to keep a list of shots that I want to take. This helps me ensure that I am able to get the shots that are important to me when it comes time for a specific shoot... More...
Check and recheck
posted by miraclemoments - 30th of march, 2012
After my recent upload frenzy I was slowly running out of files to upload and with my day job taking up well...most of my day, I didn't exactly have the opportunity to just go out and shoot. So I though what can I photograph... More...
Second Paycheck, Acceptance ratio: 50,2%
posted by jdanne - 6th of september, 2011
When I started at DT last year ago my acceptance ratio was below ... any discussion. The number was so bad that I don't want to mention it here. Now, after 223 photos online and my second paycheck I finally crossed the 50% acceptance... More...
Just 84¢ away from my second $100 paycheck!
posted by flowerpistol - 24th of march, 2011
It took me a year and a half to earn my first $100 on Dreamstime, with a small, 30-image portfolio (all illustrations). I've only added two images since then but most of my images are level 2 and higher. This time around, it will only... More...
No Firefox Automatic Spell Check When Entering Titles
posted by morganoliver - 8th of january, 2011
Just a warning to newcomers, I still make this mistake - there is NO automatic Firefox spell check when entering the Title of your picture! I see this all the time when searching the database that another poor soul was caught in... More...
cheque from DreamsTime
posted by williamju - 3rd of october, 2010
Have you ever seen a cheque from DreamsTime? Here's mine: I took a photo of it as a souvenir, as DreamsTime is the first stock photo agency I joined. In case you can not see the image from the link above: I have to... More...
A Watched Pot Never Boils!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 9th of september, 2010
Well, mine finally did. Two days of watching... two days of being only $0.32 away from a next paycheck... this image did it, at 4 credits = $0.32+++++! I chuckled at my kids' and husband's reaction when I turned on the pc and... More...
$100 - Oh so close!
posted by flowerpistol - 26th of august, 2010
I am only $1.39 away from my big, fat $100 check. I have been a contributor on Dreamstime for a year and a half, slowly selling my illustrations and backgrounds. My portfolio is small - 30 images, and 116 sales. As a busy mom with a... More...
That Sentimental Factor
posted by jeniicorv8 - 1st of june, 2010
I’m finally doing it—I’ve just requested payment from DT! First it was, do I cash in at the $100th? Well it included the exclusive bonuses, so I thought, nah, I’ll wait ‘til I reach $100 of just sales. Silly, was my BFF'... More...
1st Paycheck!
posted by jeniicorv8 - 30th of march, 2010
Today, I can officially draw my first payout from Dreamstime. I can’t believe it. Six months ago, it was just a let-me-see-what-happens and a why-not, fun thing to do. Then, it became a challenge when a few pictures were accepted... More...
My first 100 usd !
posted by davulcu - 16th of march, 2010
After a few months I did my first 100 usd. I wanted to share my pleasure and thank to everyone who conributed to my work Thanks and regards Serdar Tibet
A touch of humor on the topic of keywords
posted by rosedarc - 8th of january, 2010
Lots of heated debates on keywords on DT right now...So here is my little story, I hope it will make you laugh. I recently submitted this photo of a cute little girl wearing a pretty red hat. I asked my husband if he could think... More...
Two new posts in my blog
posted by saniphoto - 10th of june, 2009
Hi I do not intend to abuse of this blog to make announces for my own blog, but because is a brand new personal blog (about microstock and Dreamstime in particular) and I have just posted two new articles, let me make this last one.... More...
$100 Cool
posted by aughty - 4th of may, 2009
Well, I finally can collect my first pay check from DT. I thought I would be more excited ... I am. :) Since I have spent the money already ... I am now working the next one.
My first check !
posted by nightangel666 - 26th of april, 2009
I didn't know some of my images would have such success but I'm very happy to say that I've received my first payment from Dreamstime. When I registered at first, I just wanted to try selling some pictures but I didn't know I could... More...
Yay! My first payout!
posted by acesarek - 9th of april, 2009
My cute little hippie was the final photo needed to be sold to achieve my first payout. It took a long time coming, but this money is coming exactly when I need it. I am so excited. I have been on this site since late 2007 and... More...
Spelling errors can go unnoticed
posted by retina2020 - 12th of february, 2009
Nowadays with the use of computers and real-time spell checkers. There really isn't an excuse for "making a spelling mistake". However, if you use the correct word in the wrong context, spell checkers will missed them and usually... More...
check and double check
posted by denisebeverly - 7th of june, 2008
first of all let me say YAY i am exclusive now, my application was accepted. but i learned to double check things today when i realized i did not have all my extended licenses checked to sell the web usage or print usage. i cannot... More...
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