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Earthquake in China
posted by 70sphotography - 14th of may, 2008
>Massive quake kills more than 10,000 so far in China, Thousands of students buried. It's such a great disaster, the earth quake is shaking not only all the land of China, but all of our soul. Though I'm not in the diaster area, people... More...
Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou
posted by zhuanghua - 13th of may, 2008
May,7,2008, it's an iindelible, memorable and unforgettable day for Guangzhou city for Olympic torch relay kicks off in Guangzhou. Before it was began at about 8 o'clock, thousands of people gathered to the Guangzhou gymnasium... More...
posted by dcwcreations - 12th of may, 2008
I often see a lot of people from China in the blogs and just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you after the terrible quake. Please take care.
This is a happy thing
posted by pengdevey - 10th of may, 2008
I find I love photography more and more. This is a happy thing.Dear friends,Are you so?Although no a long history of photography in China.But, the development more faster.We have seen progress.I hope that more foreign friends come... More...
Tang-Hulu, a kind of special food in China
posted by crazyufo - 9th of may, 2008
I probably was not a very romantic person, compared to see sunset or sunrise or walk on beach in the seaside, I still prefer to sit together with my lover to eat Tang Hulu, it is not only eat the flavor of acid or sweet but more... More...
worship heaven for good harvests in china
posted by sunmdm - 8th of may, 2008
The Temple of Heaven is located in southern Beijing. It is included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1998. With an area of 2.7 million square meters, it is the largest of its kind in the country. Built in 1420, the 18th year of... More...
Global prices are rising
posted by fengzheng - 8th of may, 2008
Global prices are rising, vegetables, eggs, meat and so on, people's lives more and more difficult, so the Lebanese riots had taken place. China's CPI rose in the same, and wage gains have been disproportionate, is not only prices,... More...
posted by linqong - 7th of may, 2008
History for 5,000 years in China is just like a thick book,it brings magnificent culture to us not merely Chinese wealth, and the human wealth too, this needs our feeling and understanding slowly .... More...
Tour Tips (Thousand-Island Lake)
posted by boostlee - 7th of may, 2008
Vacation and school holiday is coming soon. I’d like to introduce one place in China for your tour reference. It’s Thousand-Island Lake located in the west of Zhejiang provice. Green islands, blue water and golden water wave... More...
Welcome to Beijing
posted by hanhanpeggy - 6th of may, 2008
I have been living in Beijing for many years. Nowadays Beijing has great improvement in many ways. There are a lot of modern buildings in the city. China national stadium and swimming center are famous. I feel these two buildings... More...
a tranquility village in Anhui of China
posted by j6789 - 5th of may, 2008
Many people is being high press wity work and life in this present age. Pleople hope to look for one Xanadu to relax the mood of oneself's. As this image, it is a village in Anhui of China and its name is Hongcun. The image was shoted... More...
Scenery of Huangshan : one beautiful picture
posted by j6789 - 4th of may, 2008
In the end of june,2006, I and many colleagues go to visit Huangshan in Anhui of China. In the Huangshan,there are many beautiful pines, serpentine mountain and white cloud in the sky. The scenery of Huangshan is one landscape... More...
Look down at the Forbidden City.
posted by linqong - 2nd of may, 2008
Stand in the height bowing and seeing famous Forbidden City, make people shake. Exquisite ancient building arrangement, let building and art perfect combination of Forbidden City. Blocks of golden yellow tiles shroud the Forbidden City... More...
Labolengsi - One of Tibetan Temples in China
posted by magicfanfan - 30th of april, 2008
Labolengsi (Laboleng Temple, Laboleng Monastery, Labrang Monastery), one of the six major monasteries for the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the second batch of key national heritage conservation units. Temple name is from the... More...
An interesting experience of photography for travel
posted by j6789 - 29th of april, 2008
In the end of september 2007, I went to Shanghai in China for a meeting of science. This is a science meeting of hospital management and my paper was ppublished in the book of this meeting. In one day's dusk,I take the Nikon D80 go... More...
The Great Wall of Panjiakou
posted by tssnow - 29th of april, 2008
Reservoir of Panjiakou located at Hebei China. Panjiakou is a important pass of Great Wall. The Great Wall is built on the mountain. Here started in 1975 to construct the reservoir, started to store water in 1978. In the mountain valley,... More...
Beijing arts
posted by fengzheng - 27th of april, 2008
Beijing, the 2008 Olympic Games will be held here, and here is not only China's economic and political centre, or cultural and arts centre. The famous 798 Arts District in Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, also near the northern... More...
Cute dog.
posted by linqong - 25th of april, 2008
While coming home from work, I see nearby at the intersections park have many beautiful pet dog in run cheerfully.Seeing their host's happy appearance, I have been infected too. I have taken some pictures for these beautiful dogs,... More...
Listen To The Silence
posted by black-white - 25th of april, 2008
The extreme loudly sound is less of vocality. The Chinese old saying fully contains the philosophy elements and releases the oriental brightness and wisdoms. Yes, mustn’t all huge figures be in great shapes. I usually roam... More...
Shoot tulips
posted by linqong - 24th of april, 2008
Beijing in April like the tulip season, Beijing has been here many of the park planted a large tulip,The cameramans of Beijing like going to Zhongshan Park by Tian An-men to see the tulip exhibition even more. This exhibition,... More...
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