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Making Chinese dumpling in the Spring Festival
posted by hanhanpeggy - 5th of february, 2008
The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the Spring Festival because it starts from the Begining of Spring. Chinese dumpling is one of the most important foods in Chinese To make Chinese dumplings, first of all, chop the... More...
Live in old Beijing
posted by linqong - 2nd of february, 2008
Hutong of Beijing Remember some scholar said, the person living in Beijing generally, once left, will keep thinking about it in the main, indeed, the big and small hutong here and that fan door opened the Chinese courtyard house... More...
Antique city of Beijing
posted by linqong - 2nd of february, 2008
Besides a lot of historical historic sites, there is a very famous place in Beijing, it is the market of antique lying in the southeast of Beijing. It covers an area of 48,500 square meters, the market is divided into handicraft district,... More...
Beijing folk handicraft.
posted by linqong - 31st of january, 2008
Beijing clay figurine. Clay sculpture art is a kind of old and common folk art in China. It regards earth as raw materials, in order to pinch by hand and make into shape. Or plain or color, take personages, the animal as the core.... More...
Royal long corridor of Beijing
posted by linqong - 28th of january, 2008
Beijing is of numerous royal gardens, the long corridor is a great characteristic. On the long corridor, carved beams and painted rafter, decorative paintings, make the person too plenty for the eye to take it all in. The content drawn... More...
Magical effect of Chinese characters.
posted by linqong - 26th of january, 2008
In China new year, the Chinese must paste the lunar new year's painting in oneself room with the front door on.it was this " 福" word that was stuck most." 福" (This Chinese character pronounces in Chinese reads FU).It mean that expects... More...
Chinese mouse year. 2008
posted by linqong - 22nd of january, 2008
My English is not good, but I want to introduce in New Year in China for everybody very much. The Spring Festival. It is the Spring Festival in China on February 7. It is " mouse " year of China too. Although have over half of... More...
Ancient bridge of China
posted by linqong - 20th of january, 2008
In the southwest of Beijing of China, there is an ancient bridge in millennium, is called Lugou Qiao. Beijing Lugou Qiao was built in Jin Dynasty of China. He is the first of famous bridge that China is The three ancient.... More...
suzhou night scenes
posted by hanhanpeggy - 20th of january, 2008
Suzhou is a well-known historic and cultural city as well as a tourist city of national importance. Praised as "garden city" since ancient time, Suzhou enjoys a high reputation worldwide due to its possession of favorable location and... More...
Millennium City Park
posted by alanchen - 6th of january, 2008
Have you ever dreamed of going back in time to Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) in China and savor the prosperity and culture of those years? If so, come to Millennium City Park (also called Qingming Riverside Landscape Garden)... More...
The Christmas Day in Tangshan
posted by tssnow - 25th of december, 2007
A lot of Chinese think, Christmas Day is a foreign festival. Tangshanes thought so too in the past. In the before Christmas day was quite lonely. But people can feel the atmosphere on Christmas Day now, there are Santa Claus' images... More...
These photos are not interested?
posted by lihui - 24th of december, 2007
Spring festival
posted by lihui - 18th of december, 2007
Spring Festival in China and some orient country, is the most important day.It is just like new year in the western. If to take pictures about Christmas is too late,I think it's time to creat some pictures for spring festival.It is... More...
The great wall
posted by lihui - 18th of december, 2007
Have you visited the great wall of china? I think it is a symbol of China.What do you think?
Something from the Palace Museum
posted by nataliesusu - 2nd of december, 2007
Beijing , China from the royal dining room to the emperor's jade pillow. Welcome to China !
Chinese Martial arts
posted by sleiselei - 25th of september, 2007
Martial arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Today, martial arts are studied for various reasons including combat skills, fitness, self-defense, sport, self-cultivation (meditation), mental discipline,... More...
Great Wall
posted by sleiselei - 27th of august, 2007
In the north of China, there lies a 6,700-kilometer-long (4,161-mile-long) ancient wall. Now well-known as the Great Wall of China, it starts at the Jiayuguan Pass of Gansu Province in the west and ends at the Shanhaiguan Pass of... More...
Welcome to Sichuan
posted by fenghui - 25th of august, 2007
I come from Sichuan. Sichuan province is in southwest of China,at the upper reaches of the Changjiang Riverwith the huge Sichuanbasin in the east and mountainous areas of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau in the west.... More...
Adventures of me and my camera - part one
posted by sumnersgraphicsinc - 22nd of august, 2007
NO PHOTO, NO PHOTO “Why can't I take a photo of the gates of Tiananmen Square?”, I pondered silently to myself during a recent tourist excursion to Beijing, China. A police officer lacking any personality and devoid of emotion... More...
Chinese Landscapes 2 --Feilai Peak
posted by sleiselei - 21st of august, 2007
Feilai Peak, also named Lingjiu Peak, stands in front of Lingyin Temple. It was said that an Indian monk by the name of Huili, upon his arrival in the valley, was surprised to see the peak towering in the valley. He wondered aloud... More...
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