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posted by fenghui - 10th of november, 2009
Chengdu is universally acknowledged as one of the most habitable cities in China.Each and every bit of Chengdu's 2300 years history is finely recorded in some corner of the city . it is a folksy city where history and modernity harmoniously... More...
China's National Day
posted by linqong - 1st of october, 2009
China's National Day,it is the 60th anniversary of the founding of The People's Republic of China on October 1. Chinese Government has held the large-scale military review in this morning , it is holding a grand revelry on Tiananmen... More...
Yi nationality in Sichuan,west of China
posted by fenghui - 16th of august, 2009
The population of the Yi nationality is 1.5 million in Sichuan.The Yi people mainly live in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture and other counties nearby. Traditionally the Yi people’s head-turban and clothes have bright and decorative... More...
Hailuogou glacier in China
posted by fenghui - 16th of august, 2009
Hailuogou glacier is in Sichuan,westof China.It is part of Mt.Gongga,which has an elevation of 7556m.It is the highest peak in Sichuan Province as the King of Sichuan mountains.Snow remains on the mountain all year around.... More...
Qionghai lake in Sichuan,west of China
posted by fenghui - 13th of august, 2009
The lake is one of the ten top scenic places in Sichuan.The lake is 34m at its deepest. It was formed due to the earth straturn splitting. In spring, the bright sun shines and gentle wind breezes;In summer,colorful clouds cast... More...
Chengdu,west of China
posted by fenghui - 12th of august, 2009
It has a very long history,the ancestors of the Shupeople lived in Chengdu more than 3700years ago.It is a famous Chinese historical and cultural city,Some of its scenic spots and historical sites :Wuhou Temple Sanxingdui Museum... More...
China to witness longest total solar eclipse in 500 years
posted by lilihu - 22nd of july, 2009
Solar eclipse gazers gathered at the sides of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers Wednesday morning in northwestern Lanzhou and central Wuhan cities as the moon started to shadow the sun at 8:15 a.m.. Partial solar eclipse started... More...
Do you like tea?
posted by linqong - 6th of july, 2009
Westerners like to drink coffee and Chinese like drinking tea. I like to drink green tea,particularly in the summer. The green tea is kind of tea with most output in China,It is a kind of culture to drink tea in China,it's tea... More...
Modern and classical
posted by linqong - 30th of may, 2009
I think DT is a very good classroom, I have already had much harvest from it. I often browse my favorite contributors and images,I found the modern idea and technique of expression are very important. For example, a model's different... More...
Canyangshan, a fantastic temple over a steep canyon in Hebei
posted by nniud - 13th of may, 2009
In Hebei province, close to the city of Shijiazhuang, there's a picturesque Buddhist temple, almost carved in the mountains, balanced over narrow bridges overlooking steep stonewalls of ancient canyons. The scenery is just great: silent... More...
Shooting in the royal garden of China
posted by linqong - 5th of may, 2009
In the history of China, Beijing was the capital of three dynasties of China.Therefore, there are many well-known imperial garden in Beijing,this is an important theme that a lot of Chinese photographers often shoot too. I think... More...
Cuandixia (爨底下), an old Ming dynasty village outside Beijing
posted by nniud - 23rd of april, 2009
If you work with fantasy you can still see them: caravans, horses and carriages of merchants on the Western Road, in and out Beijing, walking and riding from village to village to sell and buy in one of the busiest regions of the Old... More...
Characteristics snacks
posted by liuyang - 21st of april, 2009
This reminds me a few days ago and met a few days of food, as a Chinese, and sometimes when not seen some of his own hand-made snacks, because the Chinese folk hand-made things too much. The encounter is a dessert made with millet,... More...
Tea and the Tea Culture of China
posted by rockpig - 15th of april, 2009
quote:http://www.rmloho.com/user6/42009/archives/2007/270911.html Since I started my major in the tea culture of China, I have been deeply impressed by its sophistication and beauty. I would like to share some fascinating aspects of... More...
Terrace in Guilin, Guangxi Province, China
posted by raywoo - 11th of april, 2009
There are two famous scenic spots of terrace in China, One is located in Yuanyang County, Yunnan Province , which is in the southwest area in China, and the other is located in Longsheng Ethnic Minorities Autonomous County in... More...
Phoenix(Fenghuang), one of the most beautiful town in China
posted by raywoo - 10th of april, 2009
In China , Phoenix is the king of birds in the ancient legend, almost as famous as dragon. And also Phoenix is a placename. Phoenix(Fenghuang) county is located in the west of Hunan Province of China.it is one of the most... More...
A Glimpse into China
posted by krystof - 7th of april, 2009
To state the obvious, China is a very large country with so much to see that a person could spend a whole lifetime exploring this vast land, engulfed in it's cultural diversity and deep rooted history. My ten days, seemed hardly enough.... More...
Ecological protection
posted by linqong - 1st of april, 2009
How to protect our ecological environment, this is a global problem. In China, we are faced with the same reality,since the development of the economy, the environment around us is threatened,China's rapid economic development in... More...
the travel of the desert
posted by pyfriend - 17th of march, 2009
Just like a person's first sight to the sea, one will be excited as he or she glimpses at the sand sea which is stretching to the horizon for the first time. All of the immensity, secretive, mystery and unfathomability of the... More...
Temple of Heaven.
posted by linqong - 12th of march, 2009
This is a very famous ancient building in 500 ago.It is one of a lot famous royal buildings in Beijing too. In the period of Ming and Qing of China,here was the place where dynastic rulers in China used to worship the heaven,its... More...
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