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My first Online File
posted by laststory - 27th of november, 2008
This is my first picture of the Dreamtime, the screen is a crane, which is 5.12 in China, large earthquakes in the hardest-hit cities - Mianyang, a site of the shooting. on the current reconstruction work has already started.... More...
Urho Ghost Castle
posted by magicfanfan - 19th of november, 2008
Urho Ghost Castle is located in the Urho area, over 100 km northeast of Karamay City. Neighboring the Halahlat Mountain. Characteristic of aeolian landform rare in China, Urho Ghost Castle covers an area of about 30 square kilometers.... More...
Zhangjiajie China
posted by zfq9571 - 14th of november, 2008
Zhangjiajie City is blessed with abundant tourism resources including unique quartz sand hoodoos physiognomy, intact pristine forest ecological environment and complete tourist facilities, so she has been awarded Key Landscape Showplace,... More...
North Xinjiang's Kanas Lake
posted by magicfanfan - 14th of november, 2008
Near the border of Kirgistan, Mongolia and Sibiria, a woderfull lake Kanas in north Xinjiang is where Tuwa minority lives. The "treasure Light" integrates with the beautiful Kanas Lake view, the white glaciers, the green Grassland,... More...
Beautifual traditional building in China
posted by j6789 - 10th of november, 2008
China is a country with a long history, ancient Chinese buildings have a long tradition and unique style. In particular, is the classic wooden structure buildings, its elegant appearance, color, heavy, unique style, whether the corridor... More...
the ancient costume of China
posted by crazyufo - 8th of november, 2008
my fist time used the pen in photoshop, and i drawn this dress. not perfect in actually, but at least i'm approving in now. the ancient costume of China have lots of design, every dynasty and every folk was differents, but all of them... More...
My (P-EL) license sales this month
posted by ongchangwei - 30th of october, 2008
Very happy, this is my first (P-EL) license on this month. Photo title is Chinese Traditional Food.
Classical beauty in China (Part III).
posted by linqong - 23rd of october, 2008
Here is a group of Chinese Ming Dynasty's clothing (History of Ming Dynasty in China: AD 1368 - AD 1644),I conceive and stem from a novel while shooting this group of pictures. There is a very famous novel in China, Its name is... More...
Classical beauty in China (Part II).
posted by linqong - 22nd of october, 2008
As a famous historical city, there are a lot of ancient buildings in Beijing. There is the Great Wall which you know very well, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, but also a lot of royal gardens are distributed in Beijing. These... More...
Circle Heaven & Square Earth
posted by lhj - 18th of october, 2008
All the ancient arthitectures in China were based on the mistary Feng Shui. Feng shui, a marriage of art and science, is a practice founded in China and refined by feng shui masters through 6,000 years of development. Feng shui masters... More...
Living Room On Bed
posted by lhj - 18th of october, 2008
Have you ever seen such a kind of bed, a heatable brick bed? It's called as "Kang" in Chinese and very popular in northern China, especially in ancient time. As shown in my shot, you may find the ancient people even put a small table... More...
A fantastic trip in Shangrila, China
posted by hiallen - 10th of october, 2008
Our first destination of the trip was Potatso National Park. When we arrived, we were all shocked by so blue and so clean sky and primitive landscape. The air was so fresh, and we couldn’t help taking a very deep breath. Everything... More...
Classical beauty in China.
posted by linqong - 9th of october, 2008
I have been wanting to take the work of a group of Chinese traditional dress all the time. The Chinese traditional dress that I understand is Han-clothes,these are Chinese clothes, culture clothes.chinese people call them Han-clothes.... More...
The beautiful autumn of Bashang
posted by jiajianzheng - 8th of october, 2008
Bashang,one of many glasslands in Mongolia municipality in china. At this time last year,because I knew it is very beautiful in bashang in many ways,I travel to Bashang in autumn with a few friends enjoying photography.... More...
Something you might look at but miss always
posted by lhj - 8th of october, 2008
This is really possible and please do not say I made a big topic. :-P There are lots of things we look at everyday but never noticed its meaning inside! Let's look into the below picture which shows you one of the pair of Hua Biao.... More...
1st National Park in China
posted by lhj - 30th of september, 2008
Potatso National Park is located in Yunnan Province and the first National Park in China. Its fantastic typical plateau view is really outstanding and breath-taking! Of course, if you are not strong enough, the terrible altitude... More...
Happy National Day Holiday
posted by lhj - 28th of september, 2008
My dear homeland, China! You are going to welcome your 59th birthday! I don't know what is the weather in our capital today, however, it's quite terrible in Shanghai, which is quite similar to my own feeling. Anyhow, everyone... More...
Photography in the shopping center
posted by linqong - 25th of september, 2008
Photography inside the shopping center is very difficult, it is more difficult to take a model and shoot together,because does not allow to shoot in a lot of shopping centers. Here is one of Beijing's high-end shopping, I like... More...
my lovely girl
posted by cczbb - 25th of september, 2008
The Chinese girl was looking toward her mater. And I take this picture right now. This photograph was taken in her 26 months.
9.17 - Beijing Paralympic
posted by linqong - 17th of september, 2008
Along with the closing ceremony of the fireworks show, we have to say goodbye to the Beijing Paralympic. We have said that the Beijing Olympics and the Beijing Paralympic bring China's influence is far-reaching.Here it concerns... More...
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