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The rule of thirds
posted by imaengine - 8th of june, 2010
The rule of thirds in photographic composition is one of the very basic rules and taught to budding photographers and entry level aspirants in the stream. The rule of thirds is a fundamental rule in photographic composition. Basically... More...
Breaking the rules of photography: before you break the rules!
posted by imaengine - 8th of june, 2010
I was having a casual conversation with a renowned photographer. And he proudly said that it was all about breaking the rules – he never follows any rules. He said he does that because if he followed the rules he would never have... More...
Reached 100th Photo Milestone Today
posted by breakers - 31st of may, 2010
Today I reached my 100th picture online milestone. I recently re-started using DT. It has been so much fun. I took this panorama of New York City recently. It was a beautiful night.
get noticed through quality
posted by kikkerdirk - 2nd of may, 2010
The best way to draw attention to your port is buy uploading high quality pictures. There are several way to draw attention to your port, high quality is only one but its the most important! - exclusivity : exclusive pictures end... More...
posted by sebikus - 27th of april, 2010
On 17th Saturday was competition in moto-cross. All week was raining, but on Saturday showed a nice weather. My friend invited me on moto-cross in order to took pictures of his friend and all competition. It was interesting and there... More...
Has DT Ever Given You a EUI
posted by conceptualcreations - 25th of april, 2010
We are all guilty, kicking back with a few beers, wine, or whiskey, and some of us have been fortunate and slid by. However, for those who weren't so lucky have seen the flashing green swirls on their monitor, stopping the editing process,... More...
The Dreamstime Challenge on Graphics.com
posted by maigi - 14th of april, 2010
Graphics.com announced a new design challenge based on Dreamstime images. Their monthly theme is a spiral motif. "Whether found in nature, crafted by the human hand or generated by mathematics, the spiral has long been a potent graphical... More...
First level 2 Image!
posted by nstanev - 10th of april, 2010
Wow, it took me over a year, but I finally got a level 2 image! It's actually a pretty new one and is selling really well on all my sites. The best part is that 40 minutes after reaching level 2, it got downloaded again - it sure felt... More...
Tips for logo design
posted by mariaam - 1st of april, 2010
I want to share with you some ideas about logo design. Here are my personal tips / suggestions if you plan to create company logos: A logo design should be simple and eye catching I think avoiding... More...
First level 2 image!
posted by chrisarchytekt - 22nd of march, 2010
Hi everyone! This is my first blog. I haven't checked my Dreamstime account for about more than a month now. Yesterday, I decided to check it out, and when i checked my images, one of them had a swirl with a different colour! Then... More...
An Easter Project
posted by noonie - 2nd of march, 2010
I'm one of those people who seem to have intermittent OCD, which means that I get involved in things but easily get distracted before I finish and head onto the next "thing"! That makes me get way behind on some of my projects. Well,... More...
Inspired by the featured photographer
posted by mstycoon - 5th of february, 2010
Have you clicked on foodmaniac's featured photos? If you haven't yet please do that. That beautiful food photo we see is just part of a larger photo. It is amazing that such a great shot is actually only part of another. My portfolio... More...
My first steps
posted by jdanne - 31st of january, 2010
My twin brother encouraged me to use Dreamstime. There was and is always a kind of competition between him and me. Since we are monozygotic twins we are extremely similar - but not equal. During the analogue time he had a Nikon... More...
Photography - work with what you have
posted by nikitu - 29th of january, 2010
I was watching a make-up artist today telling people how to do the same make-up or even better with what they had at home and not buy ridiculously expensive products just to try and match his work. Sometimes people ask us, editors,... More...
Some experience with customers
posted by elitsa - 27th of january, 2010
Some of you are probably print or web designers as well as photographers. I am a graphic designer and I would like to share some of my (funny) experience with stock photos and customers. This was some4 years ago. The client comes... More...
To crop or not ?
posted by indianeye - 19th of january, 2010
In practical condition while shooting many times it is not possible to frame your subject as one is visualizing the shot. There may be number of reasons like the situation doesn't permit, limitation of lens zoom, the shortage of time... More...
Completed my first year
posted by picstudio - 18th of january, 2010
It has been almost one year since I registered my DT account. So many things happened in my life in the passed one year. I have learned a lot from DT and my whole life is changed. Here what I have achieved in my first year:-... More...
How Would The Nikon D90 Compare to other DSLR's
posted by secmaster - 14th of january, 2010
I have just purchased a Nikon D90 as a replacement for my Nikon D60 and I would be very interested it what other photographers opinions of this camera are. Here are some of the key points that swayed my decision to get the D90.... More...
Too many shots : part two
posted by kikkerdirk - 4th of january, 2010
It really takes time to take good pictures, it only takes seconds to take a snapshot! There are a lot of considerations to take, making beautiful pictures. If you don't want to depend on a 'lucky shot', take your time, and you... More...
Stock or street Photography ?
posted by davulcu - 11th of december, 2009
What I like most, is to walk on the streets of little villages or in desolated places and find who we rarely meet in our daily life. This is really very exciting. To talk to them and understand what these people do and how... More...
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