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Estatic about Reaching 1000 sales today!!!
posted by retina2020 - 4th of december, 2009
I joined Dreamstime October 29, 2007 thinking it would be fun to see if any of my photos are high enough quality for commercial purposes. When I sold my very first photo, I thought to myself. "Cool, I wonder if I will sell anymore.... More...
Essay of Landmarks Shot
posted by toneimage - 10th of november, 2009
Pictures of Landmarks I’ve taken a lot and I noticed the most favorable & popular ones almost follow below criteria: 1.Normally the object should be quite clear & with good light or background. 2.The whole effect of the picture... More...
Cool Shots
posted by whit722 - 27th of october, 2009
I like it when an image has a lot to say, but it really doesn't have to do much to bring about that impression. Maybe it's edgy stuff, maybe it's an old concept renewed, or a brilliant composition... it's just magnificent when you... More...
Home Made Food (photography)
posted by amitai - 20th of october, 2009
Food photography definitely isn't an easy profession. It demands vast investment in equipment, a great sense of composition and creativity, and a never ending effort to find new ways to make your dishes look like you can eat them... More...
My Numbers
posted by noonie - 28th of september, 2009
Okay, I have a few minutes so I will promote myself a bit. My little concept humanoid silhouette got me to 1700 images. It's been a smidgen (look it up Maigi and Dessie) over 2 years since I made the plunge and decided to see what... More...
A quick one, need your help.
posted by creativei - 24th of september, 2009
I have a question, I was with my photographer friend today, discussing about Operating System, He is Pro Mac & I'm Pro Windows, but I do work around 10 hours a day on my Mac, but windows is cool man.......... (what's ur fav OS) Well... More...
Miss vs Miss
posted by amikphoto - 4th of august, 2009
Let's find out who is better :) Miss Elena! or Miss Olga! I like them both but we need to choose :)
Simple vs complex
posted by olyashevchenko - 30th of july, 2009
As I do mostly illustrations, I'd like to share my ideas on this subject. When you think of an artwork or series, one of the issues you need to consider is the following: - How simple (or how complex) should my illustrtation be performed?... More...
posted by amikphoto - 29th of july, 2009
Hello! I'm living in a small Russian city. There's a digital super market here. They sells computers, printers, etc. It pass by the name of "Positronica". They begun photocompetition "Miss Positronica". I decided to invite my photo... More...
Fundamental Rules to Compose a Photo
posted by g2studio - 2nd of july, 2009
The Rules These rules allow the photographer to gradually gain the sense of composition and own the skills to produce a beautiful image. Once you’ll have a certain experience, rules can be simply considered as guide-lines and be... More...
Panoramic shots
posted by halient - 12th of june, 2009
After looking at some of my old shots I realized that I have tons of shots that were shot with the intent of being recompiled in a panoramic. Until recently I never got a chance to put them together and just wanted to share a couple... More...
I won a competition :)
posted by frackowiak1 - 7th of june, 2009
I just want to let you know that im so happy :)) I won a competition :) I get first prize in category "World" yeeeee !!! See it :)) Im just starting my adventure with dreamstime :) Im so exited ;)
Electronic Props And The Wooden Laptop Computer
posted by ptoone - 14th of may, 2009
Electronic Props And The Wooden Laptop Computer When using modern day electronics in a photo it is always important to remember not to include a brand or logo. They can be hidden, covered, cropped or photo-shoped, so they will no... More...
What about composition?
posted by alexhor - 11th of may, 2009
Hi to all! Here is your amateur adviser again:) I was encouraged with fact that my last article about shooting objects on white came up on "Useful articles" section. I don't know how those lists work but I think enough of you clicked... More...
How I participated in Assignments
posted by olyashevchenko - 1st of may, 2009
If you paid attention to the Assignments section, you would know that almost every month there is competition to create picture (photo or illustration) on proper topic. Last time the theme was "Go green" which meant saving energy, flora... More...
Subject matter composition vs Success levels
posted by ratmandude - 24th of april, 2009
Today I am wondering what others are thinking … I don't usually approach my photography from a point of view of "will it sell" … I usually am more concerned out getting the composition that I am trying to get … for ME. But... More...
Champagne contest
posted by martinrtr - 16th of april, 2009
Hi - The prestigious Louis Roederer International Wine Writers awards has a new category this year. It's called The Artistry of Champagne Award 2009. It's for any non-verbal representation of the world of wine, including (but not limited... More...
Professional photographers coming into microstock - a threat?
posted by saniphoto - 13th of april, 2009
The microstock world is continuing to change, almost daily. It wasn't long a go when images supplied where almost from amateurs or semi-professional photographers. Images were shooted with compact cameras and there were half a million... More...
The Color Awards
posted by egorr - 26th of march, 2009
On March, 23, the nominees and prizewinners of a most prestigious international photo contest The Color Awards were solemnly introduced and bestowed. This year the jury included representatives of such famous companies as KODAK, NATIONAL... More...
Get creative!
posted by saniphoto - 25th of march, 2009
My aim in microstock is to be different. I have realized since beginning that I could not compete with the kind of Yuri Arcus or Iofoto, that are far beyond my league (for now). The best I could envision to get my slice of cake... More...
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