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Power of compounding
posted by bradcalkins - 10th of march, 2009
Anyone looking into a retirement savings plan, or trying to pay down a mortgage knows the 'power' of compound interest. Compounding in general applies to stock photography to some degree. If you maintain some growth in your uploading,... More...
first level two photo
posted by digitalreflections - 9th of march, 2009
I was overjoyed this morning when I logged on and dicovered that one of my photos had sold making it my very first level two file. Each new accomplishment brings renewed enthusiasm. It may be trivial to some of the more experienced... More...
Full Circle
posted by noonie - 5th of march, 2009
Well, I guess I'm in the mood to write this morning. I'll get to the mess in my office later............. I've been getting a lot on line lately, I finally passed the 1000 download mark and also had a picture accepted for an assignment,... More...
400th Down load
posted by jaboardm - 4th of march, 2009
400th download... Yet another milestone reached just under 1 year after joining DT. Some may not think much of this, but I have learned lots on the art of Micro Stock in this year. Even with 400 dl's, I still haven't had the... More...
Your Computer Crashed and all is lost!
posted by lcjtripod - 21st of february, 2009
Yes, it can and will in time happen to you. Protect yourself by making two DVD's of your original images, save one copy in your desk and another in a second place. Not in the same building! I had a studio and a house burn to... More...
Illustrators versus Computer
posted by micspix - 18th of february, 2009
Let me preface this blog by saying that I belong to an active and varied group of artists in my area. These talented, skilled artists produce works in all different mediums. I feel blessed to be part of such a talented group of people... More...
1500 images online!
posted by irisangel - 10th of february, 2009
100 Images Online!
posted by asklar - 9th of february, 2009
What an accomplishment for me! I am an ametuer photographer who has been on Dreamstime for 5 months now. I had my fair share of rejections and recently surpassed 100 images online! THis is the one that put me over. And it isn't even... More...
My First Computer Illustration!
posted by eclecticelegance - 3rd of february, 2009
My first illustrations that were created with a computer were approved yesterday!!!! (This is a follow-up blog from these previous blogs: 1.) Ist blog article about illlustrations 2.) 2nd blog article about illustrations... More...
Photographic Competition
posted by fultonsphoto - 21st of january, 2009
I recently joined the SA Photography Contest forum on facebook, within a few days of joining they sent me details of a really exciting photographic competition. The competition is to photograph a newly built architectural masterpiece... More...
Planning ahead
posted by teekaygee - 20th of january, 2009
Some days it seems as though I can't come up with a single idea. When that happens, I end up just sitting around feeling frustrated because I really want to be taking photos and uploading. I browse the forums and check my stats a zillion... More...
Review: Canon G10
posted by bradcalkins - 7th of january, 2009
I got a Canon G10 over Christmas and it is definitely a great little camera. I was worried that the high megapixel count and small sensor would drop my approval rating compared to the DSLR I've been using up until now. After getting... More...
Aspect Ratio
posted by bradcalkins - 29th of december, 2008
As if there weren't enough things to think about, I recently started thinking about yet another aspect (pun intended) of stock photography: aspect ratio. I got a compact camera this Christmas and discovered that it was 4:3, rather... More...
Headroom on Images
posted by karldavis - 17th of december, 2008
Well, I finally got started in stock photography! It seems like a whole new world to me and I have a huge learning curve... to come up to speed on what's important, what images sell and which ones don't. One thing has struck... More...
Upgrade pains... And the importance of backups
posted by southernstar71 - 15th of december, 2008
For once, a blog post that has no real photographic content, just to underline once again how important regularily backing up your data is. Beside being an amateur photographer, I'm also a keen simracer (I use the iracing.com simulator,... More...
Continuing a Story
posted by noonie - 13th of december, 2008
............so I went out on a mountain bike ride. The day was sunny, the air cool and crisp, the sky bright blue. We were talking and having fun. All of a sudden something happened and I was going over the handlebars aiming... More...
Concept to completion
posted by bradcalkins - 8th of december, 2008
Every once in a while I have an idea that takes some time to pan out, arrange and execute. This image, of tying a tie is one of those. I've been thinking about it for some time and finally got around to doing it. I'm happy to see... More...
Which to shoot RAW or JPEG?
posted by aughty - 4th of december, 2008
Since shooting stock for DT, I have been on a learning curve. Learning about ISO, DOF, Dynamic Range, Histograms and tons of other fun stuff that makes me feel more like a technician of imagery than a photographer. I deal with reality... More...
Hang In There!
posted by cmarshall717 - 3rd of december, 2008
To all you newbies out there, or those of you wondering if you will ever reach your first payout, hang in there. I first started uploading to Dreamstime in September of 2007. So, you looked at my profile and said to yourself, "Hmmmm,... More...
posted by lazar_x - 24th of november, 2008
Thirds The most frequently quoted rule of composition is of use of thirds. Imagine your picture being divided equally into nine rectangles, three across by three up. The main features of your image should be placed not in the center... More...
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