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Milestone: $20,000 Total Earnings, Lesson Learned: Ego vs Confidence
posted by wisconsinart - 23rd of march, 2014
I've recently reached two milestone with Dreamstime: Fives years as a contributor and $20,000 total earnings. I was first published 40 years ago and thus started my career in freelance art, but I never really enjoyed any real income... More...
On the right track
posted by iheartcountryphoto - 16th of january, 2014
This new year has started off with many things happening for me! I have had 3 sales (one of which was my first non-credit sale!), I recently became exclusive (yay!) and I have been trying out some new photo ideas (which have not exactly... More...
New skills
posted by williamardrey - 7th of december, 2012
I've been exited about the last few months. I have been taking a formal course in Photoshop, and have begun to realize what a powerful tool it is. Things I used to wonder about and question are now becoming clear to me. I'm learning... More...
Why I do not have pictures sell it?
posted by jianbinglee - 15th of july, 2012
I have always DT picture sale of very few. In particular, recently, it was actually nothing to download.Although I know my picture in a multi-editorial pictures, but I know this is not the cause. Dear friends, I want to hear your suggestions,... More...
Anything Is Possible!
posted by racheld32 - 26th of march, 2012
I have been dreaming of becoming a stock photographer for almost a year now, and spent the last 5 months in the Pit of Dispair at not succeeding! I had been trying to get in with some other Stock Photo companies (I know, I know...blasphemy!... More...
Acceptance Ratings
posted by sunguy - 13th of january, 2012
Greetings I have read concern regarding acceptance ratings (which I also noted at other stock sites before I became exclusive with Dreamstime), especially amongst those starting out in stock photography. Please, don’t fret over... More...
Occupy London Photos
posted by sydney - 12th of december, 2011
I have been fascinated with Occupy London protesters camping site and the amazing opportunities it provides for photographers. Also, I have been able to find and capture so many variations of images each representing it's own message... More...
30 files online!
posted by honkamaa - 21st of july, 2011
I uploaded my first photos on DT in April last year and during the first year I basically had 10 photos here, getting 10 sales as well. During the last week I've increased my portfolio rapidly from 10 to 30 photos! Sales have only... More...
A checklist for amateur models & studio customers
posted by gunshe - 25th of june, 2010
Should I wear a bright colored suit? What color shoes shall I get along with it? What about jewelry? And makeup, Hairstyling?Props? Oh so many questions are asked by models, matrimonial aspirants. But they forget to ask the most basic... More...
I'm starting with 7 accepts out of 8 !
posted by kevinchenyt - 17th of september, 2009
I have owned my 400D for more than 2 years, and I believe I could haveat least 50 good ones to be uploaded and get signed. But what depressed me most is that my past pics are all too small. less than 3 mp, and I could only find 8 which... More...
A happy week for me!
posted by pyfriend - 14th of march, 2009
Thank you very much for downloading them! They are my first two downloads since I joined on January 10, 2009. It makes me so happy that I nearly cann't go to sleep recently ^_^! Now I have a large confidence in uploading... More...
02 - Discovering stock photography
posted by grofnula - 26th of february, 2009
As you upload, you start wondering what are the stock rules about? What is quality for reviewers when they often reject quality for other reasons? Over time, I learned to respect their decisions, and to treat rejections as natural.... More...
posted by shaja - 13th of october, 2008
Microstock market is a really exciting palce that makes a easy and possible way for everyone who want to sell their photoes no matter he/she is a professional or an amateur as long as has his/her own wonderful photoes on hand. Let'... More...
The Record for Successive Rejection
posted by namowen - 27th of june, 2008
My record for successive rejection is made yesterday morning. The number reaches 21. I was shocked and disappointed when I saw this. I could feel that my confidence was losing. Fortunately, I have 25 photos accepted in the afternoon,... More...
“Ceceeeeee-lllyaaaa, you’re breaking my heart!”
posted by denisebeverly - 28th of september, 2007
sang Simon (or was it Garfunkel?) it matters not because the next line is what i am thinking about.. "shaking my confidence daily" my confidence as a photographer is on a see saw up one day , down the... More...
A musical beast
posted by destinyvispro - 27th of september, 2007
I wrote this a year ago. Today it was sent back to me by a friend to review. I thought I'd share it. The soloist arrives to expectant applause. Her scarlet gown is blazing against the backdrop of the orchestra in black. She holds... More...
Never Underestimate......
posted by avion49 - 19th of july, 2007
what will be accepted and what will sell! I almost didn't submit this one, but it was accepted and has actually been downloaded. was created using what was readily available. © Rocksuzi (Help) This... More...
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