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Content filter - Image *dead sentence* ?
posted by teabum - 19th of february, 2012
Some months ago I got accepted an image, which was marked with the content filter. This of course I found out later on, when I was wondering, why the image has 0 views and it is not showing in my portfolio. It was not showing, because... More...
Something to Think About
posted by sunguy - 27th of january, 2012
A few days ago I did a search for some new approved images of mine to see if they were in the system yet. They all came up but one. I contacted the good folks at Dreamstime to inquire and was told it had been content filtered (I have... More...
Content Filter On/off - Sensitive Photos
posted by jdanne - 18th of september, 2011
In the "Management Area" below the search field there is a check box with two little buttons called "Content Filter On/Off". When you search for photos with "Content Filter" switched to "On" all photos which are considered by... More...
Content filter
posted by solidsdman - 26th of april, 2011
I have 9 images of a rodeo event. This image, which is the first to be approved on April 19, has no views, while the other 8 images, which were approved 2 to 4 days later, have anywhere from 11 to 26 views. Upon further investigation,... More...
Do you use content filter?
posted by sarkao - 21st of april, 2011
I noticed existence of dreamstime content filtr before few weeks, when I began to upload some nude pictures and pictures from Amsterdam streets. I am not puritanical or religious, I draw naked peole at school, I take nude photos... More...
My travel diary: Amsterdam
posted by sarkao - 4th of april, 2011
I visited my best friend in Amsterdam before two weeks. It was a short trip - just 4 days. Kristyna lend me a bike. I was really afraid of it, 'cos I didn't ride on it for twelve years, then I had an accident and broke my two of... More...
Flash content
posted by eternalfour - 6th of december, 2010
Dear all I was wondering if dreamstime.com will add flash based medium such as photo gallery templates created via flash and uploaded by photographers or designers does anyone or can Dreamstime.com staff enlighten me if such... More...
Exclusivity expectation
posted by meryll - 22nd of september, 2010
I wonder, is DT more strict to the exclusive contributors then non-exclusives? In other words, are there higher expectations for exclusive contents regarding quality? More...
Content filter
posted by kimren - 20th of september, 2010
Hello everyone. I have a question. Could you tell me something about "Content filter" in DT web page? What is the use? Thank you!
Give them what they want!
posted by antloft - 13th of october, 2009
So, 2 months in and not great results. At the moment searching around for the right content that will interest enough buyers and generate sales. My latest train of thought has been background content as this is something that I would... More...
Be wary of Facebook...
posted by southernstar71 - 16th of february, 2009
You probably heard about it already, but just in case... On Feb. 4th, Facebook changed their terms of service (without telling anyone, because their terms of service give them the right to do so). Basically, the biggest change... More...
Create your own website for free - part 2
posted by eclecticelegance - 15th of january, 2009
So, you've already chosen where to host your website, selected a template, and written most of the content. (To see my previous blog on setting up a free website, click HERE.) There are several things that you can add to your... More...
Are you a blogger?
posted by litifeta - 24th of august, 2008
I have had so much fun over the years with a stack of blogs I have maintained. Some were purely for fun, and some created a bit of income. Check out my latest blog BY CLICKING HERE One blog I had was called "The Australian Times"... More...
posted by robsnowdream - 31st of july, 2008
Hi I keep seeing this Level 1 on all my images. Is this anything like the Canisters that other stock sites have and that you move to a new level on so many downloads? Also, does this mean that you percentage increases? Rob More...
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