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It won't be long, now.
posted by upwardway38 - 27th of january, 2014
There's just something about this delicacy that only lasts such a short time in April. It's highly coveted among hunters everywhere here in the Midwest, and they sell anywhere from $40-100 a pound depending on your budget, craving,... More...
Dream Trip to the South Pacific
posted by jcimagery - 8th of august, 2013
This last Spring we were able to take the trip of a lifetime to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific - and it was paid for entirely with photography money. It wasn't all stock money (not even close), but it was sports teams,... More...
Dump and Back Up!
posted by jcimagery - 6th of may, 2013
Yeah, that sounds a little wrong, but here's the deal/lesson. My husband, teenage daughter and I recently traveled to the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Between us we had a total of five cameras. Three were Nikon D300's,... More...
Maple Pecan Pie Recipe
posted by peanutroaster - 7th of february, 2012
Everything tastes better with REAL maple syrup. Not that fake artificial corn syrup crud! We pour it on ice cream, make maple syrup cocktails and use it in cooking. Living on the border of Vermont, we take pride in real honest to... More...
My first blog post: about macaroons
posted by nagme - 3rd of january, 2012
I think maccarons are produced for photography. Of course they are very delicious but also they are very photogenic. I really enjoy to take their photos. And I want to add some new macaroons photos with interesting composition to my... More...
Inspiration - Baking Cookies
posted by peanutroaster - 27th of december, 2011
Every year at Christmas time my wife plans out a cookie baking marathon. Over the course of a few weeknights and a weekend, my wife with assistance from our son (I didn't do anything), bakes several batches of cookies which are... More...
Food Photography
posted by ntrifunovic - 18th of november, 2011
Shots taken with 50mm lens, ISO 100. Just a few food photographs... Ajvar - a delicious traditional Balkan dish Sweets Dried Figs More food photos: Food... More...
Perfect English condiment or how to make Bramley apple sauce
posted by ewapix - 16th of september, 2011
Hi everybody, I grew up in a country where everybody takes a great pride in their cooking. Mamas always cook, grandams always bake and you should always feed your guests until they want to burst. So when I first moved to England... More...
My workmates
posted by catarii - 14th of september, 2011
As I am writing this lines, in this early and shiny autumn morning, a muffin tray rests in the oven. Some cute, great smelling demerara sugar, walnuts and mango jelly muffins were baked for the last 25 minutes, will be carried for... More...
My 2nd Collection - Best of Italian Pasta
posted by kphotos6411 - 8th of september, 2011
My new collection is Best of Italian Pasta. Who doesn't like pasta? There are so many different kinds with interesting shapes, not just long thin spagtetti.
Cooking Oil
posted by shopartgallerycom - 1st of december, 2010
Please enjoy the new Cooking Oil Collection... More...
Chinese week
posted by tomas24 - 24th of june, 2010
Long time I didn't write nothing here. No time? Maybe, this words is always good excuse, but this time honestly its true. Any way, because work in the kitchen (pro one) takes 90% of my time, once a month I decided to do World Cuisine... More...
Cooking & shooting!
posted by vanillla - 26th of may, 2010
Just because I’m ashamed that didn’t post anything here I’ll mark: * Lately I’m trying to be a good housewife, student, wife and working mother, wich is not so easy, believe me, especially when I want to have my own... More...
Angelina Jolie's new private chef...
posted by tan510jomast - 1st of april, 2010
Woo hoo Wowee Zowee Holy Smoke and all that jump for joy I am packing and in a great big hurry heading for the airport. I just receive a telegram from Angelina Jolie saying that she has selected me to be her new private... More...
My first sale on Dreamstime!
posted by lauraadamache - 6th of march, 2010
Hello everybody!! I'm new on Dreamstime and I have only 17 photos uploaded until now. Last week one of my photos was downloaded and I wish to thank you for that!! I love cooking and taking pictures of my food so most of my pictures... More...
October 4th: Spoil your dog day
posted by studioportosabbia - 3rd of october, 2009
I have made a collection of dog treats and dog pictures. If you have a photo of your dog, post it here and I put it in the collection
Solar Cooking
posted by psalm113v9 - 1st of july, 2009
We just bought two solar ovens, and we love then. In one good really sunny day we can cook enough meals for our family of 10 for three days and them we make three gallons of tea as well. So now we only cook every third day if the... More...
To cook and to photograph food in a very simple way
posted by catarii - 1st of july, 2009
A plate should contain colored vegetables and/or meat, deliciously arranged and dressed in sauce. A plate should open your appetite as much as it will cover your gastronomic senses. I am not a very traditional cook. I search... More...
Assignment favorites
posted by matabraham - 19th of june, 2009
The assignment submissions this time has a large number of images with children in focus. Its bound to be cute when kids are involved and these images speak for the innate wish of us all to create something good from what we have got... More...
My assignment cooks - accepted and rejected
posted by mildegard - 3rd of june, 2009
I tried not to be boring, really. I don't think I'm able to win the assignment. I compete with myself trying to do my best and - that's what is important - to surprise others. That's a nice goal worth of hours to draw. So I drew... More...
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