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Maltese countryside
posted by spike28742 - 31st of december, 2013
Lately I have been around in the Maltese countryside taking some shots and could not help not noticing some of the signs such as these placed by people who most probably do not have the legal right to own the land. Some of the... More...
Where are u from ?
posted by samiph222 - 2nd of february, 2013
its just by curiosity ...i'd like to know where are u from designer. from what country ...or your natinality... about me i am from Algeria
A beautiful day of autumn in Tuscany
posted by dani74 - 30th of november, 2012
I consider myself lucky to live in a beautiful region in terms of nature and history like Tuscany. For those visiting for the first time my region, I suggest not only to stop in our town, but also to explore our countryside not to miss... More...
Country fashion style
posted by tdelpiano - 29th of february, 2012
I really like the smell of leather, one of my dream is to have a cottage in the country when I'll be retired, in a beautiful place like Ireland or Wales and go out in town on sunday! Did you ever seen the movie "quiet man"? And... More...
Milestone - 250th Accepted Image
posted by peanutroaster - 30th of september, 2011
Just added my 250th image to my portfolio. Never forget your camera! I captured this yesterday while taking my dog for a walk. Its name is Dogford Road. Folklore around these parts say that when it came time to give the... More...
Let's Go To The Fair - Collection
posted by peanutroaster - 23rd of september, 2011
http://www.dreamstime.com/lets-go-to-the-fair-rcollection16730-resi3635552 Got any great country fair images? I've started a collection called "Let's go to the fair". Send me your images of state and local fairs. Thanks More...
Cross Country Drive Where to stop???
posted by halient - 30th of april, 2011
In a little over a week we are going to be driving across the country from South Florida to Seattle Wa going across I10 to Texas then up through colorago and nw from there. Can my Fellow DT'ers Give us any ideas of places... More...
Back from holiday in France
posted by bobsphotography - 31st of july, 2010
Just got back from a holiday in France. Always a good opportunity to shoot pictures you normaly don't shoot, because you don't live in that country. I am still processing images, but these are already online! More...
Help me complete my flag collection
posted by adrea - 8th of april, 2010
Hello, Last month I've started a worlds flag collection. I try to get the flag with a landmark, in a ceremony, with people, etc. Till now im missing till now the fallowing flags: Tokelau: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokelau... More...
posted by cristalloid - 25th of march, 2010
Hello out there! Actually I wonder about where DT-customers are from. Are they mainly from USA? Or Australia? Or Europe (which country)? Maybe the DT-admins can show us a statistic, on the one hand number of buyers per country and on... More...
Let me show you Majorca
posted by charlydamart - 18th of january, 2010
Many people know that Majorca is a touristic destination (specially in Europe), and it is known mostly for its beaches. But Majorca is more than that. Majorca has its traditions has its places full of local color... More...
Canada - Ontario 2009
posted by krystof - 29th of october, 2009
In June 2009 we came back to Canada to stay at Wendy's parents house in Brucefield, located in Huron County, Ontario, along the shores of Lake Huron. This vibrant rural community is the most agriculturally productive county in Ontario.... More...
Butterfly and Country Map
posted by kenliu - 11th of september, 2009
A period of time ago, I made some vectors about 81 different kinds of butterflies and more than hundred Country flag and map, I spent a lot of time and energy on it, and these vectors sold very well at another agent, so I think them... More...
Flag icons and hi-resolution images
posted by mikhailmishchenko - 6th of july, 2009
Possibly will be useful for design - my personal icons and hi-resolution images of flags. Enjoy for free ;-) P.S. In advance I apologise for any mistake =)
summer is inspiration
posted by andreygorlov - 2nd of june, 2009
Well..all you guys know that summer just began and all you know that all seasons of the year are great and unique and you can take alot of good photos in any period of weather and time...but summer seems to me like a special inspiration... More...
Spring is visiting the Earth!
posted by awizard - 1st of april, 2009
And I hope that it is not only in my country :) The weather is marvellous, it is almost hot! I love spring!
Wearing wedding rings
posted by mildegard - 22nd of january, 2009
In Russia we wear wedding rings on the third finger of the right hand. In America and many other countries it's on the left hand, third finger. And I just wonder - in your country how do you wear your wedding rings (or what you wear... More...
World population map project
posted by emicristea - 29th of october, 2008
I remember that when i was student at Geography Faculty in Romania, some of my teachers put as to make maps with population of the world (population by countries, density, human development index, structure by sex and others). They... More...
posted by zrknight - 23rd of october, 2008
Hello,I'm from Serbia,one of the most beautiful countries. If you have time,come to visit us,you will not regret! Some cool places are:Fruska gora,kopaonok,dunav,djavolja varos,etc... Here is some photos: Enjoy!... More...
Horseback ranch in Brasov county
posted by emicristea - 22nd of may, 2008
Two years ago i visited a countryside villa near Brasov city. I was impressed about the horses from the ranch. The ranch disposes of highbreed steeds: 4 Friesen (Dutch origin) and 2 Rassa Espaniola (PRE). The horsemanship can take... More...
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