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How to Create Collections
posted by elianehaykal - 9th of february, 2014
Keeping my promise to Whitestar1955 and the newbies who asked about it on my latest BLOG, here's a step-by-step explanation about Collections and how to make them :) Collections are of 2 types, private and public. As a contributor,... More...
posted by perstock - 9th of november, 2012
Hi everybody! I'am a new contributor. Working on some new subjects at Dreamstime. How do i create a collection? Help :-) Regards Per
Create something new!
posted by vcarmstrong - 11th of june, 2012
A couple weeks ago I was doing some research for an upcoming photoshoot with a pretty girl and a motorcycle. I knew the shoot would be in the evening so I did a search for "girl sexy sunset motorcyle". Much to my surprise, there... More...
How to create a set of similar photos
posted by andrews71 - 22nd of february, 2012
Hello to everybody I need an information. One of the photos that I have uploaded have been refused beacuse I have uploade too many photos on the same subject or from the same series. And DT suggested me to create sets of similars... More...
A rejection should equal motivation
posted by kmfraz - 17th of january, 2011
After writing "Don't give up" I felt like giving up. I stopped submitting to dreamstime, but not due to lack of confidence. It was due to some unforeseen circumstances. Now I'm able to continue what I began, create and submit.... More...
Does making blogs help on your sales?
posted by egomezta - 25th of march, 2010
Hi, I´m new to making blogs in Dreamstime, and my experience has been really good, because I have noticed that my sales increase everytime I write one. Does this happens to you? In average I'm selling one image per day, but this... More...
Having fun
posted by smartview27 - 13th of january, 2010
It was a beautiful winter day on december 24, 2009. So, just before Christmas celebration. A very sunny day, with soft snow and clean air. My daughter created a beautiful snowman with accessories like red pepper for nose and... More...
Solution of copyright
posted by starblue - 6th of august, 2009
Today I would like to share with you how I solve a problem with copyright items. I like very much to make atmospheric images with mystical topics. I case of astrology, I have met a problem of copyrights of astrological cards and... More...
Vector illustration
posted by eugene78 - 3rd of august, 2009
when you create realistic vector illustration Do you meshes? or using other methods of achieving gradients of colors within a color contours, highlights and shadows to enhance depth, in particular, CorelDraw More...
Simple vs complex
posted by olyashevchenko - 30th of july, 2009
As I do mostly illustrations, I'd like to share my ideas on this subject. When you think of an artwork or series, one of the issues you need to consider is the following: - How simple (or how complex) should my illustrtation be performed?... More...
Looking beyond the viewfinder... photography and the arts.
posted by angelaostafichuk - 14th of march, 2009
ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! STEP AWAY FROM THE CAMERA AND LISTEN UP! Those of you who have been living within the confines of only your camera viewfinder, all others form of art are alive and well. From dance, to drawing to... More...
Create your own website for free - part 2
posted by eclecticelegance - 15th of january, 2009
So, you've already chosen where to host your website, selected a template, and written most of the content. (To see my previous blog on setting up a free website, click HERE.) There are several things that you can add to your... More...
Create your own website for free - part 1
posted by eclecticelegance - 13th of january, 2009
A website is an important way for a photographer to become known and to display his or her portfolio, but paying for website design and maintenance a website can be expensive. And although there are several free hosting options... More...
How to create your own blogs in Dreamstime?
posted by lhj - 14th of october, 2008
Upon replying one of messages today, the blow blog was created so smoothly. This might be quite helpful for some friends who also would like to create their own blogs. I'd like to share with all of you..... It's not difficult to... More...
How to Build a Dinner Table
posted by torchdesigns - 2nd of october, 2008
First step in making a table is to go online and find out how much it cost to buy a table at Target. Step one. A great table made of solid wood at Target can be had for about $200. If there is not a target store in your area that can... More...
No model? What can I do?
posted by eprom - 18th of september, 2008
Last Assignment title is "Union and Reunion". most of photos include models, as you know, it need models. but I am not a professional photographer, not model for me, expect my wife:) what can I do? After few days, I have an idea, papers... More...
Creating versus taking
posted by bradcalkins - 4th of september, 2008
Most of the time I tend towards taking images of the world around me, but sometimes I also have concepts that I want to turn into an image. Watching my son playing with some nesting dolls I had an idea last week, and this was the result.... More...
silhouette images
posted by billysiew - 15th of august, 2008
I only know this vocab "silhouette" after I joined Dreamstime... then I tried to produce some and here they are: Your comments are welcomed , Thanks! More...
Make It Pretty!
posted by torchdesigns - 14th of february, 2008
I want to tirade against three words, three words that can make anybody in the creative field of design cringe with a sense of disgust and loathing for the obviously ignorant individual that utters them. “Make it Pretty” Don... More...
waiting for love
posted by dabobabo - 22nd of january, 2008
Anyway Valentine Day is a commercial holiday, so I've planned some images for that..just buy them! Kidding..I try to make all the possible variation about that theme, and I've used different style: minimal romantic...and symbolic... More...
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