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The Kung Fu Master of Stock Teaches Grasshopper About the "Obvious"
posted by wisconsinart - 19th of april, 2014
The Kung Fu Master of Stock was in his garden photographing garden tools arranged in ways to appeal for commercial purposes when Grasshopper wandered in, looking dejected and sad. Master inquired as to why the long face and the reply... More...
My diligence have crowned success!
posted by rybalov77 - 26th of october, 2013
Earlier I have heard from many about scarcity of my portfolio therefore has gone to vacation to work above these lacks. And here finally I can share with you the first good results with me who though can that and will disagree, but... More...
my new set of images
posted by pera021 - 9th of july, 2013
check out my new set of images, a child to a spa treatment, as well as others, if anyone has a suggestion please for the comment!
What do you think?
posted by hotmidhun - 12th of august, 2011
I am not very sure whether this is the right forum to ask this... But I am sorry... I couldn't control my eagerness. I now have a portfolio of 100+ images. I should tell that this had been really difficult... More...
my first 1$...yeah!!
posted by atahack - 6th of may, 2011
I've been registered to dreamstime since 2007, but I've started uploading last month. I thought it shouldn't take too long to earn a dollar, but I was wrong. It took a whole month. Now I wonder, should I continue with stock photography?... More...
500 sold, criticise my PF
posted by meryll - 27th of january, 2011
I have sold my 500th photo here on DT. It has taken slitly more than 2 years to me when I had started build my PF up. Should I consider this as a success? Hmmm... Sure... Everybody must start somehow and I did ;-) Have a nice time and... More...
400 online - please critic
posted by libortom - 11th of november, 2009
Hi, I reach 400 photos online, but I thik sales are quite poor. Please critic my port. Thanks for your time and advice.
Help and advice
posted by theclarkester - 28th of october, 2009
Hi, If its not too much trouble and convienient for you.... could you have a look at my collection and see if there is anything that stands out for you ? Just a bit concerned at the little downloads that I get on this site - hopefully... More...
Video critique on web portfolios
posted by tanyae - 14th of july, 2009
If you're about to develop your web portfolio it might be useful to have a look at the blog of Zack Arias, Atlanta based photographer. He gives some Photography Critique Episodes on video, which are extremely helpful in "what's good... More...
Wow, 54 online and 8 sales.
posted by emmacharles - 25th of april, 2009
Microstock was a foreign word for me when I began. Dreamstime still the only one that I know. It continues to be a learning process and very exciting one. The more I learn the more I realize how much more there is to learn. I would... More...
Hello, world
posted by moonwalker - 10th of april, 2008
Dear fellows, I am happy to be able to broadcast my warmest greetings to all of you, creators of art, designers of illusions, and all sorts of necessary roles for a better world. Cheesy words apart, I am really happy I have landed... More...
RE: Newsbies Part 4
posted by kenneystudios - 29th of august, 2007
Silent 790 has a wonderful portfolio! These are my favorites: I love art work like this. The zoom/cropping draws our eye right into the face of the Japanese dog. the golden eyes draw us and hold us in the image, feeling the seeming... More...
Photos I've bought - One from Tonygers
posted by davidwattsjr - 24th of august, 2007
Another little mini-critique, using the credits I've earned from blogging. If you read these blogs with any regularity, you've seen the very helpful tutorials put together by Tonygers - so I thought it was time to shine a little light... More...
Photo's I bought: This one from Lukasztymszan
posted by davidwattsjr - 23rd of august, 2007
This is a continuation of my effort to offer a mini-critique on various photos I like. In fact, I like them so much I bought them with the credits I've earned from blogging here. This one from photographer Lukasztymszan and is titled... More...
One from Hobbyink
posted by davidwattsjr - 23rd of august, 2007
Ok, I'm using the credits I accumulate to highlight particular photos that I find particularly effective. These little "mini-critiques" are designed to call attention to what I think makes these particular photo's great. Today's... More...
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