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new EXCLUSIVE collection
posted by sasanka7 - 6th of september, 2013
exclusive dreamstimers community on facebookhello today i started new collection on dreamstime, Please insert your best pictures here: exclusive dreamstimers, thank you! this is collection included photos and illustrations etc.... More...
Where are u from ?
posted by samiph222 - 2nd of february, 2013
its just by curiosity ...i'd like to know where are u from designer. from what country ...or your natinality... about me i am from Algeria
Photographer as Designer
posted by mlhead - 26th of april, 2012
Besides photography I am a writer so with the advent of self publishing through Amazon I decided to put out some novels and short stories. The process is very much "do it yourself" from typing, to layout, to cover design. So I have... More...
To collage or not to collage. Designer opinions needed please.
posted by birksphotography - 17th of february, 2012
I've seen several post in the boards about collages and I had a question. Would it be better to make collages of a single subject or have multiple single shots of different angles? I'm a little confused on this because I'm not sure... More...
Tip - Leave space for copy
posted by peanutroaster - 14th of november, 2011
No earthshattering new ideas here but for novices to Dreamstime I think its worth mentioning that stock image buyers want to have room for their copy. Nothing says "amateur" or snapshot more than a composition with the subject... More...
A new BME
posted by mvogel - 26th of may, 2011
This month has now officially become a BME with the sale of this image. I would like to thank DT and all of the designers that purchased my images. Hopefully I can turn next month into another BME.
An Open Letter to Designers
posted by verdelho - 25th of may, 2011
Dear Designers You are probably aware of the current issues regarding lowering cost of images, shrinking returns to photographers and the parlous state of the stock market at this time. Some are questioning that the current situation... More...
The key to success is diversity
posted by mvogel - 17th of july, 2010
I have only been with DT for a sort time and I only have 47 images online but I fell like I have had very good success for a beginner with 12 sales so far. Most of my sales came when I had a lot less images on line, about 35.... More...
Early Steps for Successful Proposal
posted by mani33 - 13th of march, 2010
I am trying to learn from my experience with my clients, as much as I can, but even so, surprises happen & will continue to happen! But with some preparations we can make the negative impact less harmful, or we can make our reaction... More...
the real problem of dreamstime
posted by gheburaseye - 7th of march, 2010
Hello to everyone! As you can see in my portfolio, now I have 219 illustrations in Dreamstime. Obviously I'll show you the pictures. I am very happy because I see that the images are approved with constancy and this encourages... More...
The best time for uploading holiday images
posted by awizard - 2nd of march, 2010
It’s a funny theme, you know. As you can never know when designers need such images and for what purpose unless you are a designer yourself. I know for sure that in the end of the year designers need “calendar” images – I think... More...
posted by maigi - 17th of december, 2009
Just a simple question: do you, guys, have some ideas, how or where to promote yourself to get the job as a freelance photo manipulator, web designer, photographer and/or digital designer? Did I say "simple" question? Well, not for... More...
What Designers Are Looking for in Stock Photography
posted by torchdesigns - 27th of october, 2009
What are Graphic Designers and Creative Directors looking for, when it comes to the images they select? That is the ultimate question for anyone who creates stock photography, isn't it. Being a graphic designer and a creative... More...
Dreamstime Lightboxes
posted by littlemacproductions - 15th of october, 2009
A lightbox is a box with a light source and a translucent cover used to view transparenices such as slides, ex-rays, negatives etc. Here at DT lightboxes are a place to group images for view at a later date, add notes, share with... More...
posted by smartview27 - 7th of october, 2009
A great idea came out to light today! In the night of Halloween all Dreamstime community will have to think to our success (success for Dreamstime team, photographers, designers, models…) in the same time, at the same hour…let... More...
a male dominated domain?
posted by tan510jomast - 9th of february, 2009
earlier this morning i was answering a question put forward by a peer who was wondering why only the "sexy pictures seem to sell ". the poster wondered is it because "designers are mostly males". i thought that was an interesting... More...
Crop Factor, can ruin sales.
posted by creativei - 20th of november, 2008
Hi, I would like to share something with DT which I guess will be very useful for everyone on DT, I don't know if this subject is already covered, if yes, sorry for my ignorance, but anyways I'm continuing to write this at least newbies... More...
buying images for short online videos
posted by taragolden - 29th of october, 2008
i started here on DT as a contributor but im finding that I'm used to the site and this is where i go to purchase images i need for short online videos i am making. Its kind of interesting to be on the other side of the fence. I find... More...
Recruitment opportunities for designers
posted by litifeta - 11th of august, 2008
Regardless of what the market looks like, the recruitment industry seems to continue to do well. Yesterday in Australia, there was a program on about the worldwide shortage of traffic controllers. You know, the stop and go man, or the... More...
When you can’t afford a real billboard
posted by litifeta - 25th of july, 2008
Scrolling through a billboard company’s website I was astounded at the price of hiring a bit of space to advertise a product. Installation alone was $1000 and that did not include the artwork! A lonely old road in the back of nowhere... More...
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