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Sweet Reward !!
posted by hongchan001 - 19th of november, 2011
Since last month after decided on going serious into stock photography, this very first (Editor Choice) come in precise timing for giving me a boost in confident. The idea on creating this picture come when I... More...
Why some pictures sell
posted by joezachs - 28th of march, 2011
I wonder why some pics sell and why some don’t For example compare the picture on the left and the one below. The sale for the first one is nill while the one below has 8 downloads. While the action depicted in both are same,... More...
My worst photos?
posted by gennaro86 - 23rd of january, 2011
Hi DT people, Today I'm studyng my upload photos views and I've seen a particular.... There are some picture in my portfolio that are more similiar in composition and keyword, but some of this are more visited while other of this... More...
posted by cristalloid - 15th of august, 2010
Hi everyone! I am wondering about the difference between TIFF and JPG. We all load up JPGs to Dreamstime and the downloadable TIFFs were generated from these uploaded JPGs by Dreamstime. What I do not understand is how it comes... More...
posted by afagundes - 8th of november, 2008
Let us analyse how to explore the differences to emphasizes your ideas. DIFFERENCE Difference is about using different visual elements to emphasize the idea the photographer wants to express. DIFFERENCE ADDITION - ACCUMULATION... More...
The design concept of Chinese people
posted by mi624352921 - 22nd of september, 2008
Everyone knows it: The idea of design concept is difference between China and U.S. So,from my pictures,you can find the difference.First image : This image that i want to tell you the idea of design concept what is i have deep love... More...
Contrast image
posted by papuga2006 - 1st of march, 2008
Contrast is the dissimilarity or difference between things, objects, colors. Constrast single out what we want to show on our image gave us specific compound view. We see contrast everywhere, in every aspect of our life. Creating work... More...
What a difference!
posted by cleaper - 24th of january, 2008
Hi there...I am a brand new Dreamstime member and it looks as if I have quite a bit to learn! It was interesting to see that the photos that are most liked by friends, family and Flickr members are the ones that are no good for... More...
Stock vs Fine Art
posted by maigi - 21st of october, 2007
Today I discovered another feature, that distinguishes between a stock photo and a fine art photo. I was visiting British photographer Nina Ludwig's digital photogallery and just had to stop to look at this photo. It's amazing, how... More...
posted by morgancapasso - 11th of september, 2007
In the different nation, we find different attitude in alimention, some time we found difference between city fare less of hundreds miles. I think it would can be an interesting idea to bring out this difference out with our image... More...
Cultural Differences
posted by maigi - 7th of september, 2007
Have you ever wondered, how much your culture may influence the way you understand people of different background? Sometimes when somebody uses too beautiful words, "what a flatterer", can cross our minds, when one don't understand... More...
Spotlight on photos that I like from Dreamstime - 2
posted by saniphoto - 3rd of september, 2007
This is one of the first images that I have seen and appreciated at Dreamstime when I joined. I was looking around to get an idea of what were the kind of images most downloaded and saw this nice photo-methapor. (Only later I found... More...
What is vector?
posted by pauloresende - 19th of july, 2007
For some time that Isee people that don´t now what is vector! They talk in pictures and pixels. They say that are creating vector art in photoshop and when they enlarge the image, they see large pixels. That is not vector! That one... More...
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