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Passage to eternity ...
posted by hellen8 - 9th of august, 2013
" Tutankhamen – His Tomb and Treasures ". The Spectacular Exhibition arrived to the capital of the Czech Republic – Prague. The pharaohs and their passage to eternity ... Way of the... More...
"Your text HERE" - a good idea?
posted by robinstockphotos - 20th of february, 2013
Check out this thread! In the above thread there is a discussion on how to remove the text from the concerned image. Now what I was wondering about is, why do people put that thing there anyway? That was quite a nice customer (or... More...
Macro world in your own garden
posted by risto40 - 21st of june, 2012
Weekends at cottage offers a good change for taking photographs of nature and this spring I took a bit closer look in what is going on in my garden. I have one extreme macro lens which, due to its limitations, most of the time... More...
My Picture: A book cover!! WhooHoo!!! I am EXCITED!!
posted by laqhill - 20th of january, 2012
I am sooo excited!! I just learned that one of my pictures is a book cover for a book that is sold on Amazon. You can see it, or buy the book here: http://www.amazon.com/When-Love-Abides-Freedom/dp/1468123955/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=... More...
The first time I upload vector file!!!!!
posted by lehuishi - 12th of august, 2011
The first time I upload vector file!!!!! Commercial discount theme, welcome click!
Good Things Come To Those Who Wait (and Keep Uploading)
posted by edayrit100 - 11th of august, 2011
Have you been waiting forever for that first ever download? Or perhaps you've been stuck with download number 10 or even 100. Maybe some of your photos just haven't been downloaded at all. Do you feel like throwing in the towel?... More...
The Challenges of Macrophotography
posted by edayrit100 - 7th of august, 2011
Macrophotography presents its own set of challenges quite distinct from your usual photography. First of all, you have to spring for the lens, and that's nothing to sneeze at. Then, you have to get dirty --- I mean, you have to kneel,... More...
Composition: subject in center ?
posted by indianeye - 10th of march, 2011
Every beginner in photography does one mistake which professionals don't like i.e. keeping subject in the center of the frame. He must have been bombarded of advice for not doing that mistake again by senior colleagues. Centered... More...
Forgotten photos
posted by igordabari - 6th of march, 2011
It happens to me from time to time. I take shots and put images to my hard disk to process later, but then I have no time for a week or so. Or something attracts my attention and I took new shots and completely go mad on them and so,... More...
Good sales of a good photo
posted by anhong - 16th of december, 2010
Lovely photos. Very good concept. People team. Thoughtful. Bold perspective.... More...
Corel Draw Tutorial: Disco Ball
posted by robisklp - 25th of november, 2010
Hello everyone, In this second tutorial i'll show everyone how to create disco ball in corel draw. It is also posible to create it in adobe illustrator, but this time i will show cored draw version of this illustration,... More...
Rich and poor
posted by cristalloid - 14th of october, 2010
In Germany actually there is a political discussion on issues of rich and poor people, who should get the money, how much money, who has to pay for this, what is enough money and so on... this discussion has been growing over the last... More...
100 DT Sales ... some statistics and keyword ponderings
posted by bevanward - 7th of september, 2010
I have reached the milestone of 100 sales and thought it was worth telling the community. It has taken 462 days -not that I'm counting ;-) The 100 sales is made up of: 50 individual images have sold 18 images sold multiple times... More...
20% OFF on your next purchase
posted by kimren - 3rd of september, 2010
Today, I received a mail about 20% OFF on your next purchase from the DT. For photographers, this is good news or bad news? Could you give me some advice? More...
About Undiscovered Images
posted by charlydamart - 20th of july, 2010
As all of us know, Dreamstime has a section called UNDISCOVERED IMAGES. Since a long time I can't understand wich criteria is used to cataloge an image as an Undiscovered. I have seen 64 pages of undiscored images and if you sort... More...
Today is a good day ...
posted by cafebeanzphoto - 12th of june, 2010
Christmas, birthday, fathers day, fridays, first day of summer vacation all rolled into one !!!! ..... I was just informed by my lovely wife I can pick out the gift of my choice. And what do I choose, not one, but two, lenses from the... More...
Image follow up!
posted by mani33 - 9th of june, 2010
Hi everyone! I'm always happy navigating DT site and I think it's the most user friendly Microstock agency ever! I'm saying this because now I'm appreciating it even more...! There are some sections that I'm always curious to... More...
posted by robertosch - 5th of april, 2010
Hello everybody and happy Easter, I wonder if after we do collections with our files, they are better found in search... Personally, I don't think so, but still... I have 2 of my own collection that helps me every time I want... More...
Let's have fun together
posted by robertosch - 23rd of march, 2010
Hi everybody! My name is Robert, and I am from Bucharest. Like Dreamstime said: Interact, make friends, share tips and techniques, have fun. What about a beer together? I will also ask my brother Richard, to come. He also has... More...
Feeling old
posted by mildegard - 17th of march, 2010
You know, sometimes I read of the new generation people or meet them myself - people that had never seen a floppy disc. They ask: "What's that square on the Save button?" I feel old. Ancient even)))
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