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Animal lovers spend the day with your pets, don't forget the camera!
posted by lifeontheside - 11th of october, 2013
Hi Everyone, It has been awhile since I have done a blog, so here goes. If you have been sitting around scratching your head for ideas of what stock photos to shoot, while around you your precious cat is doing somersaults... More...
"When Bad Dogs Go Good"
posted by cmoulton - 25th of march, 2013
This is a milestone blog for me and I am silly, giddy, ridiculous happy. You'd think I won a gigantic lottery jackpot and my own private island, and figured how to manifest world peace, I'm so pleased with myself. You see, after... More...
My Favorite Model On The Mend
posted by peanutroaster - 12th of july, 2012
My most willing, cute, undemanding, loyal and easy going model is on the mend after being attacked by a large dog while hiking last Sunday. It happened on the summit of a local small mountain, Mt. Cube which is a two mile hike... More...
10 Traits of a Good Stock Photography Model
posted by peanutroaster - 7th of may, 2012
With the need to keep costs to a minimum in the stock photography world, good models that will work for nothing or close to it are extremely desirable. When you find a good stock photography model you'll certainly know it but here... More...
DockDogs National Championships
posted by peanutroaster - 10th of october, 2011
I took a ride to the Killington Vermont area with my son and West Highlands White Terrier, Tiki to soak in some autumn foliage, view the progress on fixing the roads after Hurricane Irene, check out the hay sculptures and go on a hike.... More...
My Beagle Puppy
posted by buffy1982 - 28th of january, 2011
Hi, Today I want see you my Beagle puppy. He's name is Teddy Junior and has 3 month. Teddy Junior is a Beagle Dog. Teddy is an hunting dog. My Beagle is an energetic and lively dog, with a curious and excitable personality.... More...
Pet Photography: Getting that look with dogs
posted by visceralimage - 20th of january, 2011
Part of my income stream comes from pet photography. I am sure I could make much more shooting weddings but I am not fond of Bridezillas. I get along much better with animals. When photographing dogs, owners want a picture... More...
Studio Pet Photography
posted by visceralimage - 27th of march, 2010
There are times when the weather will not work well for animal photography. Either the sun is to high in the sky, the weather is bad or the light is completely flat. My favorite pet photos are done outside with the pet being... More...
Dachshunds are Good Luck!
posted by harperdrewart - 28th of july, 2009
I've always loved dachshunds. When it was time to adopt my own dogs from the shelter, I chose mixes of dachshund and who knows what else. I love the personality of the breed, and the way they happily waddle on their short legs, unaware... More...
Dogs Expressions - Many Faces of Emotions
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 2nd of april, 2009
Animal lovers will all agree dog's can display emotions. As a photographer its always a "treat" when something like this is memorialized in an image. Here are some examples: Happy Sad/Forelorn Concerned/Distressed... More...
A Moon Dog
posted by markogt - 23rd of march, 2009
I have always loved rainbows and the positive and a bit calm emotion they create. Sometimes we are lucky to see something different. This was the first time that I had seen something that looked like a piece of rainbow at night... More...
Dog Photography - 5 Tips for Improving Images
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 14th of october, 2008
Photographing man's best friend can be challenging. Below you will find 5 tips which could help you improve your images: 1.Camera Settings: Dogs are moving subjects. They rarely stand still for pictures. Select short shutter speeds... More...
Shooting Puppies Two
posted by kropewnicki - 2nd of september, 2008
This is what happens if you bring your own dog and there is "interaction".
Chihuahua,my lovely dog.
posted by xuying1975 - 15th of april, 2008
Chihuahua,my lovely dog.Every month I will bring him to a park, usually Saturday afternoon.Our friend will bring their lovely dogs to the park together.We have a goodtime. More...
2008 Westminster Dog Show
posted by arenacreative - 13th of february, 2008
Guess what breed the winner was this year? A Beagle!! First time ever. My dog is feeling so proud right now - hahah More info here as well as photos of the winning dog: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/... More...
Pet Photography
posted by kimcooney - 13th of december, 2007
www.petdirectory.com.au View articles on pet photography on the world's largest pet website.
Going on animal tour 2
posted by ladyminnie - 13th of december, 2007
Today I choose the dog, how surprising I choose 3 pictures , just randomly. This reminds of the movie 101 dalmations. they are so cute, even if they grow up, they have a high cuties level dogs are the reflection of the caracter... More...
It's a great morning
posted by xippychic - 17th of september, 2007
It is a great morning when you wake up and the most beautiful dog in the world (your own, of course) is exuberant to see you for yet another day even after six years. It doesn’t matter how you wake up, what you feel like, how you... More...
posted by kdimages - 17th of july, 2007
As you can see from above I am Christine Nichols, also known as Kerioak and I got into photography by shooting my own dogs, then other people's then other animals then objects and my curiosity and eagerness to learn about this fascinating... More...
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