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100 online, 100 pictures sold and 100 more dollar
posted by kosika - 3rd of february, 2014
At last I reached these new milestones. I uploaded 100 photos, reached 100 sales and 100 more dollar. I would like to thank all my customer for help achieve my job and reach my aims. : ) Here some of my pictures, which contributed... More...
Reaching the one thousand dollar club
posted by cristalloid - 11th of january, 2014
Hi folks, yesterday I reached what I didn't dare to dream of some time ago: the 1000-dollar-club!! Thanks to all buyers and especially to the one who made me step up...
sales of 2013
posted by sasanka7 - 5th of january, 2014
My milestone of 2013 year in sales are exclusive $184.32. It is not too many, but it is 200% of last years...facebook exclusive community and my last sold picture. More...
1000 Dollar Image
posted by thayyilani - 3rd of december, 2013
Since I'm in Dreamstime, this image gave me more than $1000 from 264 downloads. There are a few other images too from this series and those images also getting lots of downloads. As an exclusive photographer, it's interesting and... More...
3000 dollars
posted by mangroove - 22nd of may, 2013
Hello Dreamtimers :) A few days ago I reached 3000 dollars here on Dreamstime. I am happy with this result, considering that I have only 492 pictures online. I do stock photography as a hobby, only in my free time, and this... More...
1000 Dollars Milestone
posted by arim44 - 28th of september, 2012
Hi Everyone! I would like to share with you a big milestone of 1000$ revenue. I never thought that I'll go so far and earn 1000 dollars from photography. I'm an amateur photographer that joined DT in 2009. I learned a lot through... More...
My first "salary" from DT
posted by peppenero - 25th of september, 2012
Hello! Let the numbers speak: I am here from 2009. I reached the first 50 accepted pics in 2012 March. (I was a bit lazy to upload more..) I went exclusive and more active. I had 2 P-El sale in the end of march I got 46 dollars... More...
Kids at the playground.
posted by korat_cn - 10th of september, 2012
Great! What a beautiful surprise, this image is so loved from buyers! I've uploaded it at the end of may and I've reached an earning of 107 $ today! An estract of my earning page for image no 19361916. Views:1594 Downloads:... More...
2000 dollars and still loyal :)
posted by mangroove - 12th of july, 2012
Hello Dreamstimers, It’s a long time since I wrote my last blog. But a have a excuse, my life changed a little bit, a little bit means I changed my job, my apartment, everything :) But I did not quit Dreamstime, I continued to... More...
My first 200 $$$
posted by gennaro86 - 26th of april, 2012
Yesterad, finally I sold my 129th photo and I earned my first 200 dollars? I'm very happy and finally I can buy a new lens. I'm thinking buy Tamron 90 mm 2.8 Macro; Is It good on D90 camera? Is it good for macro? And now some pictures... More...
First 100$ milestone reached
posted by baldas1950 - 3rd of march, 2012
Today I returned home after a week of vacation in the mountains (without internet connection), and am happy to have found that my income has exceeded the first $100!! This is the picture (downloaded as TIFF!) that has made exceed the... More...
1000 $ made from sales
posted by thanatonautii - 10th of october, 2011
Dear people of Dreamstime, I`m very happy to announce that a couple of days ago I have reached 1000$ made from sales. I`m very excited so I wanted to share it with you all. I made 1000 $ in almost 2 years and 600 sales. It`s ok, as... More...
500 dollards
posted by card76 - 3rd of october, 2011
Thanks to this panoramic view of Bukhara I reached my first 500 dollars from dreamstime buyers Thanks! Fabio
Yaşasın! The first $100!
posted by hypnocreative - 29th of september, 2011
Today is a special day! I've finally completed my first $100 milestone on DT and my best earning day in the microstock. Lovely... :) PS: "Yaşasın" (ya-sha-sin) is a Turkish exclamation which is similar to "Ole" and "Viva".. love... More...
One Year Anniversary and 100 dollars
posted by macleoddesigns - 22nd of september, 2011
Today marks my one year anniversary on the site, its my highest amount of accepted photos my largest payout for an individual image and breaking the 100 dollar mark! thats the breaker of the 100 dollar mark and highest... More...
1000 dollars!
posted by mangroove - 18th of august, 2011
Hello all! I am happy to announce that today I reached 1000 dollars. I am a member since January 2010. First two months I did not have any sale so I started to doubt having any success in the stock photography, I stopped uploading... More...
Finally $200!
posted by noodles73 - 28th of july, 2011
Hi, finally celebrating $200 with a classic sold again today and one of the first pics uploaded on DT.... This July was kind of harsh, a lot of subscriptions and long periods with no sales, but I managed to reache the $... More...
Wish for a 50$ minimun payout
posted by klicaqui - 25th of july, 2011
Hi everyone Don't you wish that the minimun payout here on dreamstime could be 50$ instead of 100$. I am a hobby photographer and don't have the time to upload and take pictures as much as I'd like too, so... obviously my revenue... More...
My biggest earner
posted by danienel - 22nd of july, 2011
As a guy who shoots a lot of food, it stands to reason that a lot of my fall-off images from commercial work would be food related. I'm very chuffed with this little earner. It's brought me home $20.77 so far. In just more than... More...
first 100 dollars
posted by jlhope - 7th of july, 2011
Today is a great day ,my first 100 dollars is coming. wish another 100 dollars coming soon. wow...
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