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posted by irisangel - 27th of july, 2009
This is my latest milestone, 4,300 Downloads. This image is also one of my newest. I just uploaded it last week. The reason I like to post these blogs, is to hopefully, give people just starting out here, a reason to believe that with... More...
500 sales :)
posted by mitch1921 - 10th of july, 2009
Today I reach 500 DLs... I'm so happy.... Here is my 500th image sold.. It's also my best selling image and best earning... Thank you everyone :) :) :)
Most Downloaded vs. Highest Price Paid
posted by toynutz - 8th of july, 2009
It is a surprise to me which of my submissions generate the most downloads as opposed to which ones earn me the most income. For instance, the Mini Cooper S Convertible, a diecast scale model miniature, has been downloaded seven times,... More...
Why some submarines sell?
posted by gmargittai - 1st of july, 2009
Greetings, I am like most of you puzzled about what sells and why. I have here two pictures I took before I even thought about stock photography. They got accepted nevertheless. While one of them was getting at the beginning a lot... More...
4+ Months for the first 100 DLs
posted by lcjtripod - 29th of june, 2009
I am happy with the results on DT with 100 DLs in just over 4 months here as a new member. A little more than 500 images on line now and I will be adding more. I also have earned my first paycheck on DT in less than 4 months.... More...
New Trend in n/a Sales
posted by sgcallaway1994 - 29th of june, 2009
I'm noticing a new trend: 1. 75% (6/8) of my last downloads are from n/a sales 2. I don't have any photos in the free section 3. ALL of my photos are in both private and public COLLECTIONS What does this mean: (My Conclusions)... More...
Where are the Views at?
posted by voodooshack - 15th of june, 2009
I've made my biggest push for uploads in the last couple of weeks by adding 27 new pictures of the desert in the southwest part of the USA, and it's all been for naught. Not a single one of them has had a view to this point, let alone... More...
Oh happy day, finally made 50 images online!
posted by alaskaparks - 14th of june, 2009
Please check out my portfolio, I think i'm finally getting the hang of it!
Reached 1000 sales in two years
posted by robisklp - 1st of june, 2009
It took me 2 years to reach 1000 sales in DT. Now i think that i'm really getting better at doing illustrations on the last months, but it's still much to learn. Now i'm going to slow down on doing illustrations and will try to learn... More...
posted by irisangel - 27th of may, 2009
This image is my 3,800th DL. I joined DT in January 2008 and in the time I have been here, I have learned so much from all the contributors and the wonderful blogs from the admins here. So, I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to all my... More...
Imaging the keywords
posted by alexhor - 18th of may, 2009
I don't know if anyone covered that subject but here is my few cents. In stock photography we are familiar with the term "keywording the images". Pretty hard task to do. Sometimes even hard to figure ten descent keywords. With time... More...
posted by mollysauro - 11th of may, 2009
today I have reached a personal goal and have rec'd 100 downloads from other users Thank you to each and everyone of you that has downloaded one of my images
Level 5 - My Birthday Gift
posted by thefinalmiracle - 11th of may, 2009
Is the title of this blog confusing?? Well it shouldn't be. Lately there was a debate on the board about whether assignment images should be shown first in the MOST POPULAR section in our portfolio. I had voted that they shouldn't be.... More...
posted by michaeljung - 3rd of may, 2009
After 15 months doing stock photograhpy, finally reached 5000 downloads, it's not great but it's a mark. my first sale on stock photos: my 5000th sale:
posted by alecbrown - 28th of april, 2009
Since I have been here at DT it seems that, of my sales, most images downloaded are of objects or abstract 'arty' images... does this mean that stock photos are used mainly in the art business? or to promote/caputure an object in... More...
Latest photo area
posted by bradcalkins - 28th of april, 2009
One of the hidden gems on the DT main page is the 'Latest' tab: Latest Photos This gives you two very interesting tools: 1. Latest downloads. This is a quick look at 5 or so of the latest purchases made by buyers. I am often... More...
A year of DT - measuring sales growth
posted by bradcalkins - 28th of april, 2009
Spring is in the air, and we're starting to see some buds forming. I had to bring them inside for this shot to get away from the snow we are still having! Spring is a good time for my one year DT anniversary. I've definitely met... More...
Less Is More - Case In Point
posted by kbkgraphx - 2nd of april, 2009
The title of this blog; "Less Is More - Case In Point" refers to what I consider to be a pretty fair amount of downloads I have earned with a relatively small amount of images available... Specifically: Nearly $450.00 in earnings... More...
Why does this simple picture has so many downloads of my on line photos
posted by luming - 27th of march, 2009
This picture has the most downloas of my online photos in current.It is not shoot by a camera, but it is made by a software named 3D max ,In the picture is only a football on the grassland, and the most importantly is this picture... More...
the 100th Download!
posted by toneimage - 13th of march, 2009
Today,my 100th download appears on DT,It came after 1 year & 2 months,hope the 2nd 100th come faster^^
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