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The Dreamstime Challenge on Graphics.com
posted by maigi - 14th of april, 2010
Graphics.com announced a new design challenge based on Dreamstime images. Their monthly theme is a spiral motif. "Whether found in nature, crafted by the human hand or generated by mathematics, the spiral has long been a potent graphical... More...
Most popular images - why, when, how
posted by nikitu - 30th of march, 2010
Every person who is at least half serious about microstock will, at some point, open the page that lists the most popular images on Dreamstime. It is a well known fact we inspire from each other's success images but what works for... More...
Good Easter
posted by ciska76 - 29th of march, 2010
Dear friends of Dreamstime together with this cute chick that I have illustrated I wanted to anticipate you my wishes of Good Easter. I offer a piece of chocolate to all of you to make you so much sweet this party. My wishes to the... More...
How to Upload and Submit Images at Dreamstime
posted by countedsorrow2 - 10th of february, 2010
Uploading photos at Dreamstime.com may seem daunting at first, but it's easy as can be once you know how! Even if you are already proficient at uploading photos, you still might want to check out the KEYWORDS section... More...
Why our Referral Program is the best?
posted by achilles - 5th of february, 2010
Ever wondered about the differences between various Referral/Affiliate Programs out there? Behind PR strategies and campaigns, there are real differences one should consider. Although I'm referring mainly to the Stock Photography... More...
Are you planning exclusivity? Some tips for newbies
posted by titania1980 - 14th of january, 2010
I would like to share my 3 years experience with newbies who are considering exclusivity. Well in fact I AM an exclusive photog, since middle of 2008, I'll try to put all the pros and cons regarding exclusivity. First question:... More...
'Twas the Night Before Christmas (Facebook style)
posted by davidwattsjr - 23rd of december, 2009
Perhaps many of us are also on Facebook... here's a little something I wrote in honor of the holidays. Perhaps you'll enjoy. Twas the night before Christmas, and all thru Facebook Not a creature was stirring, not even Mafia... More...
posted by nikitu - 26th of august, 2009
Vision is what makes each photographer different from the others and in fact, each human being different from the others. Vision is our own unique way to interpret the outside world. It is also "the thing" that makes our images.... More...
Hello everyone!
posted by patricktam - 25th of august, 2009
Hello! I am a new one on Dreamstime. I like lens, old MF lens, and enjoy using them to take photographs. It is very nice to see photographers from all over the world. I have upload some photographs and now, they are pending yet.... More...
Do you feel rejected and don't know what to do?
posted by nikitu - 24th of august, 2009
Stock phototographer's biggest issue with the agencies where he submits to is rejections, after which comes revenue and other factors. So, I am going to talk a bit about this otherwise forbidden subject and I hope that when I... More...
two hundred and growing.
posted by petroruth - 21st of august, 2009
The second hundred uploads did go on faster than the first hundred I must be learning something. It is great to have dreamstime photographers as a support group. Especialy Susan (noonie) Thanks for all your help in growing on dreams... More...
good morning people :)
posted by amikphoto - 26th of july, 2009
Hello. My name is Alex. I'm from Russia. I'm sorry for my English - it's not good enough. I decided to write some here just to open my soul :) I'm new in stocks. I've earned 12$ for now. (133 photos uploaded). I would say dreamstime... More...
Connect your Dreamstime and Facebook accounts!
posted by achilles - 20th of july, 2009
For the busy social person in you, we've designed a new application allowing you to connect Dreamstime with Facebook account and update your wall based on your latest Dreamstime activity (your most recent uploads or newest... More...
Join Dreamstime on Facebook and Twitter
posted by achilles - 1st of june, 2009
Dreamstime goes active and interactive! If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account, you can now keep updated with our most recent news, posts, and activity in general each time you access your account on these two social networking... More...
Life Can't Be Better On Dreamstime
posted by maigi - 1st of june, 2009
Wow, DT has become my best selling agency on this stock wonderland!!! With average 1.44 RPD this year, DT is definitely a company that makes you feel as a real partner. With the kind communication with contributors, DT team has made... More...
How we, the people, changed stock photography forever.
posted by nikitu - 26th of may, 2009
Somewhere around the year 2001, what everyone knew as stock photography was going to change forever. It was no longer a small niche of professional photographers that could be represented by stock agencies. Anyone with access to the... More...
How to address a message to support
posted by nikitu - 19th of may, 2009
This is a subject that probably many of you still have questions about and that us, admins, would like to make more clear. Here are some general guideline about addressing messages to support: - make sure you explain your problem... More...
Setting goals
posted by saniphoto - 6th of april, 2009
In microstock goals setting is a vital part of the process. Goals channels your energy in a clear direction. With goals you have somewhere to go. Realistic goals examples can be: - monthly upload of an X number of images - weekly... More...
My first 2,000 sales
posted by litifeta - 15th of february, 2009
Just a quick message to thank all you wonderful people who have helped me reach an important milestone: 2000 sales. I was hoping that 400 uploads would correspond with the milestone but missed it by "that much". I sincerely hope... More...
I'm going to be exclusive photographer for Dreamstime soon
posted by yhca - 3rd of february, 2009
I feel excited! I'm closing account with other agencies and going exclusive in DT. Hope my days will get better! Wish me the best! :)
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