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looking for stock shots in hawaii
posted by taragolden - 10th of january, 2009
im still learning about what to shoot and what not to shoot.. hawaii is a challenging cuz everything is so stunning and interesting i think of course everyone will want to have that pic.. ONLY, DT isnt interested in pics of shave icea... More...
ironic that a neon pig is my most popular image by far. Oink!
posted by taragolden - 10th of december, 2008
who ever would have guessed i find dreamstime success in the form of a neon pig?I am actually a semi vegetarian and eat mostly raw food. It goes to show that your own interests/beliefs could be completely immaterial when it comes... More...
My image in this month’s assignment.
posted by creativei - 27th of november, 2008
There were loads of complaint and discussion when the assignment was announced. First it was for late second people thought they don’t have a dreamstime t-shirt to compete, third people were confused forth some people were angry saying... More...
One In A Million
posted by maigi - 30th of october, 2008
You're one in a million How did I miss that announcement on front page: New milestone reached: our community currently counts 1,000,000 registered users, buyers, contributors, visitors, all photography passionates who choose and use... More...
Discussion on More Money or More Online Pic of DT
posted by lhj - 21st of october, 2008
Just read one interesting blog established by a DT photographer. His question is very interesting: When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious? Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD download? Or when your 500th... More...
When are you serious?
posted by studioceja - 21st of october, 2008
I just responded to a blog posted by a new member with words of encouragement.... however, I was left pondering one question: When do you consider your Dreamstime involvement serious? Is it when you achieve your first $100 USD... More...
How to create your own blogs in Dreamstime?
posted by lhj - 14th of october, 2008
Upon replying one of messages today, the blow blog was created so smoothly. This might be quite helpful for some friends who also would like to create their own blogs. I'd like to share with all of you..... It's not difficult to... More...
Elvis has left the building
posted by litifeta - 27th of august, 2008
Don't ask me why, but I decided to do a search for Elvis on Dreamstime. And the results had me shaking baby! I was a all shook up. So for this blog I thought I would give you a little less conversation a little more action please. Action... More...
5 Months on Dreamstime: What inspires you?
posted by mattography - 20th of august, 2008
What inspires you in your photography? With summer finally coming to an end, I am greatly relieved due to the fact that I have taken pictures of everything around me and in my city and am looking forward to cooler temperatures and fall... More...
Things every Canon owner needs
posted by litifeta - 7th of august, 2008
Regardless of whether you have a Rebel, or a 1Ds, there are certain things every Canon owner should have. Most of the consumer DSLRs are very good, a 400D or a 450D is a great choice for starting to shoot stock photography. There... More...
First payout
posted by talanis - 30th of july, 2008
I'm all excited because I just reached my first payout at Dreamstime with this photo. I started last fall with a small portfolio but really got into it in may this year when I tripled my portfolio in that month. The effects of this... More...
Exclusive Decision
posted by photojay - 16th of july, 2008
Well, I have decided to stop uploading to other sites, which is the first step to becoming EXCLUSIVE with Dreamstime. Over the next few months I will be able to disable images from other sites to allow the individual images to become... More...
Learned A Very Good Lesson From A Snail Early On In Life
posted by lifesazoo - 7th of july, 2008
Every time I see a new thread pop up about it taking too long for pictures to be approved I get this song going through my head from when I was a child. I am now in my 30's and I still remember life lessons that I learned through songs.... More...
One Month in Dreamstime
posted by zqfotography - 6th of july, 2008
I came to DT one month ago. During the past month, i got 254 files approved and also 9 sales along with them. Very glad that users choose my photos and hopefully i may see my photos on show sometime somewhere in this little planet.... More...
i find blogging useful because..
posted by fertographer - 11th of june, 2008
of the free credit i get. That very credit i got i effectively used it to purchase photos which my friend needed for her project. I need not convert any earnings yet I am still able to help out by providing the picture as needed... More...
After two months on Dreamstime...
posted by mattography - 4th of june, 2008
I've recently passed the two month mark here on Dreamstime, and I am completely addicted! Every hour on the hour I stop by to see if any of my pictures have been downloaded yet today, or if any of my submissions have been approved.... More...
First Download
posted by klicaqui - 23rd of may, 2008
Only started building my portfolio on dreamstime and only 4 days after my first upload I already got a download, I´m very happy
My new “editorial” life
posted by valeria73 - 6th of may, 2008
In February Dereamstime has launched the new editorial licence and this has changed my photographic life but not only that. Let me explain. I’ve always loved taking pictures of the places I visit but my obsession was to take... More...
Photographer to designer
posted by nightangel666 - 13th of april, 2008
It's been a real long time since I'm a contributor over here. Working with photos but also providing fantasy background for photomanipulators and designers. But I recently got on the other side of Dreamstime ! That is to say that I'... More...
Oldest members
posted by papuga2006 - 6th of march, 2008
With my research on DT I found some interesting information about Dreamstime. Obviously every one knows that the first member on DT is Achilles he has got the oldest photos and has been online since February 15, 2004 as his profile... More...
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