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Most Barrier For Chinese to Join the Dreamstime
posted by zhuanghua - 27th of february, 2008
This's the first blog in my life and my career in Dreamstime must be a new start in my life. Feb 24th, 2008,I spent almost whole night on this great site!And I've known how to upload pictures by ftp and how to edit the pictures... More...
I need a niagara waterfall
posted by anatoliyvorokh - 26th of february, 2008
Hello, my dear friends! I'm need small picture of Niagara waterfall and want to take it from Dreamstime. Thank you!
Why we love Dreamstime
posted by shuttlecock - 16th of february, 2008
That extra pocket money that it provides is fantastic (although I do hate those cheap 0.30cts sales). Pushes me to learn and improve on photography. Taught me about vectors which I knew nothing about a year ago. Hopefully I see... More...
Top 10 Hot Bikini Girls
posted by shuttlecock - 15th of february, 2008
These are the top 10 "hot bikini girls" in DT ranked by the most dls. More...
RPD - Revenue Per Download
posted by maigi - 5th of february, 2008
In March 2007 DT introduced new subscription plans for buyers and credits for contributors (Price updates and strategy for 2007). It has been a widely discussed topic since then how $0.25 sales affect contributors. Today I noticed... More...
Music & Related
posted by sorinus - 5th of february, 2008
Check out my new collection Music and Related New pictures are waiting for aproval... Hope you will find something you will like!!!
Buy your credits at Dreamstime: Why DT is best for image buyers!
posted by notebook - 2nd of february, 2008
Most blogs on here come from DT contributors – photographers. This blog post looks at needs of those on the other end of the creative process – consumers of photographers’ work – BUYERS. My point in a nutshell: Dreamstime is... More...
Finding your DT images on web
posted by wildhorsedesigns - 31st of january, 2008
There was a blog on finding your DT images that were downloaded and used on the web but am unable to find the blog. How does one find thier images and how they were used on the web? HOw doe one do this search?
Searching through Dreamstime Images
posted by gurvindersingh - 22nd of january, 2008
Dreamstime's website is possibly the best for searching an displaying of relevant results. The website is fast and easily usable by all. However, there are some tips that may help you to better refine your search results. The first... More...
gimme some money!
posted by taragolden - 11th of january, 2008
well, hey, i dont consider myself too money oriented, but ill confess i came on dreamstime with the hope/dream of making some extra cash to pay the bills. being a filmmaker is a little like being an actor.. most of us have other jobs,... More...
Please help me - How to make the most of dreamstime images
posted by wleader - 11th of january, 2008
I really enjoy this website Does anyone know if the site keeps a record of your viewing history it would help me heaps me with web development.
Download #500
posted by djapeman - 10th of january, 2008
Hello everyone! This is my first article here, and that is because I waited for something special to write about it... OK, maybe 500 dls isn't so special, but at least this was a little push for me to write this :P So, this is the... More...
Getting to know Dreamstime
posted by taragolden - 6th of january, 2008
I feel a little like this seagull, looking at the waves, and thinking about the best way to jump in.. I was told about this site by another photographer right before x-mas and ive been adding photos since this, though many are still... More...
posted by sorinus - 31st of december, 2007
Happy New Year to everyone... Thank you dreamstime for the good year and for a chance to make some extra money in a very nice and easy way.....
Dreamstime Potential
posted by deepfrog17 - 28th of december, 2007
After plugging away for over a year, and realizing the stock industry needs, I could never have imagined this Dreamstime Potential. There seems to be a real need for stock photography that isn't boring like you would think. In fact... More...
Free images section
posted by sharppixel - 13th of november, 2007
with the price of everything going up in the world constantly its nice to know i can spend a couple minutes of my time and actually get something free. images like these help in our everyday work!
Achilles on Microstock Diaries
posted by fotogeek - 13th of november, 2007
Hi Everyone, Look what I found here! Keep up the good work Serban!
Dreamstime Charity
posted by thefinalmiracle - 12th of november, 2007
I had decided this from the beginning but I had avoided mentioning it in the forums or blogs till I actually did it. Everyone who has read my earlier blog about the charity concert is aware that the concert is tomorrow - 13th November... More...
Is Dreamstime the best?
posted by nicemonkey - 8th of november, 2007
Is Dreamstime the best? well is it? for me you bet ya....the sales are really picking up month on month and with the new pricing structure it can only get better....
Quiet revolution
posted by achilles - 1st of november, 2007
Every month we break our own records. No need to bother you with this, you already know the trend. Some facts regarding our latest evolution are always welcome, so here we go: October was the best month in sales, extended licenses,... More...
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