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  • Quiet revolution

    by Achilles | 1st of November, 2007

    Every month we break our own records. No need to bother you with this, you already know the trend. Some facts regarding our latest evolution are always welcome, so here we go: October was the best month in sales, extended licenses, payments sent to photographers, images... More
  • New record for SR-EL license - $5,100

    by Achilles | 24th of October, 2007

    The previous record of $4,500 for a SR-EL license was exceeded today with a $5,100 sale. The file was acquired with exclusive SR-EL rights by a chocolate producer. The image listed on the left is for illustration purposes only. The acquired file was very similar, but it... More
  • Dreamstime accepted as a CEPIC member

    by Achilles | 18th of October, 2007

    We have just been informed us that our application for membership in CEPIC was approved by the CEPIC Board of Directors and Dreamstime thus becomes the first member of CEPIC from the microstock community. Sylvie Fodor, CEPIC Executive Director, sent us the news today... More
  • Thankyou dreamstime!~

    by Fertographer | 10th of October, 2007

    Just recieved my assignment prize yesterday, ipod and the t-shirt. I thought the t shirt really looked great!! I wore it immediately today in school for the whole day, its really a simple yet funky shirt. I guess I'm dreamstime's ambassador for today and every other day... More
  • First few sales

    by Pirate59 | 8th of October, 2007

    Ive been here for about a month now, and am really glad to announce that i have had some sales =) I basically believe that everyone loves their own photos and thinks they should sell. Its hard not to be biased towards yourself. But when someone else actually hands over... More
  • Dreamstime Therapy

    by Dcwcreations | 5th of October, 2007

    O.k. I came up with a good idea and I thought I'd throw it out there for thought. Any good therapist will tell you that when you need some cheering up you should find some thing out of everyday to make you happy. And everytime I get a sale on Dreamstime I'm like a little... More
  • Real Dreamstime royalties

    by Achilles | 2nd of October, 2007

    What's the real royalty rate that Dreamstime awards to its photographers? Thanks to the bonuses we support, the royalties are in fact higher than our contract with you, the contributors, bounds us. While the Sell your images page or our terms mention the standard 50-60%... More
  • Dreamstime rewards us with apple ipod

    by Fertographer | 25th of September, 2007

    Retaining loyalty from contributors, I feel Dreamstime has been offering many good rewards from its T shirt to Ipod and definitely the latest trip to learn from Ron Chapple. For many newbies who are starting out here on the vast stock photography market, we have so much... More
  • Brightqube - see David fighting Goliaths!

    by Achilles | 20th of September, 2007

    The David fighting Goliaths! Power to the people! A news leaked out yesterday. A beta site was revealed, you can see it here, before the official press release. It is called BrightQube. I must confess I don't know why, but I can guess: it has a clever navigation and a... More
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 18

    by Saniphoto | 18th of September, 2007

    Again a witty, creative and humorous image. My favourites. This simple image of a businessman with his laptop is funny and could be used in various way by designers. It make a good stock image in my opinion. One from which to take inspiration. See Article
  • My First weeks at Dreamstime...

    by Pirate59 | 17th of September, 2007

    Well, its been now 2 weeks with Dreamstime. So far i have had 11 accepted photos, out of a few more =) I can only put in great words for this site. The willingness for not just stock contribution, but the development of the community through some very high quality... More
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 17

    by Saniphoto | 17th of September, 2007

    I like conceptual images and this one is a very good one that I found casually during some browsing around Dreamstime. Is a concept for spa and wellness. Simple (three elements: hands bowl and petals) and well conceived in composition and lightning. See Article
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 16

    by Saniphoto | 16th of September, 2007

    I love minimalism and this splendid image with simplicity express the feeling of winter. It is just wonderful. I do not need too many word, it speaks for itself. See Article
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 15

    by Saniphoto | 15th of September, 2007

    This photo of racehorse finish is stunning for two reasons the vivid colors and the dynamism. The good panning brought this perfect feeling of movement. A difficult shoot surely. I almost envy the author of this image. See Article
  • My Dreamstime anniversary.

    by Sebcz | 14th of September, 2007

    It's my first DT anniversary today, whoa! Time flies, doesn't it. Time to look back and analyze what happened during this time. As I look at the statistics chart, my first months were completely idle in building portfolio. I uploaded my first files in November. No wonder... More
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 14

    by Saniphoto | 14th of September, 2007

    Splendid composition and timing for this photo from a guy specialized in animals images (look at his portfolio). To catch the right moment to photograph such fierce lion expression need surely a lot of patience and ability. I admire it. See Article
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 13

    by Saniphoto | 13th of September, 2007

    I fell in love with this image, for the blue tonality of overall image and the feeling of quiet tranquility of the sea with the boat calmly sailing. Relaxing! See Article
  • Spot on images that I like from Dreamstime - 12

    by Saniphoto | 12th of September, 2007

    One of the best wedding image I have seen recently. There is evrything: the natural set, the beautiful couple, the composition and colors. It is an image that screams: 'happiness'! See Article
  • Received and enjoying my prize

    by Mailthepic | 11th of September, 2007

    I receive my gift from Dreamstime today and the IPod sound very good. Thank you very much, it came at the very precise timing where it help me to cool down after all the bug that happening at DT. With the super Total sales: 2147483647 in my folio who care .You all can take... More
  • RF for all over the world and Universe

    by Starblue | 10th of September, 2007

    In one of our Czech magazines, a professional photograph talked about contracts he had to sign during his career. We are used to the one of Dreamstime, and so it might look almost fantastic to us what can be written in a contract. In one of the contracts, mentioned by... More

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