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Stay Frosty
posted by ellenboughn - 9th of september, 2008
Images of refreshing beverages, both alcoholic and otherwise are used for purposes as diverse as major ads and invitations to small parties. The virtues of drinking eight glasses of water daily may have come under scrutiny recently... More...
When life gives you lemons...
posted by peanutroaster - 31st of january, 2012
...it's time to make lemon-aide. This winter weather has me thinking about summer time I suppose. Hot days and cool drinks are on my mind as the snow falls outside. Something as simple as picking up a bag of lemons at the supermarket... More...
Drink and restaurant collection!
posted by epstock - 1st of november, 2011
check out our food, drink and restaurant shots in our new collection! http://www.dreamstime.com/food-drink-and-restaurants-rcollection16992-resi1772438 best, ep stockphoto team
Flashlight did the job
posted by risto40 - 29th of october, 2011
It's just amazing what a single small pocket flashlight can do with images, instead of using onboard flash. One evening I was taking pictures in a dark room. My "model" was a small alcohol glass. When I shoot on tripod, I always use... More...
In the Holiday Spirit
posted by karenfoleyphotography - 23rd of october, 2011
It’s that time of year again... I love the Holidays if for no other reason than they gives me a guilt free excuse for imbibing in festive cocktails (of course, when you’ve reached Half a Century, you realize life is too short... More...
Preparing for winter
posted by llareggub - 21st of october, 2011
In preparation for the long cold winter months I have been on a bit of a spending spree to helo me produce new content over winter and my first purchase was a light cube, I had been using an array of stuff to get a studio type shot.... More...
Inspiration while drinking a coffee
posted by m4rio1979 - 13th of october, 2011
I love coffee, and there is always one big cup of coffee on my table while I am working on my computer. A few days ago I was drinking a coffee and wanted to test out my new home made studio for isolated images. Since I was having my... More...
enjoy summer but watch the heat
posted by tan510jomast - 20th of july, 2011
if you are doing exerting sports like roller skating stay hydrated , take a breather find a shady place to relax and cool down be careful, if working such as heavy work or if you have some nasal concerns... More...
tiff sales CHEERS BUYER !
posted by tan510jomast - 18th of june, 2011
Hey all, hope your Spring or Summer or whatever season you are having in your parts of the woods started well for you. For me, anytime winter is gone is enough reason for me to cheer. Speaking of cheers, I keep reading all of you... More...
posted by dmccale - 5th of june, 2011
And put sunscreen on yourself and the little ones. Take care of your self and your equipment. HAVE FUN!!! (((H))) :) More...
A new collection
posted by llareggub - 19th of february, 2011
As a new user I am intrigued by the idea of collections here on Dreamstime and have started to put together a collection of my own... The idea revolves around playing with food and drink, images with a little imagination or humour... More...
Coffee collection
posted by mythja - 11th of february, 2011
hi. here is my coffee collection. hope you like it
Getting downloads is only the icing... (no pun intended)
posted by tan510jomast - 4th of may, 2010
Well, I have been rather lazy as far as writing another blog these few weeks. The winter is over and I am spending less time indoors Naturally, all the extra fresh air, sunshine and activity can be taxing on oneself. The winds... More...
Has DT Ever Given You a EUI
posted by conceptualcreations - 25th of april, 2010
We are all guilty, kicking back with a few beers, wine, or whiskey, and some of us have been fortunate and slid by. However, for those who weren't so lucky have seen the flashing green swirls on their monitor, stopping the editing process,... More...
ice cold
posted by kikkerdirk - 3rd of january, 2010
A toast, an ice cold toast on the new year. With some of my newest frozen images! I Wish you all a happy new and creative year!
posted by sylvaindeutsch - 4th of december, 2009
let's have an aperitif, i made a scene with some nice glass! enjoy it:)
my favorite cake :)
posted by amikphoto - 30th of july, 2009
today I photographed cakes.. :) It's very tasty and delicious work :) I'm uploading photos now and drinking tea :) This is not the first time when I photographing food. I like good cooking :) Last week I photographed salads :)... More...
Cheer yourself up with this glass of cool drink!
posted by tanyae - 10th of june, 2009
If you are hot this summer, why not to cheer yourself up with this glass of cool drink! Or perhaps you'd prefer a cup of fresh ice strawberry? Here you are! And finally cold orange-mint tea is my favorite ones -... More...
Tea and the Tea Culture of China
posted by rockpig - 15th of april, 2009
quote:http://www.rmloho.com/user6/42009/archives/2007/270911.html Since I started my major in the tea culture of China, I have been deeply impressed by its sophistication and beauty. I would like to share some fascinating aspects of... More...
Gourmet coffee........Delicious!
posted by phakimata - 7th of december, 2007
Who doesn't like a nice cup of coffee? Some drink it for pleasure, to just enjoy the flavor and smell of it. Others drink it as a stimulant. And others drink it because they're 'addicted' and can't live without, and some just simply... More...
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