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Easter............ Centre piece of Christian Calendar
posted by davidwatmough - 13th of april, 2014
Without Easter and the crucifixion and resurrection the Christian church probably wouldn't exist. Getting to heaven is important to many people. I've been looking at best selling images from Dreamstime collection and looking at some... More...
Stock Photography beginner
posted by opreaioan - 5th of december, 2013
All about me in a few words. My name is Ioan Oprea and I'm 28. I was born in a little isolated village, named Crihalma (here) is the link to the history of the village) located in the heart of Transylvanian... More...
Ready for a happy Easter?
posted by fantasyart - 1st of march, 2013
I just finished my collection of cards and motives for Easter 2013. These are some of the illustrations I created for this year. Rabbits, eggs, baskets and colorful motifs are obviously the main protagonists. :-) More...
New images, cracks and eggs!
posted by gbfoto - 15th of june, 2012
I have had some time on my hands the last days as I managed to crack my toe (ouch) and was instructed not to walk unless necessary. I think I had too much spare time and cracks and stuff on the brain :O) I found the time to do some... More...
Happy Day! 100 Uploads!
posted by cmoulton - 6th of april, 2012
Well, after a very long learning process, which of course continues to continue ;) I logged onto Dreamstime today to find a little surprise - Overnight the images I had in the queue were reviewed and finally next to word "Uploads"... More...
Lovely funny egg
posted by donatandi - 4th of march, 2012
I love my egg... and really hope will sell well and soon!
First P-EL sale!
posted by julia161 - 15th of july, 2011
I have today my first 50 credit sale. Thanks DT :) Here is the picture.
New landmark of Beijing, China
posted by fairyseasky - 9th of may, 2011
The National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA)( National Grand Theatre), and colloquially described as The Egg, is an opera house in Beijing, People's Republic of China. The Centre, an ellipsoid dome of titanium and glass surrounded... More...
"Eggcelent" adventure...
posted by llareggub - 25th of march, 2011
As I mentioned in an earlier blog sprin is an exciting if extremely busy time of the year for me, as a small holder this is the time of year when the promise of the bounty of the new year starts here with our chickens. We do... More...
Diversity at last...
posted by llareggub - 22nd of march, 2011
I have spent all winter working on shot indoors at playing with some ideas as well as churning out lots of shots that have probably been done a thousand times, but it has been a great learning process. However I have been jonesing... More...
What does it mean to be a photographer!
posted by gwoeii - 18th of june, 2010
Not to long ago, I left my cushy job in the corporate world, not to say that it is there anymore anyway! With time in my hand to reminisce on what I could have & wanted to be, I realised that many many years ago, I have a love for photography,... More...
colorful egg
posted by joe1971 - 6th of may, 2010
One day,I walked at the street,and seen a lot of children was drawing on the egg carefully,so I taken a photo.
The Concept of Easter Icons!
posted by mani33 - 26th of march, 2010
Hi everybody! I have noticed that many of us don't know the concept of Easter icons! For my curiosity, I have tried to find answers to: What was the origin of the Rabbit & the Egg symbols in the Easter?! I have asked some... More...
easter pic
posted by nrey - 21st of february, 2010
Friends, it's time to buy my Easter pictures!
Let's start the egg hunt!
posted by studioportosabbia - 19th of february, 2010
Only six weeks till we celebrate easter so it's time to upload the easter eggs etc. if you haven't done so. I only have to online here but with a little help I can create an easter egg collection so show me what you've got! More...
50 images online
posted by janahorova - 7th of october, 2009
on 20th of August I wrote this article: http://blog.dreamstime.com/2009/08/20/my-first-sale-with-only-5-photos_art30209 I had only 5 images online. Now i have ten times more. I applied for exclusivity yesterday too. I could bevome... More...
Beggars are Choosers
posted by thefinalmiracle - 21st of september, 2009
Well I felt that just this one latest situation I saw, triggered this blog, I was just looking around at some books while walking on the road. There were as usual peddlers and beggars around. I ignored them and was quite engaged... More...
posted by janahorova - 20th of august, 2009
I´m on dreamstime only a few months and have there only this five photos and this is my first sale and my first dollar there I´m very happy about it because I take photos only since... More...
Bring photos for free ... Yes or no?
posted by claudiofichera - 19th of august, 2009
A week ago I put a photo for free. Many questions about donating, position among the other, etc. The data is this: 1)My photos are not bad. It had no discharge, On the second day had 33 downloads! Today 52 dls! 2)No one has left a... More...
Why Easter egg?
posted by billysiew - 10th of april, 2009
Why Easter egg? Why egg related to easter? In many churches, after easter sunday service, an Easter egg will be given to every congregation. For my understanding, Easter egg represent a life ~ Jesus is alive. So we eat Easter egg... More...
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