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  • 3D Renders - When is it big enough?

    by Avion49 | 21st of August, 2010

    As 3D artists, the size of the render we submit is totally up to us. All we have to do is to be willing to "put up" with tying our computers up while the image renders. This can take anywhere from mere minutes (the Marlin only took 15 mins) to hours (like this room!)... More
  • 2 milestones in one

    by Card76 | 12th of August, 2010

    Hi to everybody thanks this picture taken in a berlin park I sold my first extended licence image here in DS and reached 250 dollars of earnings Thanks to the buyer! good luck to everybody Fabio See Article
  • High Dynamic Range Images an easy option

    by Mikefoto | 9th of August, 2010

    This adapted from an article on HDR found in the "Garden Route Photo" web site, written by Hougaard Malan” HDR is in no way some miraculous technique to make a mediocre photo an amazing one, neither is it the gateway to becoming a great digital landscape photographer.... More
  • My first SR-EL sale

    by Mihaiciolan | 28th of July, 2010

    Today I had my first SR-El (sell the rights) sale on Dreamstime. It sure is nice to see $150 in your ballance for a single download :D See Article
  • Two years of Dreamstime

    by Justmeyo | 16th of July, 2010

    Hello my friends!Tomorrow i celebrate two years of Dreamstime . I thinking very much at what to tell today about being member of Dreamstime for two years. And i will tell you only for me Dreamstime means friendship because here i did meet nice persons... More
  • Rare Buffalo

    by Thanatonautii | 31st of May, 2010

    I made a trip these days to a buffalo reservation from Romania! This kind of animal are an endangered species all around the world. At this reservation are only five buffalo. And there is only one calf, who has one year old. This are some great animals and almost no one... More
  • Missed my own Birthday

    by Dmccale | 7th of May, 2010

    My head has been in the clouds…LOL Wow, I was having so much fun. I missed my on birthday.Dreamstimes bday that is. March the 4th I was two The first year was very slow. Low acceptance, low sales, the next year it picked up a little. And so far this year April was... More
  • Get handsome friends

    by Danienel | 29th of April, 2010

    As a stock and commercial photographer who often works with clients with small budgets, I've learned it's a good thing to have good looking friends. They come cheap, the look good, and they don't mind signing model releases. Take my friend Ridge here. He's in construction,... More
  • TGIF!!! Weekend is around the corner !!!

    by Goldution | 23rd of April, 2010

    Weekend is around the corner! Working hard is good, but for sustainable results and garmony in the life, we need to ensure a proper Balance Between Work and Life Time to grab some FOOD, CLEAN the house and sober up to relax in some quiet place outside of the city... More
  • Analysis of two months on Dreamtime

    by Visceralimage | 20th of April, 2010

    I celebrate my two month anniversary of having images accepted on Dreamtime this Thursday. I joined DT Feb. 18, 2010 and my first series of images were accepted Feb 23, 2010. I am writing this blog not for praise (although that is always nice) but to show what can be... More
  • my first download arrived

    by Fairyseasky | 17th of April, 2010

    Thank you all my friends for being here with me! Yours words made me comfortable. Now my first download arrived! China national stadium- birds' nest. http://www.dreamstime.com/earning_det.php?imageid=13747282 See Article
  • Saturday...

    by Robertosch | 27th of March, 2010

    Hello everybody. How are you today? As you already know, today is saturday, the weekend began, and I wonder if the buyers will be active till' monday, next week. This weekend, I stay at home, making illustrations. What are you doing? Planning to go somewhere? Or just having... More
  • This is a wonderful place!

    by Fairyseasky | 15th of March, 2010

    I joined dreamstime about two months ago and now have ten photos on line, but just posted my first blog yesterday. To my surprise there are a lot of kind people glad to help me. This make me very comfortable. Thanks to you all. This is a wonderful place! More
  • Eco Friendly Option is my First Download

    by Morphers82 | 12th of March, 2010

    Hello Again from Minnesota. So yesterday I was online and happened to look at my sales, not expecting to see any downloads. Low and behold i got my first sale on my Macro shot of some bamboo flooring that I shot specifically as a stock image to upload to dreamstime just... More
  • The grandparent in the illustrations

    by Ciska76 | 1st of March, 2010

    Also the grandparent belong to my illustrations, because, as children, they inspire me tenderness and lovely ideas for my jobs More
  • Children and love

    by Ciska76 | 26th of February, 2010

    However the modern times are faster in everybody, and children grow more in hurry and with a vision of the life to 360 degrees. The important one however that they always grow with the correct values. More
  • U-EL sold

    by Robertosch | 20th of February, 2010

    This is my first extended licence image, sold with 9,29$. ...but, I will appreciate if I could know where is used. I wonder who bought an image like that, maximum resolution, and why? Anybody? Thanks! See Article
  • 3d renders - illustrations?

    by Heywoody | 17th of February, 2010

    OK, it's my first blog and not sure about protocol so any images are my own... It seems strange to me that images created with 3d rendering tools are classed as illustrations when, really, we are talking about setting up an image in a very similar way to a photographer... More
  • Dreamstime Endorsement

    by Helix7 | 11th of February, 2010

    I won't lie... Dreamstime hasn't been my preferred agency for purchasing photos and sending prospective buyers to. Another (recently closed as of today) agency held that position in my stock business. But since the announcement came down that this certain site would be closing,... More
  • Freeclimbing

    by Cristalloid | 26th of January, 2010

    Hi everyone... I just came back from a great evening spending my time with friends climbing in an indoor climbing hall... it was fantastic :-) See Article

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