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Magic geometry; geometric patterns in Islamic art
posted by cbomers - 24th of february, 2011
Islamic artists and designers have used geometric motifs to decorate almost every surface, from walls, ceilings to floors, pots, textiles and book covers. As Islam spread from nation to nation, Islamic artists combined geometry... More...
Organic Circular Patterns
posted by martinisaac - 6th of january, 2011
Couple of new uploads to the portfolio, been playing around with these 'organic' circle patterns. The black and white one has a good figure-ground relationship (the balance between the black and white), I like it: More...
Your Image is your image!!
posted by gwoeii - 20th of june, 2010
Stock photographers are those artists that capture images for the benefit of others at a very minimal fee! Each and every shot is imagined, framed and shot with the end-user (designers, advertisers, editors, etc) in mind! We are an... More...
Feeling old
posted by mildegard - 17th of march, 2010
You know, sometimes I read of the new generation people or meet them myself - people that had never seen a floppy disc. They ask: "What's that square on the Save button?" I feel old. Ancient even)))
Carmakers looking for their future
posted by southernstar71 - 8th of march, 2010
While I was visiting the Geneva Motor Show last week, the first after the big crisis that claimed several car brands and could have claimed several more had the governments not supported them, I could not help noticing that carmakers... More...
Level 5 by sales & new images
posted by creativei - 25th of january, 2010
Now I'm so proud that two of my images, one I clicked for a project and other for created for magazine in illustrations have become my best seller and reached the level 5 stage. . Really its a great feeling, I never imagined these... More...
Photography + Poetry = 10000 words
posted by archangel72 - 24th of december, 2009
I mean, really! Photography, yeah it's beautiful, I like it myself so much. Always discovering something new in a world of pictures, wouldn't you say? But, did you ever wonder how nice it would be to add one new dimension to this,... More...
Finaly, Today I have made my 100 $ (actually 101.15 $)
posted by ziprashantzi - 2nd of november, 2009
Hello everyone, Thank you all for reading my very first article regarding my very first 100$. Somewhere somehow I thing this is an effort of you all people. Today I am very happy and feeling energetic because of tow reason. no.... More...
Perfect symmetry
posted by gheburaseye - 27th of october, 2009
There are cases in which it's very important create a perfect symmetry in the illustration we are creating in order to balance perfectly the weight of the image, without visual and "psychological" effects that can make the image unpleasant... More...
Vintage Tractors!
posted by jalama1 - 11th of september, 2009
Hooray! They got accepted! These 2 photos are my favorites so far. I like vintage items and I came across a tractor repair place that specialized in vintage tractors. The setting, the colors, the lighting. It just felt right. Enjoy!... More...
Symmetry principle
posted by tanyae - 13th of july, 2009
In addition to the rule of thirds and the golden section principle Symmetry is a really good way to take a photograph, especially if you shoot architecture. It creates a sense of clarity and serenity, but solidity at the same time.... More...
The good old days...
posted by wingnutdesigns - 20th of may, 2009
There are some toys that take you straight back to being a kid. I'm showing my age but for me it's toy robots and vintage joysticks. Here's a selection of pics to spark those nostalgic memories. More...
Somebody get the phone!
posted by toynutz - 5th of march, 2009
60's Psychedelic Designs Revived?
posted by dersankt - 21st of february, 2009
Okay, here's my first blog post! As a web designer, I couldn't help but notice a trend happening in the design world: the comeback of 60-70s' psychedelic art. It's not so much of taking the old artistic designs (think: Grateful Dead,... More...
50th upload accepted
posted by bibidesign - 26th of january, 2009
I finally have reached 50 uploads! I am working hard and hope to upload 10 files per week :) Here are some of my latest illustrations.
Retro dots and silhouettes
posted by sukro - 2nd of december, 2008
I love the retro dots, lines and silhouettes, and I have made this illustration that covers them all. I really hope it sells well. I can see that there are quite a number of other designs with female silhouettes with abstract... More...
Dog Photography
posted by abhijeetaj - 14th of august, 2008
Hi everyone, I am an amateur photographer. My family also happens to own a Kennel Club named Joshberg Kennels. We breed Labrador Retrievers, Daschunds and Pugs. For the purpose of advertising and sale, I am often involved in outdoor... More...
(ETR) Estimated Time Review...
posted by jaboardm - 11th of august, 2008
To continue on my Patience blog, this also applies to ETR... Let me be the first to say that I had 12 images that had 24hrs in the ETR this morning, and they were all approved withing a couple hours. Thanks DT Admins... Your... More...
Old Men in Metro Station
posted by lhj - 30th of july, 2008
Taking metro and pass the city everyday. In the rush hours, thousands of passengers are walking so rush and fast on the way to the offices, and without any smile on faces. This is such a big and cold city althought it is enough international.... More...
My experience about making the ETR shorter
posted by namowen - 17th of july, 2008
ETR, Estimated Time until Review, is a boring term for newbies. It's usually more the 100 hours how can we tolerate this. But don't worry about it, after a long time practice, I have already can handle it well. Here is my experience,... More...
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